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Soul pain Healed by love Can't you just die

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Jared walked side to side with Olivia and ended up sitting across each other , " Did you hear anything " she asked and he gave her sexy smile then a pout as he leaned closer , " What " . she asked .

" Come closer " he said signalling her with his hand , " well if its that , yes i saw and heard everything but hes a total jerk so let him go ** himself " he said and she laughed , this guy here was fun .

" You know i have known him for so long, so i also know that he would marry you as long as Uncle Nathan is in this " he added leaning backward and she lowered her head .

" He told me to reject the marriage " she said feeling comfortable around him and he modded like saying , " i know " .

" You won let down your father , can you " he asked and she got suprised , how comes he know about all this . " You know " she asked and he nodded again. " There alot that i know but someday you shall find out why i am here " .

" I need to get home , am tired" she lamented and he stood looking at you and she raised an eyebrow, " It will be my pleasure to drive you , sister in law " and both let out a laughter.

Olivia found this guy fun and comfortable to be around with , she stood up and he let her lead the way as she walked out and he followed behind.

William gazed at them and anger frowned down his nerves , he could stand the chance seeing the two people he hated together it somehow pained him.

Jared drove together with Liv making stories , apparently she forgot about the sorrows and whatever happened . The tyres screeched before her house and she couldn see how fast he drove .

" You drove so fast" she said looking at his eyes. " Wanted some more time with me " he said meekly and she blushed , she gazed at him and smiled , " Thanks Jared " she said and he smiled , " You

e welcome olly" .

" Olly " she laughed , " Whats that " she added controlling her laugh. " I will be calling you so , from now on cause you

e my friend " he said and she faked a frown.

" Friends , like this early" she said and he faked disappointment and both laughed once again . " I will be going " she said and he smiled as she opened the door and walked away after a bye wave .

She walked inside smiling , Jared made her day despute of the threats and a burden she had to carry today. She opened the door and was so welcomed by the hatred look from Morgan . How could i she forget about her , she thought she would win , anyways its not like she wanted to win moreover she doesn want this at all .

" See you being happy " Morgan saud sarcastically and Liv sighed , she ain going to fight with her now , it will only be a dead end . " So how do you feel after snatching my man " she added and how irritating it was , " Your man ?" Liv questioned raising an eyebrow and Morgam moved from where she sat .

" Didn you know , or do you want me to tell you how far we went" she said walking toward her, " How far ?" Liv asked being curious . " We had sex several time , Olivia .So you just took whats mine here " Morgan spoke pain laced in her voice and anger on top of it.

" Don worry it was not in my hands too , nad you know that . Besides hes no man to be deserved " Liv spoke and a tight slap landed on her face . How could today be nice to her , she was all **ed up.

Olivia held her cheek feeling the sting pain across it , she caressed it as she looked up to her step sister again and scoffed. " He was mine " , there it was and Morgan rushed to her body , squeezing her to the ground , held her hairs so tightly hitting her continuously as she defended herself too.

In a minute they were both punching each other , held by each others hairs and Morgan kept screaming , " Why can you just die bitch " . Hitting , hissing voice from pain were all heard around the living room but lucky Robert and Lyla arrived back home to find a commotion.

" Olivia stop " Lyla shouted running to her , grabbing her hairs and squeezed her aside as she held her daughter . Robert ran to Olivia and she pushed away his hand as she sttuggled to stand up , her hairs looking so messed up , her side lip had blood and her nose too was bleeding.

" How dare you hurt my daughter" Lyla shouted slapping her again and she stumbled her feets but Robert intervened. " Stop it Lyla , shes also hurt by your daughter can you see " he shouted guarding Liv behind him .

" So this was all your plan , to make my our life miserable and treasure that whores child Robert , did you forget it all already " she shouted and Livia Flinched , what was she calling her mom , a whore .

" My mom is not a whore Lyla " Liv snapped angrily , " Oh yeah she is , and since dad did not tell you so long that you

e not his daughter " Morgan spoke her eyes bulging out being so red holding uncontrollable rage and hatred .

Olivia stumbled back and Robert shouted , " Shut up Morgan " . " Don shush me dad while you know she snatched my man from me " Morgan said and that was what it took for Robert to slap Morgan .

" What are you doing , Roby ... stay away from us" Lyla shouted as she held Morgan gesturing her to go away from there. " I hate you dady " Morgan shouted as they left.

Robert turned his gaze to Olivia whom sat down shuttered , he bent down to his knees wanting to hug her when she stood and ran away upstairs . He sighed , today he lost his family and he didn know what to do .

He walked upstairs and went to knock Livs door and she opened after sometime of begging. He walked inside and sat on her bed gesturing her to sit beside him.

" Am sorry , for everything Olivia " he started and she looked at him. " Before your mom died , she had told me that you were not my daughter and she doesn want me to blame myself about cheating on her because you were not mine from the start. I hated her but held myself together for her last days until she was gone . " he said and a tear fell on Livs cheek .

" I shifted my hate on you but i still couldn hate you because i had loved you since the very first day i saw you after being born. I knew i had a terrible woman behind me and i knew life would be difficult you being with Lyla and Morgan but they are my family too. I sent you away to protect you and since you came back i had a tough time being on your side but i am "

" Me being bankrupt is something even i can explain but all i know i wished that Nathan would choose you , there youll be safer than here " .

He said not knowing the hardship she faced the very same day .

" I just want you to know that i love you and am happy sending you away to Coopers family because there is something there about you and your mother "

" I don know what is it but time shall make a way for you in that house , its not safe talking here dear but pleade forgive me and let me walk you down the aisle , i know your mother would wish for that too. " He said rubbing her tears and she hugged him so tight.

Finally she has understood as to why Morgan and Lyla hated her so much but there is still a lot for her to learn.

She sat there crying for sometimes and Robert helped her with her wounds , " You have to look beautiful Olivia your mom was just so perfect when i married her , William deserves that too.

Olivia rolled her eyes and her father pouted , " What don you like the boy " he asked and she kept quite , he sighed. " Listen sometimes you just don have to start witb love to love , sometimes hatred turns to love dear , so just handle this strongly everything will be alright" he added and she nodded giving him some hope, her father was at his breakdown she can dissapoint him .

After the talk he was gone and she layed down to her bed still thinking about a lot , today she took a burden of accepting a marriage she did not want , she was rejected and saw how hell her life would be with William , she realized that the man she called dad was not hers all along and she finally realized why Lyla and Morgan had called her names Like Illegimate, Whores child and an Outcast too but she didn deserve that cause her mother was none of the character they described.

Her mother was more than a good woman , decent on and he was so loveable , she would always be proud of her and what made her happy is that her dad had loved her despite everything and he still loves her despite being not his own blood .

Like that she also remembered Jared , her new friend and like that she fell asleep after some debating about what will happen to her and her so called Marriage , and she concluded was nature woulf flow the matter into its own course, she just have to endure it for sometime.

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