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“I heard that the new governor is the current county magistrate of Juhe” The Heavenly Sword Sects external affairs deacon, Peng Lanzhi, suddenly spoke.

“Juhe County” Ouyang Zhen, the medicine manager of Green Jade Temple, frowned and looked at Sun Panshi.

“Brother Sun, I heard that this county magistrate of Juhe County is a fierce person who defeated King Yans 50,000 troops.”

“Ive heard of it too.” He Chengmao, the manager of the He familys shop in Pingchuan, nodded.

“Rumor has it that the county magistrate of Juhe County has a mysterious background and has the ability to summon the wind and rain.

He only splashed a bowl of water and drowned King Yans 50,000 troops.”

“This poor monk has also heard of this rumor, but in the past, I only treated it as a joke.” Monk Jing Cong, the head of the Medicine King Court of the Dharma Monastery, smiled and said, “After all, theres no one in this world who can summon the wind and rain unless they cultivated to enlightenment and became a Buddha.”

“Everyone, a mere county magistrate of Juhe County is not enough.” Sun Panshi seemed to have expected everyones topic and laughed.

“Actually, Brother Wang and I have already investigated him.

This is just a scapegoat arranged by Liu Litao.”

“Oh What do you mean”

“Brother Wang, do you know the origins of this county magistrate”

“What is it”

Everyones gazes gathered on Sun Panshi again.

At the same time, the youth beside Sun Panshi was also the target of the questions.

This youths name was Wang Jinsheng.

He was dressed in white and had a handsome appearance.

His facial features were delicate and handsome.

He was an extremely good-looking man.

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At the age of 19, he had already stepped into the Qi Transformation realm.

He was the strongest among the six people present.

He was not from Fengzhou, but from Suzhou.

He had traveled to Lu County with his elders.

In the half a year since he came to Lu County, Wang Jinsheng had used extraordinary methods to forcefully pull over 60% of the Lu Countys salt industry, which originally had no place for others to interfere.

Moreover, anyone who dared to make a move against him and wanted to stop him with violence, be it a Qi Transformation Grandmaster or a Profound Gate Realm Grandmaster, would all die an unnatural death.

Therefore, in this small group of six, his status was even above that of the organizer, Sun Panshi.

Although Wang Jinsheng usually did not interfere with the management of specific matters and many things were decided by Sun Panshi himself, everyone, including Sun Panshi, would not ignore the importance of Wang Jinsheng.

After all, with their control over the peoples livelihoods, they could easily control the governor of County Lu, but they could not rely on only this to push a county governor to the position of State Overseer.

However, Wang Jinsheng and the elders behind him had this ability.

Faced with everyones questions, Wang Jinsheng did not answer directly.

He looked around at everyone and casually flicked open a folding fan.

He shook it gently and revealed an unfathomable smile.

He said indifferently, “Everyone, do you really believe that theres someone in this world who can call the wind and summon the rain”

“Although I dont believe it, theres no doubt that King Yans 50,000-strong army was destroyed.” He Chengmao smiled bitterly.

“Its inevitable that well be worried.”

“Ive asked my uncle.” Wang Jinsheng continued to fan himself and smiled confidently.

“My uncles answer was that even if an Immortal Buddha descends, its impossible for him to summon the wind and rain to destroy an army of 50,000.”

Everyone was relieved when they heard that.

The uncle Wang Jinsheng mentioned was a top figure in the pugilistic world who had cultivated to the Inner World Realm.

What such a big shot said was definitely not wrong.

“But what about King Yans 50,000-strong army” Peng Lanzhi was a careful woman.

She still couldnt figure out how a small county city could resist an army of 50,000.

“Its actually very simple.” Wang Jinsheng was still full of confidence as he smiled and said, “My uncles father went to Juhe County to take a look and discovered that the battlefield where King Yans army was destroyed had obvious traces of being washed away by water.

“Moreover, this scouring mark is obviously not caused by the rain.

Its more like the surging water of a river.

He discovered something after studying the terrain.

“Although that area is completely flat, the location of the battlefield is relatively low.

Theres also a flood river beside Juhe County.

As long as one dug a huge gap in the flood river while King Yans army was unprepared and mobilized the power of heaven and earth to guide it, its possible to drown an army!”

“How clever!” He Chengmao clapped his hands and laughed loudly.

He nodded and said, “Calling the wind and summoning the rain is the ability of the Immortals and Buddhas.

However, by opening a huge gap in Hong River and guiding the water flow, they can change the battle situation and seal the gap again after the battle.

A Profound Gate Realm Grandmaster should already be able to do it.”

“Thats right.

With Liu Litaos connections, it shouldnt be difficult for him to hire a Profound Gate Realm Grandmaster.” Sun Panshi sneered.

“So, all of this is actually just a scam he set up.

“First, hell find someone who has nothing to do with our interests to be the county governor of Juhe County.

Then, hell secretly invite a Profound Gate Realm Grandmaster to put on a show of drowning an army.

Then, hell publicize it as summoning the wind and rain so that well be afraid.

What a good method!”

“I didnt expect Liu Litao to be so scheming behind the scenes.” Peng Lanzhi clearly believed Wang Jinsheng and Sun Panshis words.

The others also nodded in agreement.

After all, this sounded very reasonable.

It was much more realistic than directly destroying an army of 50,000 by summoning over wind and rain.

“Everyone, lets make a toast to Brother Wang.

With his help, we easily saw through Liu Litaos scheme!” Sun Panshi was the first to raise his glass and stand up.

The others also stood up and raised their glasses to toast Wang Jinsheng.

“Hahaha, everyone, you flatter me!”

Wang Jinsheng was clearly pleased.

He put down his folding fan and said with a smile, “The more Liu Litao uses schemes and conspiracies, the more it proves that hes guilty.

I investigated this matter because I wanted everyone to plan in peace.

Its beneficial to our great sects!”

“Thats right, Brother Wang is right!”

“Thats the logic.

Weve completely won this time! Lets drink!”

“By the way, we have to toast that miserable new county governor as well.

This poor scapegoat, hahaha!”

“Hahaha, this person must be a fool.

He even dared to take on the position of County Governor Lu.


Laughter sounded in the restaurants private room again.

Sun Panshi, Wang Jinsheng, and the others did not even mention the name of the future county governor.

They did not take the new county governor seriously at all.

… .

In order to celebrate the complete destruction of King Yans army, Juhe County entered an unprecedented state of celebration.

In the inner hall of the county office, food and drinks were also prepared.

Hui Shi, Lu Zhengming, and Zhao Guang were all sitting here.

However, no one dared to touch their chopsticks.

The three of them looked at Cui Heng, waiting for him to speak.

“Why are you all looking at me” Cui Heng picked up his chopsticks and took a bite of the food.

He smiled and said, “Why are you all so nervous Im just bidding farewell and having a meal with you.”

“Are you leaving this place, County Lord” Hui Shi sighed softly.

Lu Zhengming and Zhao Guang were also silent.

Their fates had actually changed because of Cui Hengs appearance.

If not for Cui Heng, Hui Shi would still be a monk, forcefully enduring humiliation while being the disciple of the person who killed his father.

Lu Zhengming would probably still be locked up in the death-row prison, and Zhao Guang would have long died in King Lus tomb.

This was the great benefactor who had changed their fate.

Cui Heng looked at the three of them and chuckled.

“You all want to go to Lu County with me”

“Im willing to follow Immortal Venerable to the death!”

The three of them spoke in unison and knelt on the ground to kowtow to Cui Heng.

They sincerely believed that Cui Heng was an Immortal Venerable.

“If the three of you leave, what will happen to Juhe County” Cui Heng asked instead of answering.

“Would you let the people here return to their previous lives before turning around to scold me”

The three of them were silent.

“Although King Yans army was destroyed, they also left behind a Xiling County that still has a lot of things to do.” Cui Heng continued, “There are still tens of thousands of people there.

We cant just let them fend for themselves.”

When the three of them heard this, they admired Cui Heng even more.

He was indeed a benevolent and compassionate living Immortal.

“Zhao Guang, stay in Juhe County as a county magistrate.” Cui Heng suddenly ordered and then said to Lu Zhengming, “Old Lu, I plan to let you go to Xiling County and first serve as the county magistrate.

Try your best to restore the peoples livelihood.

If anyone asks about your background, say that it was Cui Heng, the Governor of Lu County, who appointed you.

With the current chaos in Fengzhou, no one will object to this.”

This was actually one of his experiments.

If he sent someone to govern the 50,000 people in Xiling County and restore the peoples livelihood there, and let the people know that he was the one who sent help, could he also receive the emotional feedback from them

“As for you, Hui Shi,” Cui Heng said with a smile, “Follow me to Lu County.

When the time comes, you can be Xu Fengans deputy.”

“Thank you, Immortal Venerable!” Hui Shi was grateful.

Lu Zhengming and Zhao Guang looked at Hui Shi enviously.

… .

Seven days later.

Cui Heng gradually finished making his arrangements for Juhe County and Xiling County.

They were about to set off for Lu County.

At the same time, the news that King Yans hundreds of thousands of rebels had died overnight had already spread.

For a moment, the world was shocked!


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