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590 Human Emperors Light and Shadow, Hong Fugui Deep in the Imperial City of the Central Capital (2)

In the deepest part of the Central Capital Imperial City.

The Human Emperor brought Taihong to a palace surrounded by restrictions and array formations.

After walking into the palace, the first thing they saw were layers of restrictions and array formations.

After repeating this cycle 99 times, the two of them finally arrived at the innermost part of the palace.

But there was only an exquisite metal box here.

Taihong looked puzzled.

The Human Emperor walked over with a smile and slowly opened the metal box.

He took out a jade box and opened it to take out a bronze box.

“You…” Taihong said in surprise, “Is that person actually so special Hes actually worth you setting up such a tight concealment array.”

From the restrictions and array formations outside the palace at the beginning to the layers of boxes now, they were all set up to hide this persons aura.

What exactly was he hiding in such a tight arrangement

That person was only at the Fifth True World Realm cultivator.

Was it worth a person at the Eleventh True World Realm like the Human Emperor doing this

“In order to hide his uniqueness, its not too much to set up a hundred times more complicated arrays.” The Human Emperor smiled faintly and pointed at the jade box.

“Follow me.”

Taihong followed the Human King into the jade box and realized that there was actually another palace wrapped in countless array formations inside…

Now, he finally understood what the Human Emperor meant by “a hundred times more complicated”.

That was not an exaggeration, but the truth.

After repeating this 180 times, Taihong finally followed the Human Emperor to a small world with a radius of less than 30 miles.

As soon as he arrived, Taihong frowned.

The laws of heaven and earth here were extremely thin, and it was almost impossible to cultivate.

Then, he saw a towering tree planted in the middle of this small world.

At this moment, under this towering tree, a middle-aged man was sitting cross-legged.

His eyes were slightly closed, and his temperament was calm, giving off a peaceful feeling.

It was Hong Fugui, who had come to the Central Capital Imperial City 200 years ago.

Back then, when he traveled here, the Human Emperor discovered the uniqueness of his body and imprisoned him here, setting up countless concealment restrictions.

“Hongwu, we meet again,” the Human Emperor said with a smile.

“Human Emperor, youre here again.” Hong Fuguis eyes were still slightly closed.

He did not open them and only said indifferently, “Please go back.

Its impossible for me to agree.”

“I know that you wont agree.” The smile on the Human Emperors face did not fade.

He walked towards Hong Fugui and smiled.

“This time, Im not here to ask for your permission.

Im determined to obtain the Human Monarch Body.”

“Oh Actually, I dont have the body of a Human Monarch at all.” Hong Fugui opened his eyes when he heard this.

His cold gaze landed on the Human Emperors face, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly as he chuckled.

“However, you wont believe this explanation.

Speaking of which, you said that you were determined to obtain it 200 years ago, but youre still saying this now.

Are you already prepared”

“Thats right.” The Human Emperor had already arrived under the towering tree.

He looked at Hong Fugui, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, and said in a low voice, “You have a rare treasure.

200 years ago, I couldnt possess you, but in the past 200 years, Ive already finished making my preparations.”

“Since youre so confident, why is there a need to say so much Just attack.” Hong Fugui looked at the Human Emperor with a faint smile and closed his eyes, as if he didnt care what the Human Emperor would do.

“…” The Human Emperor fell silent for a moment.

He stared at Hong Fugui and suddenly laughed.

“Heh, with your attitude, are you really not afraid of death, or do you have other plans”

“Wont you know after you attack” Hong Fugui said indifferently.

“Moreover, after I die, my Teacher will naturally avenge me.

Whats there to be afraid of”

“Teacher” The Human Emperors eyes narrowed slightly.

The figure who was confronting the Lord of the Immortals suddenly appeared in his mind.

He said in a low voice, “Whats your Teachers name”

“Are you worthy of knowing my Teachers name” Hong Fugui opened his eyes and glanced at the Human Emperor disdainfully.

Then, he closed his eyes calmly.

“This person seems to be taking the initiative to provoke us,” Taihong reminded at the side.

“You have to be careful.”

“I know.” The Human Emperors eyes flickered as he said to Hong Fugui, “You cant hide your thoughts from me.

Whether you want to use this opportunity to make me shrink back in fear or if you really have a trump card, I wont care.

In the past 200 years, Ive already made sufficient preparations.

No matter what methods you have, its useless.

If your Teacher really comes, Ill use your Human Monarch body to personally kill him!”

With that, the light in his eyes suddenly intensified, and the aura in his entire body was restrained.

At the same time, an incomparably pure and huge soul power seeped out of the Human Emperors eyes and rushed towards the center of Hong Fuguis brows.


An incomparably huge soul power condensed into substance and flipped Taihong, who was standing at the side, over.

Then, it formed a huge cocoon of light that enveloped the Human Emperor and Hong Fugui.

Buzz! Buzz!

A trembling sound suddenly rang out in the small world, and the entire void trembled.

A brilliant purple light suddenly surged out of the light cocoon.

This light was noble and dignified, filled with benevolence and compassion.

It contained endless light and shadows, countless space-time dimensions, and the scenes of human civilization in countless worlds.

From the era of living in the wilderness, to overcoming all obstacles and educating all living beings.

Civilizations rose and became capable of slaying Immortals and Gods from above and Evil Demons from below!

This was the path to the rise of the human race!

In this layer of light and shadow, in countless space-time dimensions and innumerable worlds, there was a common figure leading the human race out of the wilderness and towards a rise.

The Human Monarch!!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of explosions suddenly sounded from the light cocoon, as if some force was about to rush out and explode.

At the same time, the towering tree suddenly lit up with a light filled with vitality.

Branches descended and covered the huge light cocoon.

“This, this is…” When Taihong saw this scene, he immediately felt flustered.

Could the Human Emperor be about to fail


At this moment, the sky above this small world suddenly collapsed.

Someone had actually directly pierced through thousands of layers of restrictions and hundreds of world barriers and descended.

What followed was a stern shout.

“How dare you!!”

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