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589 Human Emperors Light and Shadow, Hong Fugui Deep in the Imperial City of the Central Capital

In the hands of the Lord of the Immortals, the Blood God Immortal Court Flag seemed to have regained its vitality.

Although the power contained in the original red light was powerful, it gave off a lifeless feeling.

Now that it was held in the palm of the Lord of the Immortals, it became incomparably agile.

Even the 100,000 Divine Blood Soldiers seemed to have come to life and become true living beings.

The power fluctuations on their bodies also soared.

Such a change made all the experts who were paying attention to this place tremble in fear.

The current 100,000 Divine Blood Soldiers were countless times stronger than before.

Could anyone really resist such a powerful force

Could Cui Qing have been killed just like that…

At this moment, the human experts of the Immortal Land were very conflicted.

They wanted Cui Qing to die quickly, but they also wanted Cui Qing to deal with the Lord of the Immortals.

Of course, in comparison, there might be more people who hoped that it was the latter.

After all, Cui Qing was just a powerful being.

He might only be a threat to them, but he was not necessarily a direct danger to their lives.

But the Lord of the Immortals was different.

The Immortals had a blood feud with all the humans.

They would fight to the death.

If the Lord of the Immortals gained power, the entire human race would suffer.

Due to this mentality, most of the experts in the Immortal Land actually began to support “Cui Qing”.

They hoped that Cui Qing could kill or repel the Lord of the Immortals.

In that case, the human race could still live stably.

However, they all knew that this hope was actually not very realistic.

In his current state, the Lord of the Immortals was almost invincible.

No matter how powerful Cui Qing was, he was probably no match for him.

At this moment, Cui Heng was also staring at the 100,000 Divine Blood Soldiers in the sky with a scrutinizing gaze.

In the hands of the Lord of the Immortals, the power aura emitted by the Blood God Immortal Court Flag was indeed much stronger than in the hands of the Human Emperor.

But to him, it did not make much of a difference.

It was like how there was no difference between a speck of dust or a piece of dirt when thrown into the sun.

They were equally insignificant.

However, he was a little puzzled.

Why did these people always act as if they could handle him

Could it be that these people were not afraid that his strength had surpassed the Tenth True World Realm or even the Eleventh True World Realm

After all, when he repelled the blood-colored river earlier, the power that erupted had already surpassed the Tenth True World Realm.

They should be able to tell his strength from this.

Why did this Lord of the Immortals still acted like victory was in his grasp

“Is it because they have something to rely on, or do they know some secrets and think that its impossible for a Eleventh True World Realm cultivator to appear in this Immortal Land” Cui Heng thought to himself.

Just as Cui Heng was feeling puzzled, the Lord of the Immortals standing proudly in the sky was already preparing to attack.

He held the Blood Sea Immortal Court flag and stood at the front of the 100,000 Divine Blood Soldiers like the supreme commander, preparing to wave this blood-colored flag and give the order to attack.

However, at this moment, the Lord of the Immortals looked at Cui Heng below and recalled the scene of this person fighting the Human Emperor.

He had an idea.

At this moment, he suddenly said to Cui Heng, “Human, I dont know how you have such powerful strength, but I also know that its not easy for an expert like you to appear in the human race.

And you should know very well how many difficulties and obstacles you have experienced to be able to cultivate to this realm.

Are you willing to die just like that

Actually, I cherish your aptitude and strength very much.

I dont want to kill someone who can fight the Human Emperor just like that.

That would be a pity.

How about this As long as youre willing to submit to me, I can guide you to become an Immortal and give you a longer lifespan.”

As soon as the Lord of the Immortals said this, everyone was stunned.

Whether it was the overlord-level Paramount True Immortals or the ancient experts who had lived for a long time, they were all stunned when they heard this, and their faces revealed dense shock.

What followed was a huge sense of fear.

The Lord of the Immortals actually wanted to subdue Cui Qing and even promised to transform Cui Qing into an Immortal.

If Cui Qing agreed, the human race would be finished!

Cui Hengs expression became strange as he chuckled.

“Do you know what youre talking about”

The Lord of the Immortals still said with a serious expression, “You dont have to doubt my sincerity.

Im the Lord of the Immortals and a true citizen of the Immortal Domain.

Theres no need to lie to you.”

“Since youre so sincere…” Cui Hengs gaze turned to the blood-colored flag and he smiled.

“What if I say that Ill only join the Immortals if you give me this supreme treasure”

The expression of the Lord of the Immortals instantly darkened as he snorted coldly.

“I saw that your cultivation was not easy to come by, so I made such a suggestion.

Dont push your luck.

Youre courting death.”

“I was just teasing you.” Cui Hengs smile bloomed.

At the same time, he raised his right hand to capture the Lord of the Immortals.

However, his expression suddenly changed as he suddenly looked in the direction of the Central Capital City.

“This is!”

Then, he turned and was about to head to the Central Capital Imperial City.

However, at this moment, the Lord of the Immortals was completely enraged.

He shook the Blood God Immortal Court flag again and scattered billions of blood-colored lights towards Cui Heng.

He ordered the 100,000 Divine Blood Soldiers to surround Cui Heng and kill him.

“Do you still want to escape at this point!” The Lord of the Immortals shouted sternly, “Stay here!”

“Noisy!” Cui Heng snorted coldly.

His right hand formed a sword with his fingers and he suddenly waved it in the sky.

In an instant, a golden sword light condensed on his fingertips, and a terrifying aura that seemed to have existed since before the creation of the world spread out.

This sword light seemed to symbolize the beginning of everything and the end of everything.

The moment it condensed, everything around it was annihilated.


An indescribable sword cry sounded from the void, instantly spreading throughout the entire Immortal Land.

Regardless of their cultivation level or intelligence, they all heard this sword cry.

Then, their bodies trembled as they looked at the sky in shock.

This was the Dao Life Sword.

It was one of the Immortal techniques Cui Heng had mastered.

Under the power of this sword light, be it the billions of blood-colored lights or the 100,000 Divine Blood Soldiers, they were all swept away like fowls and dogs, instantly turning into nothingness and no longer existing.

Before the Lord of the Immortals could even react, this sword light had already rushed in front of him.

In his shock, he tried to use the Blood God Immortal Court Flag to block it.

However, this so-called Immortal Domain Supreme Treasure was like a thin piece of paper when facing the Dao Life Sword.

It could not defend at all and was directly pierced through.

“How is this possible!” The Lord of the Immortals was horrified.

He had never thought that this would be the outcome, let alone that Cui Heng would actually have such powerful strength.

After the Immortal Domains shattered, all the experts above the Eleventh True World Realm had disappeared.

Without the complete laws of the Immortal Domains, they could not break through to the Eleventh True World Realm.

How could such an unbelievably powerful existence suddenly appear!

Unfortunately, his doubts would never be answered.

Due to the urgency of the situation, Cui Heng did not hold back at all.

The power of the Dao Life Sword was extremely powerful.

The moment it came into contact with the Lord of the Immortals, it completely drowned him and his body and soul were destroyed.

The world fell silent, and countless experts were horrified.

No one expected this battle to end like this.

In the hands of this “Cui Qing”, the Lord of the Immortals was actually like an ant that was casually crushed to death…

The Blood God Immortal Court flag was also destroyed in one strike.

What kind of strength was this What kind of realm was this


Cui Heng did not even look at him.

After casually killing the Lord of the Immortals, he headed straight for the Central Capital Imperial City.

He did have some things to ask the Lord of the Immortals, but he was not in a hurry.

After returning from the Central Capital Imperial City, he could use the Resurrection Technique to revive him.

The most important thing now was to go to the Central Capital Imperial City to investigate the situation.

Hong Fuguis aura appeared there!

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