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623 Refining False into True, The Tricky Nine Nether (2)

“Unbelievable, how is this possible! He just addressed Cui Geng as Third Uncle, which means that hes of the same generation as Cui Feng.

But, he has actually reached the Fourth Dao Realm!” “What kind of clan is this Cui Clan Isnt it too powerful”

The appearance of experts with the surname Cui one after another really challenged the understanding of the Divine Pavilion.

If not for the fact that these people all had completely different auras of life and the essence of their power, he would have suspected that a certain expert was constantly changing his identity to fool him.

In fact, Shen Lou was not the only one who found this unbelievable.

Countless experts in the Immortal Land were also incomparably shocked.

Originally, they thought that Cui Qing was already powerful enough.

They did not expect an even stronger Cui Geng to appear.

He was Cui Qings clan elder.

This was already very exaggerated.

There was such an expert in the same clan.

However, now, there was actually another Cui Sheng.

He was of the same generation as Cui Qing and Cui Feng and actually had such a powerful cultivation.

How many unknown experts did this Cui Clan have

At this moment, the Lord of the Immortals on an island overseas felt terrified.

He looked at the figure in the sky and thought with lingering fear, “Ive really lost my mind.

I actually wanted to go against Cui Qing previously.

Hes not alone.

Theres a mysterious Cui Clan behind him!”

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The overlords of the seven kingdoms also had similar thoughts.

Before this, they were all rather dissatisfied with Hongwus plan to unify the world.

They even planned to secretly make things difficult for Cui Qing when he left.

Now they were all glad that they had not taken action in time.

Otherwise, their outcome would definitely be incomparably miserable.

So what if Cui Qing was gone

There were too many experts in the Cui Clan.

Perhaps a super existence would descend here.

They should just obediently cooperate with Hongwu.

This “Cui Sheng” was naturally Cui Hengs alternate self.

After “Cui Gengs” simulation, he realized that he could use this method to quickly form a high-level fake identity.

In that case, he naturally had to try a few more.

Hence, there was the current “Cui Sheng”.

Of course, it was not suitable to create too many fake identities in one go.

That would very likely arouse suspicion and reduce the authenticity of the fake identities.

It would not be worth it.

Moreover, after “Cui Feng” was refined into reality, his cultivation had improved again.

The appearance of the concept of the “Cui Clan” allowed him to obtain a lot of feedback at once.

He was almost at the peak of the Late-stage Soul Formation realm.

When “Cui Geng” and the other fake identities became real, or the concept of “Cui Clan” became real, his cultivation at the Late-stage Soul Formation realm would almost be completed.

At that time, he could try to break through to the Peak of the Soul Formation realm!

Therefore, “Cui Sheng”‘s fake identity was the last one for the time being.

He would not use a similar method to create a fake identity for the time being.

“You seem to be very shocked.” Cui Heng stared at Shen Lou and chuckled.

“Are you amazed that my Cui Clan has endless experts”

“Ive indeed never heard of such a powerful clan.” Shen Lou knew that his thoughts had been seen through, so he could only nod and ask, “How do you plan to deal with me”

“Follow me.” Cui Heng did not explain directly.

He only walked forward with his hands behind his back and his back facing Shen Lou.

He stepped on an auspicious cloud and flew towards the Central Capital City.

Shen Lou was silent and could only follow behind “Cui Sheng”, not daring to move rashly.

He could clearly feel that this “Cui Sheng” was much younger than “Cui Geng”.

This meant that this person was more likely to act according to his mood.

If he offended this person, he might really be killed on the spot.

Cui Heng deliberately slowed down his flying speed and displayed an arrogant attitude.

As he flew, he asked Shen Lou, “I heard from Third Uncle that your backer calls himself the Human Ancestor”

Shen Lou explained when he heard this, “His Majesty is a descendant of the Human Monarch.

He controls the Human Monarchs supreme treasure and cultivates the Human Monarchs martial path.

He is also the ancestor of the worlds human race.

He didnt call himself that.”

“Oh” Cui Heng chuckled.


Hes clearly the descendant of the Human Monarch, but he calls himself the Human Ancestor.

How ridiculous.”

“…” Shen Lou fell silent, not daring to refute.

“How many Dao Realm martial artists are there under this fake Human Ancestor” Cui Heng asked again.

“Including me, there are a total of eight Divine Generals.

Theyre all from the Dao Realm,” Shen Lou replied truthfully.

However, he did not expect “Cui Sheng” to fly into a rage when he heard this.

He snorted coldly and said, “Youre lying.

If its just such a small number of Dao Realm martial artists, how would he dare to call himself Human Ancestor”

“No, no, I didnt!” Shen Lou shook his head repeatedly.

He wanted to explain that this number of Dao Realm martial artists was already a lot.

It was definitely not a “small number”.

However, “Cui Sheng” did not seem to intend to give him a chance to explain at all.

He actually raised his hand and grabbed at him, pressing a hand on the top of his head.

Immediately after, Shen Lou felt his soul become weak and almost left his body.

Deep memories automatically appeared.

At this moment, he understood what he was experiencing.

Soul Search!

Shen Lou immediately felt despair.

This “Cui Sheng” was completely different from the previous “Cui Feng” and “Cui Geng”.

He could not even be bothered to communicate and directly searched his soul.

However, no matter how unwilling he was, he could only endure it.

Their difference in strength was too great.

Moreover, there was nothing to see in his memories.

Although he had lived for a long time, his life was very monotonous.

As the number of times he conducted Soul Searches increased, Cui Heng became more and more proficient.

It could already be said that after flipping through all the memories, it would not have any effect on his soul.

This was also one of the reasons why he felt that he should search Shen Lous soul.

The other reason was that Shen Lou was ultimately the Human Monarchs descendants subordinate.

He was an enemy.

Unless Shen Lou chose to betray the Human Monarchs descendant, they would always be enemies.

It was normal to search the soul of an enemy.

Even if this enemy had shown some mercy, it was the same.

A moment later, Cui Heng had already finished flipping through the memories of Shen Lou.

This also changed the way he looked at Shen Lou.

“Youve been guarding the Nine Nether Crack for more than 90% of your life” Cui Heng looked at Shen Lou in surprise.

Such a life experience really surprised him.

It was monotonous but extraordinary.

Through the Soul Search, his understanding of the Nine Nether God Fiend had deepened a lot.

He knew very well the meaning of Shen Lou guarding the Nine Nether Crack.

However, this did not mean that he had changed his hostile attitude.

The Human Monarchs descendant was still suppressing an even larger crack in the Nine Nether.

He could only say that people were complicated.

Without knowing every aspect of a person, it was difficult to form a judgment towards them.

“This matter of the Nine Nether is far more troublesome than I thought.

The threat of the Nine Nether God Fiend is not close to home.” Cui Heng thought to himself, “I have to tell Fugui about this lest hes at a loss when theres an emergency in the future.”

Then, he said to Shen Lou, “You may leave.”

To the current him, letting Shen Lou leave was more beneficial.

It could further increase the authenticity of several fake identities.

“What” Shen Lou looked up in shock, thinking that he had heard wrongly.

“You, what did you just say”

“Go back to where you came from.” Cui Heng pretended to be impatient and waved his hand.

“Why Do I have to punish you”

“…” Shen Lou barely suppressed the doubts in his heart and hurriedly cupped his hands.


In the next moment, he transformed into a stream of light and flew towards the Immortal Land, wanting to return to the Human Ancestor Hall as quickly as possible.

Although he did not understand why “Cui Sheng” suddenly let him go, it was still a blessing in disguise to be able to leave this place and the terrifying territory of the Cui Clan.

Cui Heng looked in the direction of Shen Lou and shook his head gently.

Then, he transformed into a fiery red light that soared into the sky and disappeared.

The Immortal Land finally returned to calm.

But at this moment, Hong Fugui heard Cui Hengs voice coming from the deepest part of the Central Capital City.

“Fugui, come over for a moment.

I have something very important to tell you.

Its related to the Nine Nether.”


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