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Chapter 98 Immortal Gods Power, A Stroke That Moves Mountains and Rivers (1)

Xie Beixing was very confident in his attack on Lu County.

500 Tendon Transformation elite soldiers, 500 Qi Condensation elite soldiers, 1,500 elite soldiers who had been trained well, and nearly 30,000 soldiers recruited by various merchants, sects, and families.

When gathered, they were enough to sweep through the world.

Leading such a force to attack a small Lu County city should have been very easy.

It should not be difficult.

After all, the difficulty in attacking a city was nothing more than the fact that the thick city walls were indestructible.

However, as long as two top-notch Inner World experts worked together, there was a chance of directly jumping over the 50 to 60 feet tall city wall and charging in, opening the city gate in an extremely short period of time.

Even if they encountered top Inner World experts guarding the city, they could cooperate and retreat safely before waiting for an opportunity to enter the city again.

Even if there were more peak experts guarding the city, they could still rely on the advantage of their numbers to attack the city gate and divert the attention of the peak experts guarding the city to create opportunities.

Therefore, Xie Beixing was very confident.

Before he recruited these merchants, sects, and families, he had even thought of conquering Lu County in a single day.

They did not think that this battle would be a bitter one at all.

On the way, he was already planning how to massacre the city.

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Not slaughtering the city was not enough to boost their prestige, wash away their humiliation, and warn the world!

This was something that had to be done!

On the other hand, Wang Qinghe was much more cautious.

He still felt that this Lu County was a bait and a trap.

There must be other forces waiting for an opportunity to attack.

If he was not careful, he might be plotted against.

Xie Beixing sensed Wang Qinghes mentality and laughed loudly.

“Brother-in-law, what are you worried about We have an army of 30,000 and thousands of elite soldiers as the vanguard.

Even if the Lotus Flower Monastery and the others really want to secretly plot against us, they have to consider their own abilities!”

“Yes, I know.” Wang Qinghe nodded.

He felt a little lucky and smiled.

“Thats right.

Even if theres a trap, it shouldnt be able to stop our current strength!”

as an

This was an army of 30,000, and all of them were well-equipped.

They were a force that could not be underestimated in the entire world.

How could a mere Lu County City resist them

Even the Lotus Flower Monasterys help was useless.

However, if the Lotus Flower Monastery was really behind this, he would definitely kill his way over after this matter was over.

Lets see how tough their Buddhas neck was.

They actually dared to scheme against the Langya Wang Clan!

“Hahaha, its good that Brother-in-law is confident.

Only then can we fight to our hearts content!”

Xie Beixing laughed loudly.

Then, he raised his arms and shouted, “Everyone, Lu County is in front.

The governor of Lu County who caused your families to be destroyed is over there.

Break through the city with me and cut him into pieces!”

The more than 20,000 soldiers behind him were instantly filled with fighting spirit.

Their eyes were bright red as they stared ahead angrily and roared as well.

“Defeat Lu County! Cut him into pieces!”

“Defeat Lu County! Cut him into pieces!”

“Defeat Lu County! Cut him into pieces!”

This voice was like a huge wave that surged into the sky, causing the ground to tremble and the white clouds in the sky to dissipate!

Hearing this shout, Wang Qinghe felt much more at ease.

The most difficult thing to make the army of this era form a powerful combat force was not the quality of the equipment.

Instead, it was how to let the soldiers understand why they were fighting and why they had to risk their lives to defeat the other party.

“Now, the soldiers behind me all know why theyre fighting.

Cui Heng has stripped them of their farmland and given it to the people.

All of them want to tear Cui Heng into pieces and take back what belongs to them!” The corners of Wang Qinghes mouth curled up slightly as he chuckled.

“Well definitely win this battle!”


Suddenly, Wang Qinghe heard a violent tremor that seemed to come from beneath his feet.

“Whats that sound Could it be that the soldiers battle intent was too high and their shouts were too loud, causing something to collapse” A trace of doubt appeared in Wang Qinghes heart, but his expression suddenly changed.

The top experts of the Inner World realm could already sense the changes in the laws of the world.

They might not be able to sense the subtle changes, but they would immediately sense some of the larger changes.

“Not good! Run!” Wang Qinghe shouted in panic.

He gestured for the 500 elite soldiers behind him to escape first.

At the same time, he also used his swiftness technique and jumped up from the horses back, fleeing into the distance.

However, the swiftness technique was only a movement technique after all.

It did not grant flight.

Although Wang Qinghe had jumped out for hundreds of feet, he still landed in the end.

It was impossible for him to stay in the air forever.

The moment he landed –


A deafening bang sounded, and the ground collapsed!

Wang Qinghe suddenly felt that the ground under his feet had become a thin layer of paper.

It was impossible to withstand his weight at all, and his entire body quickly fell down.

“What is this How is this possible!”

He looked around in disbelief.

The ground that they could see was collapsing.

The earth was cracking inch by inch, and huge pits appeared.

Everyone was falling down.

“Ahhh! Whats going on The ground has collapsed!”

“Save me, someone save me! ill die if I fall!”

“Whats going on Why did the ground collapse Why!”

The soldiers screamed in panic and no longer had the high fighting spirit from before.

The tens of thousands of soldiers fell into the ground like dumplings into soup.


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