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Ren Xijie suddenly smiled.

“You dont have any fans, so you must be envious of my fans, right Alright, go and tell them that I have something on and Im leaving.”

The last sentence was addressed to his own manager.

The manager shot Liang Xinran a look that said she was a busybody.

Liang Xinrans manager also pulled Liang Xinran a few times and said in a low voice, “Alright, lets go back and rest.

Im sorry, Brother Xijie.

Xinran just drank a little too much.”

Although Ren Xijie did not go out to meet the fans, his manager specially made a trip and instructed the fans to leave and be careful.

Although the fans did not see him in person, they were still touched.

They waved their hands and said, “Its okay.

Please tell Xijie to take care of himself too.

He must eat seriously and not be too thin.”

When Liang Xinran heard those fans heartfelt words, she felt that Ren Xijie was being too much.

She was dragged back to the hotel by her manager.

“Why are you doing this Lets not interfere with other peoples matters.

Their fans are happy to do so.

You should take care of yourself, lest Ren Xijie always treats you coldly.”

Liang Xinran listened as she removed her makeup.

The manager reminded again, “Also, hide Gu Jingyuan well.

Dont show any signs of him.

Otherwise, if people take the opportunity, they will hack you to death!”

The assistant whispered something to her.

She said, “Send him in.

Ill ask him myself.”

“Go on in, Kuang Bo.

Miss Yue will ask you herself.”

The man called Kuang Bo had thin eyebrows and an arrogant expression.

He smiled apologetically and said, “Hello, Miss Yue.”

“You said you have dirt on Liang Xinran”

“Thats right, thats right.

Didnt I follow her group previously and obtain some information Im also short on money and know that Miss Yue has a competitive relationship with Liang Xinran, so I found you.”

Yue Xiu sized him up.

“Youre just an ordinary temporary worker.

Where did you get the dirt After you got it, why didnt you look for Liang Xinran but me”

“Even temporary workers have their own connections.

As for not looking for her, hey, when I was on the production team, I only made a small mistake and she kicked me out of the production team.

At that time, I swore to be irreconcilable with her.

Now that I have a reason, I can be considered to have avenged what happened back then.”

Yue Xiu no longer doubted his words.

Some of the employees who worked in the production team could easily grasp many things about the production team.

Some artistes would be caught if they did not pay attention.

If it was a more arrogant artist, offending others would be a matter of minutes.

It was said that the King of Hell was easy to deal with, but the little ghosts were difficult to deal with.

Such little ghosts were someone like Kuang Bo.

“Let me see it,” Yue Xiu said.

Kuang Bo opened his own phone and showed Yue Xiu a clip.

Yue Xius eyes grew grave.

“Is this true”

“Anyway, thats what I got.

I heard from a good brother that Liang Xinran stole the role of Shangguan Yinyin from you, so I thought of looking for you.

If you think this thing is useful to you, the price can be discussed.”

Towards Liang Xinran, she naturally wished that more and more dirt would leak out, but when she thought of Gu Jingyuan, she still shivered.

She had more or less learned about Gu Jingyuan protecting Liang Xinran from Shangguan Yinyins manager.

During this period of time, Shangguan Yinyins weakness was with Gu Jingyuan, so she had to help Liang Xinran deal with some scolding battles.

It really annoyed Shangguan Yinyin.

Yue Xiu did not want to offend Gu Jingyuan directly.

She thought about it for a moment before saying, “Forget it.

I dont plan on taking this thing of yours.”

“Does Miss Yue really not care about Liang Xinran at all” Kuang Bo had not expected her to reject him.

It had taken him a lot of networking to contact Yue Xiu, and he knew she was interested in his things.

Was he going down now

“I dont like this kind of business,” Yue Xiu said firmly.

The more she still had hope for Gu Jingyuan, the more she did not want to touch his scales on such a critical matter.

Kuang Bo heard the determination in her voice.

There was only disappointment in his beady eyes, and a hint of distress in his thinning eyebrows.

Yue Xiu changed the subject.

“But I can introduce you to someone.

See if she needs it.”

“Who is it, Miss Yue” Kuang Bo asked, hope reigniting.

After Lihuan Ruoyi lost this role, she did not do well in her other auditions.

She was also very unhappy that several scripts that were already set in stone ended up in someone elses hands.

When the agent told her that Kuang Bo had something and asked about it, she immediately said, “Buy it.

Why shouldnt we buy it”

“What if this offends the entire crew of Wind and Rain”

Lihuan Ruoyi reminded her manager.

“This movie has just started filming.

If Liang Xinrans news is really big and can cause the production team to suffer losses, then the production team can fire her and choose a new actress.

Isnt this saving the production team money If it really gets out of hand, what will happen to the production team If we really help the production team recover their losses, they will have to thank us.”

The agent said, “Well have to see whats on Kuang Bos hands first.

If its something irrelevant, forget it.”

“Of course.

Take a look first and tell me,” Lihuan Ruoyi said.

Soon, the manager finished looking at it and called Lihuan Ruoyi.

“I think this is worth buying!”

“As long as its worth it, does it matter if its expensive”

Everyone in the entertainment industry was a competitor.

The resources of the entire entertainment industry were like a big cake that everyone could share.

Lihuan Ruoyi was originally standing in the front row to eat the cake.

Liang Xinran was at most standing in the back row to get some cream.

However, suddenly, Liang Xinran squeezed into the front row and even pushed aside Lihuan Ruoyis seat.

If Lihuan Ruoyi did not make a move again, Liang Xinran would probably get an even bigger piece of the cake.

Now that she had a chance to stop Liang Xinran from sharing the cake, she didnt mind spending money.

After buying this original file, Lihuan Ruoyi looked at Liang Xinran on the screen and clicked her tongue.

“You cant blame me for defaming her.

I should report her, publicize her, and oppose her.

This is my duty as a law-abiding citizen, if I protect her, that would be my wrongdoing!”

The manager nodded.

“Thats right.

No one can be blamed for this.

Liang Xinran can only blame herself for not being disciplined enough.”

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