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Chapter 99 Immortal Gods Power, A Stroke That Moves Mountains and Rivers (2)

No matter how they tried to escape, it was useless.

Faced with this situation, Xie Beixing was also horrified.

His mouth was wide open, and he was speechless.

He no longer had the confidence from before.

Like Wang Qinghe, he used his swiftness technique to escape.

However, when he landed, Xie Beixing also fell into a huge pit.

He fell in directly without even a chance to escape.

Wang Qinghe was still trying his best to escape.

Although he had already fallen into the ground, he was still a top expert who had reached the Inner World realm.

He could already mobilize the power of Heaven and Earth.

Relying on the connection between the Inner World and the Outer World, Wang Qinghe instantly mobilized a large amount of vital energy and gathered it under his legs.

He stepped off his left foot and actually borrowed strength out of thin air to jump up higher.

He came above ground again and saw his surroundings.

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The original ground had become a huge pitch-black pit, as if it led to a bottomless abyss.

At this moment, the ground within a radius of several kilometers was like a trap that had long been dug.

It was waiting for them to step on it before it collapsed.

There was only shock and despair in Wang Qinghes eyes.

He was terrified to the extreme.

My initial guess was right.

There was indeed a trap in Lu County!

It was a real trap!

But how could such a trap exist in this world!

Who could dig such a huge hole in one go and hide it perfectly

If it wasnt, what kind of power could cause the ground within a radius of several kilometers to collapse in an instant!

Was it an Immortal!

Countless thoughts flashed through Wang Qinghes mind.

At the same time, he felt deep regret.

He should have insisted on his original plan and not come to Lu County.

Otherwise, how could there be such a thing

He was finished!

Under such emotions, he did not even have the mood to continue using his left foot to step on his right foot to borrow strength.

He let himself fall again.

In fact, this area had already collapsed into a deep pit.

Even if he borrowed strength from the air dozens of times, it was impossible for him to successfully escape.

The entire process of the ground collapsing seemed long, but it was actually very fast.



At the city gate tower of Lu County, after Zhou Hongyi, Xu Fengan, Chen Tong, and the others saw the light fly out, in just two to three breaths, the Wang and Xie allied forces had already sunk into the ground.

The entire army was wiped out on the spot! All of them were unable to react at all.

They all looked over in a daze, their faces filled with shock and disbelief.

They even suspected that they were dreaming.

As soon as the tens of thousands of troops arrived, the ground collapsed and everyone fell in.

Even myths couldnt be told like that!

This was too ridiculous!

After a long while.

Zhou Hongyi was the first to recover.

His gaze was fixed on the huge pit in the distance.

He took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “Everyone, I want to go over and take a look at the situation there.”

As soon as he said this, the others recovered from their extreme shock and nodded.

“Yes, yes, lets go take a look!”

“It was too shocking just now.

I, I didnt even see it clearly.

I should go over and take a look.”

“What a powerful Immortal technique.

Lord Governor is indeed an Immortal!”

Everyone was amazed and quickly walked out of the city gate.

It was just a straight line drawn on the paper, but it actually had such a great divine power.

It was simply unbelievable and completely exceeded everyones imagination.

Wang Jinsheng, who was hanging on the flagpole, was completely stunned.

He stared straight ahead, his eyes bulging as he muttered, “How is this possible How is this possible Why did the ground collapse This is impossible!”

As the flagpole was very high and was on the city wall, Wang Jinsheng was still hanging from the top.

He could see the exact situation of the ground collapsing in the distance.

On the ground that was originally flat, a long pitch-black chasm had appeared.

It was like a straight line that had been drawn on paper and landed at the feet of Wang Xies allied forces.

It was like a divine miracle!

On the other side, Wang Qingquans mouth was wide open as he looked at the “straight line” that had split open in the distance.

His entire body was trembling, and his eyes were filled with fear.

“Ahhh, this, this…” A few words came out of his throat, as if he wanted to speak.

However, the huge visual impact caused his mind, which had just recovered a little, to suffer another heavy blow.

He could not even speak properly.

Then, he blinked again, as if he wanted to imprint the terrifying scene in the distance deeply in his heart.

“AHH!” Wang Qingquan widened his eyes and suddenly let out a scream.

His eyes turned white and his head drooped down.

His life force quickly dissipated.

He was actually scared to death!

In the inner hall of the governor office.

Cui Heng slowly raised his head and looked outside.

Streaks of green and gray light flew over from afar.

The light of fear and sorrow began to grow rapidly.

The red and white lights would probably have to wait until the people in the city knew the results of the battle.


After Xu Fengan, Chen Tong, Zhou Hongyi, and the others left the city, they quickly arrived at the place where the ground had collapsed.

At first, they did not dare to get too close.

After all, the scene of the ground collapsing and the army falling like grapes was still fresh in their minds.

These people tiptoed carefully on the ground, constantly prepared to retreat.

Finally, they mustered their courage and arrived at the edge of the huge pit.


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