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Chapter 97 Sand Fills the Sky, Earth Collapses! (2)

“Oh” Cui Heng raised his eyebrows slightly and chuckled.

“This is a rebellion by the rural regiments They can actually gather 30,000 people.

Looks like Hui Shi hasnt killed enough!” “Rural regiments” Chen Tong was stunned for a moment before he understood what this meant.

He immediately nodded and said, “Thats right.

These people are basically from the places where Deputy Governor Chen has implemented the government decree.

“Moreover, these rural regiments are trying their best to counterattack.

In order to recruit soldiers, they have almost exhausted all their remaining wealth.

The 30,000-strong army was even almost fully armored.

“With such an army and the elite soldiers of the Wang and Xie Families charging forward, Im afraid theyre even better than the 100,000-strong army of King Yan back then! Lord, should we organize troops to defend the city”

“Lord, I can go out of the city to dissuade the Wang and Xie Family Alliance for you.” Zhou Hongyi suddenly said, “The Wang and Xie Families wouldnt dare to not give Daoyi Palace face.”

“They wont be persuaded to retreat.” Cui Heng shook his head and said with a smile, “Instead of saying that the Wang and Xie Families have recruited 30,000 soldiers, its more like theyre being carried along by these 30,000 soldiers.

Its no longer up to them whether or not to fight Lu County City.

“Moreover, regardless of whether its the people from the Wang and Xie Families or those rebels, since theyve already gathered together, we can get rid of them in one fell swoop.

Theres no need to dissuade them.”

Get rid of them!

Chen Tong looked at Cui Heng in shock.

He did not know that the storm at Giant River County and the Meteors that fell onto King Yans army at Xiling County were all summoned by Cui Heng.

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Although Chen Tong had seen Cui Heng raise Hui Shi to the Xiantian realm in one go, giving him the strength of a Buddha and forcefully defeating thousands of elite soldiers, in his understanding, there was still a huge gap between thousands of elite soldiers and an army of 30,000.

Zhou Hongyi thought of the question he had just asked and was instantly excited.

“Lord, you want to…” Liu Zhizhen also became excited.

Did he have a chance to see an Immortal attack

“Wait a moment.” Cui Heng smiled and did not say anything.

Instead, he came to the table and picked up a brush.

This confused the three people present.

Cui Heng quickly drew a straight black line on a piece of paper and handed it to Chen Tong.

“Go to the city gate.

When the Wang and Xie alliance army is five miles away, just burn this piece of paper.”

“Ah” Chen Tong held the piece of paper with only a black line on it and was confused.

However, he believed that Cui Heng would not joke about such an important matter, so he bowed and said, “Yes, Lord!”

“The two of you should follow Chen Tong to the top of the city gate.” Cui Heng said to Zhou Hongyi and Liu Zhizhen, “At that time, you will naturally know the answer to the question you asked.”

“Yes, Lord!” they said in unison.

They also wanted to see what that piece of paper could do and what kind of Immortal methods it was.

After all, this was Cui Hengs answer to whether he had become an Immortal.


Has Cui Heng become an Immortal

To him, he was of course not an Immortal.

Not only was he not an Immortal, he was extremely far away from becoming one.

Above the Golden Core realm, there were the Nascent Soul realm, Soul Formation realm, Return to Void, Dao Integration realm, Tribulation Transcendence realm, and Mahayana realm!

Only after reaching Mahayana could one be considered an Immortal.

However, according to the 21 realms of this world, his strength and realm had long surpassed the so-called Human Immortal, Earth Immortal, and even Heaven Immortal realm.

Therefore, instead of giving an ambiguous answer, it was better to show some tricks and let Zhou Hongyi judge for himself.

The piece of paper with only one line was actually the same as the one he had written “Zhou Hongyi” on earlier.

They were all talismans.

Recently, Cui Hengs research on the transformation of the Golden Core power into runes had improved quite a bit compared to when he imprinted it on Hui Shi.

He could already write runes with ordinary ink and paper.

However, it still required one to apply Dharmic powers into the runes.

“If there comes a day when I dont need to use Dharmic powers and can unleash great power with a wave of my brush, I should be able to truly touch the use of laws.”

Cui Heng couldnt help but sigh with emotion.

He, who was only at the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm, was far from that level.


On the city gate tower.

Wang Jinsheng, who had been hung on the flagpole for three days and three nights, was already in a daze.

Suddenly, his ears twitched and he opened his eyes to look into the distance.

His turbid gaze instantly lit up.

“Hahahaha! Theyre here, theyre here!” Wang Jinsheng shouted excitedly.

He stared into the distance and laughed.

“Uncle, look, theyre here.

My father must have brought people over!”

“Thats right, its him, its Second Brother! The group at the front are his soldiers!” Wang Qingquan also laughed.

He focused his gaze and immediately laughed.

“Not only is your father here, your uncle is also here.

There are also Xie Beixings soldiers, haha!”

“Thats great, thats great!!” Wang Jinsheng cried tears of joy.

He mustered all his strength and shouted into the distance, “Father, Father! Come and save me, come and save


The past few days of experience had caused him to be on the verge of a mental breakdown.

If not for the little bit of hope in his heart, he would have gone crazy long ago.

Now that he saw the arrival of the Wang and Xie Familys allied forces, all the anger and humiliation in his heart erupted.

“After my father breaks through the city, Ill definitely kill Cui Heng with my own hands.

Ill skin him alive and pull out his tendons.

No, Ill grant him death by a thousand cuts!” An incomparably ruthless thought surged in Wang Jinshengs heart.

“By the way, I still have to massacre the city.

I have to massacre the entire city, kill everyone here, kill everyone!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As Wang Xies army approached Lu County, the ground in the city trembled visibly.

Many ordinary citizens could hear dense footsteps coming from afar.

Many people could not help but panic.

However, Cui Heng had already made arrangements for this.

Liu Litao had already prepared countermeasures three days ago.

He quickly brought people out to maintain order and arranged for the people to hide in an orderly manner.

Although it was impossible for the Wang and Xie allied forces to attack the city and leading the commoners to hide was actually unnecessary, this was still something that had to be done.

It could make the commoners feel more at ease and not cause unnecessary chaos in their panic.

Inside the city gate tower.

Chen Tong, Xu Fengan, Zhou Hongyi, and Liu Zhizhen looked at the tens of thousands of soldiers coming from afar.

They could not help but feel their hearts palpitate.

In front of a real military formation, martial arts experts could only protect themselves at most.

It was impossible for them to fight head-on.

“Lieutenant Chen, should we burn that…” Zhou Hongyi pointed at the piece of paper on the table and asked Chen Tong.

“Yes, the distance is about right.” Chen Tong nodded.

He picked up the white paper with only one straight line and placed it on the candle flame at the side.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The white paper was ignited and instantly turned to ashes.

However, the black line on it seemed to be unafraid of the flames at all.

It actually floated above the candlelight.

Then, the black line suddenly turned golden and emitted a bright and dazzling light.

It flew out of the city gate tower like a meteor and rushed straight in the direction of the Wang and Xie allied forces!

At the same time, on the flagpole of the city gate building.

Wang Jinsheng, who was fantasizing about how he would torture Cui Heng and the people in the city, suddenly had a change in expression.

He felt a sense of panic for no reason, as if a disaster was about to befall.

“Whats going on My father and uncle have already led their troops here.

They can destroy the city with a flick of their fingers.

What disaster can there be” Wang Jinsheng frowned and shook his head.

“It must be because Ive been tortured too much these days.

After the city is destroyed, I must…”

But at this moment, the thoughts in his mind stopped.

At this moment, the sudden scene in the distance turned his mind into chaos.

Only one thought remained

“How, how is this possible!”


A deafening bang came from afar, and countless sand and stones were blasted into the sky.

The ground trembled violently, and the entire city wall of Lu County was on the verge of collapse.

Chen Tong, Zhou Hongyi, and the others on the city gate tower were also shocked.

The guards on the city wall looked ahead in fear.

The ground under the feet of the tens of thousands of Wang and Xie allied soldiers was actually

Without any warning, it collapsed!


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