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Chapter 295 - Doomsday of Humanity (3)


As Korea was evacuating in response to the monster invasion, cold sweat ran down Goat’s face.

The reason was the ten-year-old who had appeared on the portable TV screen.

He had been in such a hurry that he had come out wearing a kid’s zip-up hoodie.

It was an animal hoodie with the hoodie part shaped like a penguin’s face.

On top of that, he had worn a bunny t-shirt inside the hoodie…

‘That’s crazy!! That’s Sungjae’s clothes from when he was young!!’

It was clear that when the news of the invasion had hit the TV, he had worn whatever was at hand before coming out.

‘He was adamant about not wearing children’s clothes, yet he wore it.’

It was understandable since fighting when one’s clothes kept falling down was hard.

However, that wasn’t important right now.

- What did you just say to me

Goat started shaking when he saw Lee Gun’s figure captured by the camera.

Lee Gun looked like a kid who had recently entered elementary school.

In fact, he was a very cute-looking kid…

Goat’s teeth clattered since he knew what was within that body.

However, the reporter on the TV screen had no way of knowing any of this, so he urgently grabbed Lee Gun.

- Are you lost, kid

- Where are your mom and dad

- You shouldn’t bother them! Shoo! Go over there!

Goat screamed when Lee Gun’s eyebrows twitched.

As a scream rang out, something horrible happened on the TV screen.

Kwah-jeek! Bbah-gahk! Bbuh-uhk!

- Who are you calling a kid

- Ahhhhhhk!!!

- You guys are the ones getting in the way! Fuck off!

- Ahhhk! This kid is going berserk!

Screams rang in various locations as mayhem unfolded on the TV screen.

He was sure the screams were coming from the viewers who were watching the same mayhem unfolding on the TV.

It started with the screams from the TV, which were accompanied by Lee Gun’s angry voice.

The situation truly was pandemonium.

- W…What the hell! Wait a moment! Who the hell is this kid

- Ahhhk! Stopppppppp!!!

It seemed the cameraman started running away, and the screen started shaking.

Finally, the cameraman fell to the ground.


The screen only showed people’s feet as wretched screams continued to ring.

Goat covered his face.

“Sigh… Lee Gun-nim….

This is a live feed….”

No… It didn’t matter if this was a live broadcast or not.

Lee Gun wasn’t someone who could be stopped no matter what.

‘How is he going to deal with the aftermath… His faith will bottom.’

However, the people watching the same channel reacted differently.

“Hey! What the hell was that Did you see him”

“Yeah! I saw him!”

“Wasn’t he really cute!”

“Who was that”

It was clearly a broadcasting accident, yet Lee Gun’s brief appearance was well-received.

Of course, it was a hit with Hailey too.

“L-Lee Gun wearing penguin clothes… Bunny clothes…”

The only problem was that she couldn’t come to her senses because she liked it too much.

At the epicenter of Lee Gun’s rampage…


“What the hell is that kid…!”

Hugo was sweating bullets.

He was looking at the fallen reporters and cameramen, who Lee Gun had beaten up.

The kid stood in front of them as he brushed off his hands.

“They are really pissing me off.”


“If you guys speak any more nonsense, I won't hold back this time.

I’m being serious.”


“What!!!” Lee Gun’s anger made the people around him shake in fear.

This location was still evacuating people since the monster invasion hadn’t started in earnest yet. 

The eyes of the evacuating people shook.

“H-Hugo-nim called him Gun…”

“What! That person is Lee Gun-nim”

On the other hand, Lee Gun ignored the crowd as his eyes flashed.


A house-sized monster had come flying from the sky.

It had flown in this direction because someone had attacked it.


The fallen, enormous flying mantis monster tried to get up.

It made people scream, but Lee Gun kicked it.




Its shoulders were separated and sent flying as its dangerous mantis blades fell to the ground.

That wasn’t all.


Lee Gun jumped high and kicked the monster’s head as if it were a soccer ball.


It seemed he didn’t need to use a weapon on a monster of this caliber.


The monster’s sturdy neck bone was ripped out, and the head flew into the sky as the enormous monster fell.

Everyone’s mouth fell open at this sight.

Lee Gun nonchalantly turned his gaze away.

He looked at a four-way stop that was a couple of blocks away! “What are you guys doing Hurry up and get rid of them!”

The disciples were trying to get rid of the nearby monsters at that place.


You guys can’t even complete this lousy task.”


Lee Gun’s eyes flashed as he suddenly disappeared.


A commotion rose amongst the disciples when they heard shouts from the plaza, where Lee Gun was present.

“What the hell Why are they making so much noise over there It doesn’t sound like they are screaming because they are afraid…”

One of the disciples spoke up like a know-it-all.

“Hugo Otis must be here.”

“Ah! The holy ground of the Sagittarius temple is nearby, right”

They accepted the explanation.

Hugo Otis had probably killed the monsters that had appeared nearby.

“The Archer Saint was always popular, right….”

“Is that so”

“He looks like a Hollywood actor, and he’s quite skilled.

Although he’s famous for being Lee Gun’s partner, he has a personality opposite to Lee Gun’s.

That’s why he is the type who everyone likes.”

“He’s quite famous amongst the reporters.

The only problem is he doesn’t make them any money…”


“He turns down interviews, broadcasts, and filming.

He turns down everything.

He’s a bumpkin who hates all forms of media.”

At that moment, they saw Hugo, who was being inconvenienced by his fans.

“Kyahhhk!!! He’s so cute!”


The disciples tilted their heads in puzzlement at the unexpected words.


“I wouldn’t describe Hugo Otis as cute…”

“Kyaaa!! Look at him go! Pitter-patter!”


They kept hearing words that didn’t make sense.



Then, a monster with its mouth agape suddenly fell before them.

The disciples quickly raised their weapons.

“Shit! Attack!!”

“Borrow the defensive skill from the Serpent Bearer temple!”

“Take off its head first….”

“You guys will die if you do that.”


The disciples’ eyes turned round when they suddenly heard the voice.

“That isn’t how you do it.”


A small kid walked up next to the armed disciples.

It was Lee Gun.

Clicking his tongue, he unsheathed a military knife from his chest holster.

Its blade was black since the knife was made by grinding the Monarchs.

[Monarch Mix (EX)]

- Manufacturer: Lee Gun

- The bodies of Abyss, Abundance, Negligence, and Oblivion were ground up and used.

Lee Gun spoke as he unsheathed the knife.


Get out of the way.

I’ll take care of them.” He boldly raised his blade.

“Who the hell is this kid”

“Why is he acting so arrogant despite being a kid”

“You’re so short.

Go drink some milk from school.”

Lee Gun immediately summoned Heaven’s Punishment.

He mashed it toward the idiots!



“What the hell is this kid Ahhhk!!”

They were ruthlessly put in the threshing machine and sent flying.

The monsters who were being ignored attacked at this time too.

However, they got swept up in the attack and became a bloody mess.


The disciples lost their minds when they saw Heaven’s Punishment.

“Wait a moment.

Is that Heaven’s Punishment!”

“A-Are you Lee Gun-nim!”

Lee Gun’s face turned into that of a demon.

“Did you realize that right now, bastards”


Even though they recognized him, they were sent flying.

They felt as if their souls were being beaten out of them.

It made them feel aggrieved.

“Lee Gun-nim!! Of course, we won’t recognize you in that form!”

“That’s right! What kind of new hobby is this Why do you look like— Kuhk!”

“It isn’t a hobby!!” Lee Gun huffed in anger as he shook the blood off the ax.


This is the fault of the bastard that unleashed the monsters against the world.”

All the disciples were surprised.

“This is a monster’s doing”

“Are you ok Is it possible to return to your normal self”


I told my disciples to get out of my face for a while.

It’ll allow me to revert in no time.”


They wondered what that had to do with anything, but Lee Gun clicked his tongue.

“The duration keeps increasing the more people like me in this form.”


“Anyway, it’ll be fine.

There is no way I’ll play along with Confusion’s prank.”

Hearing the condition, the disciples started sweating.

‘Lee Gun-nim will never be able to return to his normal self.’

‘He’ll continue to stay in that form…’

‘Damn it! He’s so cute….’

All of a sudden…

“Lee Gun-nim! Watch out!”

“It’s a giant!”

Lee Gun’s eyes flashed as he held up Heaven’s Punishment.

Then he threw the military knife toward the shoulder of the giant, which was charging toward him.


The knife embedded pierced the monster’s shoulder.

However, it was a small blade, so it would have a hard time inflicting damage on a giant as big as a house.

“Lee Gun-nim!”

Moreover, the monster was too fast. 

The giant was about to bring down its arm against Lee Gun.

“L-Lee Gun-nim disappeared!”

“No! Look up!”

The little Lee Gun had teleported on top of the monster’s shoulder.

This was the power of the knife made by grinding up the Monarchs!

[Blade of Abyss]

- This blade contains the data of Abyss, which includes the Warp ability.

- Possible to Warp to the location where the blade is embedded.

The knife had four blades, which could switch between the blades of Abyss, Abundance, Negligence, and Oblivion.

The current one was the blade of Abyss.

After warping to the giant’s shoulder, Lee Gun decapitated it with Heaven’s Punishment.


The sight of a small child swinging an enormous ax was striking.

The disciples’ mouths fell open.

“Lee Gun-nim….

Doesn’t he seem faster”

“That movement…!”

“Also, isn’t that teleportation Wow! As expected of Lee Gun-nim! I never expected him to fight in such a manner.”

“Didn’t he do it because he’s too short to reach the monster…”

Despite hearing those words, Lee Gun didn’t get angry.

[The duration of Confusion is coming to an end.]

[You will return to your original form in one minute.]

It seemed having chased away his disciples was worth the effort. 

Lee Gun grinned.

“I’ll be freed with this….”

[The civilians are confused by the different sides of the Serpent Bearer]

“Kyaaa! Lee Gun-nim!!”

“Hey! I’m your boyfriend! Where are you looking right now”

“Whatever! I can’t hear you!”

[The enormous state of confusion is being maintained.]

[The persistence of Confusion has increased by 1 minute.]

[The persistence of Confusion has increased by 1 minute.]

[The persistence of Confusion has increased by 1 minute.]

[The time needed to return to your original body has increased to a total of 1,292,389 hours.]

“…!!” Lee Gun felt like he was about to have a mental breakdown.

He wondered what had happened, but he soon found out the reason.

“Did you see it The monsters had suddenly appeared, and the child who got rid of them is Lee Gun!”

“We are showing Lee Gun-nim on this channel live…”

“Damn it! Really!!!” Lee Gun threw rocks at the cameras, destroying them.


“My camera!!!”

On the other hand, he also benefited from them promoting him on TV.

[Serpent Bearer Faith has risen.]

[Serpent Bearer Faith has risen.]

[Serpent Bearer Faith has risen.]

[Serpent Bearer’s power has become stronger.]

At the same time, he heard a mocking voice.

[You will never be able to return from that appearance.]


A voice came from the sky.

[Enjoy it.

Your dim-witted appearance suits an immature person like you.]

Lee Gun glared at the sky.



At that moment, a warp gate opened in the sky, and a monster resembling Red Eye came out of it.


“It’s Red Eye!”

“No!! It’s a different color!”

“That’s the one that appeared in the US!”


War, who had destroyed Stevens’s residence, had appeared here.

That wasn’t all.

“Ahhhk!! W-What the hell is that”

“More appeared!”

More monsters that looked like Red Eye showed up.

They were Conquest and Death of disease and famine.

These were the three siblings of Red Eye.

Then the final one appeared.


Red Eye of Fear made an appearance.


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