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624 Refining False into Reality, Its Time!

In the deepest part of the Imperial City, Hong Fugui arrived and bowed to Cui Heng.

“Teacher, the Nine Nether you mentioned just now is related to the Nine Nether God Fiend that the Divine General mentioned”

“Yes, thats right.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and said, “Cui Sheng soul-searched him and learned a lot of information about the Nine Nether.

Before he left this Immortal Land, he told me that information.

The matter of the Nine Nether is very important.

Its best if you understand the situation, lest youre at a loss after the Nine Nether Yin Realm really corrodes this world.”

“Teacher, since you take it so seriously, it seems that Nine Nether is indeed extraordinary.” Hong Fugui nodded.

“If the Nine Nether really corrodes this place, it will be a calamity that will affect the entire universe.

Its naturally no small matter,” Cui Heng said in a low voice.

“Theres no information in the memories of Shen Lou about how the Nine Nether was born, nor do we know how the Nine Nether God Fiend was born.

The Great Dao laws of the Nine Nether Yin Realm are completely different from the Yang Realm were in.

As long as the power of the Nine Nether Yin Realm enters the Yang Realm, it will corrode this place on a large scale and transform normal Great Dao laws into the power of the Yin Realm, which is the so-called Nine Nether Demonic Qi…”

He first explained some of the basic information about the Nine Nether to Hong Fugui.

These were basically the information that Shen Lou had told “Cui Feng” before.

It was also information that Shen Lou did not think was a secret.

However, in reality, Shen Lou still hid a lot of key information and secrets.

He did not tell “Cui Feng”, a stranger, and only found out after “Cui Sheng” searched his soul.

The information and secrets hidden by Shen Lou were really shocking.

First of all, the Nine Nether God Fiends were immortal.

As long as the Nine Nether existed, as long as the Nine Nether Yin Realm was not completely destroyed, the Nine Nether God Fiends could revive infinitely.

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Even if the Nine Nether God Fiends were destroyed in body and soul in the Yang Realm, they would revive in the Yin Realm in a hundred or two years at most.

Moreover, they would be in their peak state and would not weaken at all.

Such an indestructible characteristic left many Yang Realm experts helpless.

Even if they used all their strength, treasures, and paid a huge price in the end, they could only temporarily seal the Nine Nether.

They could not eliminate the Nine Nether completely.

It was not that they were unwilling, but that they could not do it at all.

Another point was that the Nine Nether God Fiends were not crazy and irrational creatures.

Instead, they were high-level experts with intelligence and the Nine Nether was a place with an extremely high level of civilization.

The Nine Nether Yin Realm was not only filled with negative energy, but also a complete civilization.

It was a vast world that was extremely similar to the Yang Realm.

It was just that it was not as big as the universe.

This meant that the Nine Nether God Fiends were even harder to deal with.

Their corrosion of the Yang Realm was not instinctive.

Instead, it was a planned and purposeful operation.

Therefore, the Nine Nether God Fiends would continue to attack the seals set by those experts.

The Nine Nether cracks that were scattered throughout the universe were actually produced by the Nine Nether God Fiends attacks on the seal.

If a crack lacked the protection of experts for a long time, it was very likely that it would be taken advantage of by the Nine Nether God Fiends.

They could either bewitch or make deals with people, or they could directly break out forcefully.

As long as they could successfully establish a connection with the Yang Realm, the Nine Nether God Fiends could quickly expand until they could stabilize themselves and descend to the Yang Realm.

There were many experts like the Emperor of the Wu Kingdom who had been bewitched by the Nine Nether God Fiends and established an altar.

In the end, the entire Star Sea was basically corroded by the Nine Nether Demonic Qi.

Countless living beings were destroyed in body and soul, and countless civilizations were destroyed.

After absorbing the power of a Star Sea, the Nine Nether Demonic Qi would quickly strengthen and begin to expand rapidly, corroding more and more places.

After enough corrosion in the Yang Realm, the Nine Nether God Fiends would try to descend with their true bodies.

To the living beings of this universe, it would be a calamity.

Although Shen Lou did not know how powerful the Nine Nether God Fiends were, he could make some general guesses from the information he learned from his memories.

In the memories of Shen Lou, the Dao Realm was divided into a total of nine realms.

Because of the huge leap in existence, it was divided into the Upper, Middle, and Lower realms.

The Nine Nether God Fiends were at least experts equivalent to the Three Dao Realms.

The best among them might have power that surpassed the Dao Realm and was enough to fight against the legendary Human Monarch.

Even Cui Heng was not confident in defeating such experts.

If a Nine Nether God Fiend really descended, even he could only hide in the Grotto-Heaven to take refuge.

Therefore, other than refining more fake selves into reality as soon as possible to increase his cultivation, the most important thing was to prevent the power of the Nine Nether God Fiends from corroding over.

At the very least, he did not want the place he was at to become the starting point for the corrosion of the Nine Nether God Fiends.

That would be too dangerous.

Although he had already removed all the corrosive power of the Nine Nether Demonic Qi and the Nine Nether God Fiend through Cui Fengs sacrifice, this did not mean that he was safe.

Since the Nine Nether God Fiend had taken a fancy to this Immortal Land and had successfully established communication, it most likely meant that there were some problems with this world.

If the Nine Nether God Fiend could bewitch a ruler of the Wu Kingdom without anyone knowing, he could naturally bewitch the ruler of another country without anyone knowing.

In order to prevent this from happening, he had to let Hong Fugui unify this Immortal Land and gather all the luck of the human race.

In the memories of Shen Lou, there was a peerless secret technique passed down from the Human Monarch—

Human Dao Demon Sealing Array!

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