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606 Samsara Myriad Worlds Gate, The Completely Unfamiliar Power

After the Martial Dao Academy was established, countless ordinary people immediately came to register.

The first to arrive were the people who lived in the Central Capital.

However, most of them came with the attitude of just giving it a try.

Most people did not believe that there would be such a good thing.

After all, the ordinary people of this world had no qualifications to come into contact with high-level martial arts in the past.

Now, there was actually someone who wanted to teach him high-level martial arts that pointed to the Twelfth True World Realm for free.

Such a thing was really unbelievable.

Of course, even if they did not believe it, they still had to come over and give it a try.

What if it was real

The Martial Dao Academy was built on the edge of the capital.

A hundred years ago, ordinary people did not even have the qualifications to approach this place.

Although the restrictions had been lifted in the past hundred years, most people still did not dare to come over.

Now that the Martial Dao Academy had been established to recruit disciples for the entire Immortal Land, it gave many people a legitimate reason to approach this place and admire the majesty of the Imperial City.

Duan Rongqing and his best friend, Mo Kong, arrived at the entrance of the Martial Dao Academy early in the morning.

However, the two of them were focused on watching from the outer city wall of the capital and did not pay much attention to the Martial Dao Academy.

This was because they did not believe in the advertisement of the Martial Dao Academy.

Of course, it was not that they believed that the Martial Dao Academy was lying, or that they would not teach them martial techniques that could point to the Twelfth True World Realm.

Instead, they did not think that they could pass the assessment.

The conditions for the Martial Dao Academy to recruit disciples were very clear.

One had to pass an assessment to enter and learn the martial techniques.

What qualifications did random people like them, who could not even come into contact with ordinary martial arts, have to pass the assessment

Ordinary people of the nine countries could not come into contact with high-level martial techniques.

At most, they could only stagnate at the Eighth Immortal World Realm.

And that was only for those who had family inheritances or special teachings.

Duan Rongqing and Mo Kong were different.

They had lost their parents since they were young, and they did not have a family.

They could not even come into contact with ordinary martial arts.

To this day, they only had the cultivation that they naturally reached after living to adulthood.

That is, the Limitless Golden Immortal Realm at the Fifth Immortal World Realm.

In the Immortal Land, a cultivation realm of this level was only equivalent to a commoner.

Therefore, although the two of them only met on the way to the Central Capital Imperial City, they felt like old friends at first sight and quickly became good friends.

Duan Rongqing had long resigned himself to his fate.

He never thought that there was any hope for his future.

This time, they came to the Martial Dao Academy just to join in the fun and take the opportunity to admire the majesty of the Imperial City.

At the same time, they wanted to see the legendary Mr.

Feng to satisfy their curiosity.

However, they did not expect so many people to come.

At this moment, there was still an hour before the Martial Dao Academy opened for the assessment, but the door was already flooded with people.

People were standing shoulder to shoulder, and it seemed as though there was a sea of humans.

Duan Rongqing and Mo Kong looked like teenagers.

They blended into the crowd and were completely inconspicuous.

“Hey, why do you think Mr.

Feng did this” Duan Rongqing poked Mo Kong gently with his finger and said in a low voice, “Do we have any value for him to recruit us”

“The actions of an expert must have a deeper meaning.” Mo Kong shook his head and said, “How can ordinary people like us understand”

There were many people who had similar thoughts as the two of them, and they were also discussing fervently.

In the past long years, ordinary people had long been used to being ordinary.

They basically thought that their lives had no worth other than to serve those high and mighty nobles.

At this moment, in the Martial Dao Academy, Cui Hengs gaze passed through the wall and landed on the people outside.

He could not help but feel a little emotional.

In terms of martial cultivation realm, there were Limitless Golden Immortals, Sages, Creators, Dao Lords, and even Lords of the Heavens.

If these people were released into the starry skies of the universe outside, they would be enough to shake the myriad worlds.

Even the weakest Limitless Golden Immortal could dominate a living star.

But in this world, they could only live as commoners.

They had no ambition, nor did they have the demeanor of an expert.

They even thought that they were very lowly and had no value.

“This is related to the different environment were in.

There are too many high-level experts in the Immortal Land.

People of the same realm can dominate an area outside, but its normal for them to be ordinary people here.

However, martial cultivation requires a brave and firm heart with the will to reach ones goals.

Without this heart and will, no matter how strong ones aptitude is, its difficult to achieve much.”

Cui Heng thought to himself, “Therefore, the assessment of the Martial Dao Academy is to see if they can stimulate the anger in their hearts and test if they have a clear martial arts goal.”

Thinking of this, he casually waved his hand and opened up countless small worlds out of thin air.

He created countless living beings and constructed various world backgrounds.

At the same time, a huge door of light appeared in the air.

It was more than 30 feet tall, and the light inside formed a vortex, as if it led to an unknown world.

Then, this door of light slowly descended.

As long as the towering doors of the Martial Dao Academy opened, the first thing the applicants would see would be this door of light.

This door of light was connected to the worlds Cui Heng had created.

After entering, one would be sent to a world that was suitable for them and they would experience all kinds of events.

These people who could be to have spent their entire lives as true ordinary commoners, would be placed in situations where they had to be a hero who resisted the invasion of outsiders, or a family head who led his family to rise… There were all kinds of scenarios.

After experiencing this, everyones temperament would be reborn and even sublimate to the extreme.

Of course, there had to be examples for this assessment method.

Mo Kong was one of the role models Cui Heng had chosen.

The reason for choosing him was very simple.

That was because this was also Cui Hengs fake identity.

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