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Mu Shuzhen hurriedly wanted to chase after him, but her vision suddenly turned black.

It was not until she fell heavily from the bamboo couch to the ground that the pain from her elbow woke her up a little.

Mu Shuzhen held her aching arm and looked around the room.

The candle was still lit up and there was no sign that anyone had entered the room.

The wind outside was still a little noisy.

The empresss call came from the inner room.

“Shuzhen, whats that sound”

Mu Shuzhen quickly stood up and went in.

“Your Majesty, this servant… accidentally knocked over the book just now and woke you up.

Please forgive this servants sin.”

The empresss eyes were still filled with sleepiness.

When she heard this, she smiled lightly and shook her head.

“Its fine.

When AYun comes later, you can go back and have an early rest.”

“Yes.” Mu Shuzhen lowered her head and tucked the empress in.

She watched her fall asleep before retreating to the outer room.

Mu Shuzhen was still very puzzled.

Was that just a dream

She sat back down on the bamboo couch and pondered.

She suddenly felt as if there was something under her butt.

She reached out and touched something that seemed like a triangle.

Mu Shuzhen trembled.

She took out the yellow talisman and placed it under the light to check.

It was indeed the one she had given to the little princess.

She wasnt dreaming just now.

This dangerous youth called Ye Siming had really come to warn her!

Mu Shuzhen felt a lingering fear.

What kind of person was he

To be able to enter and leave the Buddhist grounds freely and control other peoples dreams!

Mu Shuzhen felt a chill run down her spine.

She was sweating profusely and felt very tired.

She wanted to get a basin of water to wash her face.

Unexpectedly, just as she carried the copper basin out, she saw a sneaky figure quietly leaving the courtyard.

Judging from the persons clothes, it looked like AYun!

Mu Shuzhen frowned in confusion.

It was already so late.

If AYun didnt come to take over her shift, she ought to be sleeping.

Why did she run out

Mu Shuzhen was extremely puzzled and hurriedly closed the door and followed after her.

Early the next morning, Gu Nuoer rubbed her eyes and woke up.

She sat up with the blanket in her hands and said in a soft voice, “Elder Sister Wanyin, Baby Nuo woke up so early today.

The sun isnt even up yet!”

Wanyin smiled and helped Gu Nuoer put on her clothes.

“Princess, its already seven.

Its dark because its cloudy today and is probably going to snow.

Youll have to wear warmer clothes.”

The child nodded obediently.

“Im going to see Empress Mother after breakfast!”

Wanyin smiled.

After bringing Gu Nuoer to wash up, she served the mushroom vermicelli steamed buns made by the monks in the temple.

At this moment, Mu Shuzhens voice came from the door.

“Is the princess here This servant has something to report.”

Gu Nuoer tilted her head and Wanyin said, “Miss Mu, come in and talk first.

Its quite cold outside.”

The curtain moved and Mu Shuzhen quickly walked in.

As soon as she arrived in front of Gu Nuoer, she immediately knelt down and kowtowed.

“Princess, if theres any lie in what this servant is going to say next, this servant will be expelled from my sect, never be able to achieve true Dao, and will be struck by lightning.”

Wanyin frowned.

“Miss Mu, our princess is still young.

Its fine if you usually make mistakes, but what if you scare her by saying such things”

Wanyin had also heard of this Mu Shuzhen.

After hearing that something had happened to her family, her emotions had been abnormal.

She often made a ruckus and was now even doing it in front of the princess!

Wanyin was about to chase Mu Shuzhen out when she heard Gu Nuoer ask curiously, “Elder Sister Shuzhen, if theres anything, just say it.

Theres no need to swear.

I believe you.”


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