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Shi Xi took the lead in clapping and complimented, “I remember that you sang very well.

I didnt expect you to learn dance so quickly.”

Although there were some mistakes in the process, they had all learned it in just one night.

It was already barely satisfactory.

“Thank you, Sister Xi.” Li Jinfan looked at Shi Xi with bright eyes.

He did not address her as distantly as others.

Shi Xi thought to herself,As expected of a four-star trainee.

His vocal music was so outstanding, and he also learned dance so quickly.

“I think most people are still not familiar with the movements, so Ill teach them from the beginning.” Shi Xi stood at the front and said, “Ill break down the movements, and you guys can learn from me, okay”

The trainees from Class F looked at Shi Xi, wondering if Shi Xi really knew how to dance.

However, Shi Xi had already started teaching.

Moreover, she was teaching very carefully!


Shuo Nan first went to Class A.

Most of the students in this class learned to dance very quickly.

Not only did he learn quickly, but Bai Cangyang also taught the rest of the class.

Shuo Nan only went to take a look and then corrected a few movements before Class As teaching ended.

“Eh Is there one less person in your class” Shuo Nan looked at the eight students from Class A and asked, “Wheres Pei Jie”

Bai Cangyang smiled.

“Pei Jie is in Class B.”

Another person explained, “A few of his roommates are in Class B, so they dragged Pei Jie to teach.”

Shuo Nan went to Class B and indeed saw Pei Jie teaching Class B.

Among the group of trainees dressed in blue, Pei Jie was wearing Class A clothes, which was especially eye-catching.

Shuo Nan nodded slightly.

Class B had Pei Jie, who was an excellent dancer.

He only gave a few pointers before continuing on to the next class.

The work went smoothly.

It wasnt until Shuo Nan pushed open the door to Class F that he heard a sweet, young girls voice.

“Everyone, youve practiced well.

Shall we dance together”

“Yes!” The majestic male voices almost toppled the roof.

Shuo Nan: “”

He had never seen the trainees so energetic.

“Teacher Shuo Nan”

“Teacher, hello!”

“Teacher, hello.”

After Shuo Nan entered the door, the trainees from Class F saw him and greeted him one after another.


Hows your training going” Shuo Nan ignored Shi Xi and asked the trainees.

The trainees replied, “Its alright.”

“Its alright.”

“Its almost done.”

Only then did Shuo Nan look at Shi Xi, as if he had just seen Shi Xi.

He asked in surprise, “Teacher Shi Xi is here too What are you teaching”

Shi Xi smiled and said, “Anyone with eyes can see it.

Im teaching the theme song.

Teacher Shuo Nans eyes really need to be checked in the hospital.”

Shuo Nan took a deep breath and said, “Ill bear with it.”.

“Thank you for Teacher Shi Xis concern.” Shuo Nan sized Shi Xi up and said disdainfully, “Youre teaching the theme song Do you know it”

The atmosphere between the two of them was stiff.

With such a direct confrontation, the people from Class F were stunned.

They were arguing just like that

The cameras were still running!

As expected of a teacher!

“What Only you are allowed to know the theme song, and no one else is allowed to know it” Shi Xi raised her chin slightly, her gaze arrogant.

The girls appearance was already outstanding.

Her pink curly hair was scattered, and there was only a diamond hair clip on it, sparkling.

Her skin was fair, and her makeup was exquisite.

There were even sparkles under her eyes.

She was standing by the window, against the light.

When she raised her head arrogantly, her entire body was glowing.

Shuo Nan knew that he would never be able to beat Shi Xi, so he could only turn to the trainees and say, “You guys dance once.

Ill see how you guys are doing.”

Shi Xi couldnt be bothered to argue with this person, so she simply sat to the side and drank water.

The trainees heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that the relationship between the two mentors didnt look too good.


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