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Tang Yuanshan hurriedly lowered his head and shook his head.

“I dont dare to guess Exalted Immortals will.”

“Youre quite cautious.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and smiled.

“Im not in the mood to test you.

Lets go to Tianqi Mansion first.

Its not time to attack this person yet.”

“Yes, Exalted Immortal.” Tang Yuanshan bowed respectfully.

“Lets go.” Cui Heng shook his head and walked in front, descending towards the Grand Yan Planet.

The reason why he did not go to look for Zhong Xianyuan directly was because he sensed many strange auras in the void outside the Grand Yan Planet.

These auras were fused with various Great Dao laws.

Moreover, they seemed to contain intelligence and were trying to break free from the barrier of the void and descend into the material world in reality.

Every aura seemed to represent an extremely powerful existence.

In Cui Hengs divine sense, the essence of this power that had fused with the Great Dao laws was extremely high.

Although it was still inferior to the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm, it had already surpassed the Xuan Sea realm and reached another level of strength.

The huge power contained in Zhong Xianyuans body was very similar to these auras.

This was most likely the power of the so-called Ancient Kings.

The auras that had fused with the various Great Dao laws were probably a group of Ancient Kings.

They were all trying to break free from some inexplicable restraints and return to reality.

In Cui Hengs opinion, this meant that there was an unknown expert.

Although the Ancient Kings were inferior to the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm, the binding power that trapped so many Ancient Kings in the Great Dao laws was clearly stronger.

Perhaps there was a power equivalent to the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm or even stronger.

He had to figure out the source of this binding power and the level of the existence that caused all of this before he could do anything.

Moreover, Cui Hengs main goal in coming to Grand Yan Planet was to communicate with the Great Dao laws here to increase his cultivation realm.

This was his main goal.

Dealing with Zhong Xianyuan was just an afterthought.

Moreover, the moral character of Zhong Xianyuan and whether he really wanted to get rid of him still needed further investigation.

… .

Ever since Tang Yuanshan left more than a hundred years ago, Chen Tianshi, the Mansion Lord of Tianqi Mansion, had always felt an inexplicable sense of unease.

He felt that something big would most likely happen.

Especially recently, the uneasiness in his heart had become even stronger.

“Judging from the time, Senior Brother Tang should have already arrived at the Silver Disc Star Sea.

Could it be that something has happened” Chen Tianshi paced back and forth in his main hall, feeling uneasy.

At this moment, one of the two Grand Elders of Tianqi Mansion, Lin Tong, arrived.

Seeing Chen Tianshis worried expression, he immediately frowned and said in a low voice, “Mansion Lord, whats wrong with you recently”

“Senior Brother Lin, please take a seat.” When Chen Tianshi saw Lin Tong arrive, he pointed at the chair beside him and sat down himself.

He shook his head and sighed.

“I dont know either.

I just have an inexplicable feeling of unease.

I feel like a disaster is about to befall.”

“Whats the connection” Lin Tong frowned and thought for a moment before saying, “At our realm, such premonitions cant be ignored.

Do you have any clues to the uneasiness in your heart”

“No, its very vague.” Chen Tianshi shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“If there were any clues, I wouldnt be so uneasy.

I can only guess if something has happened to Senior Brother Tang.

Of course, this is only a guess.

Perhaps the problem is with Grand Yan Planet.”

“I dont think its about Senior Brother Tang.” Lin Tong suddenly turned to look to the east and said in a low voice, “Do you think its the God Desolation Valley”

“God Desolation Valley” Chen Tianshi was stunned when he heard this.

He frowned and said, “Why do you say that We dont have any enmity with God Desolation Valley.

Previously, they even apologized to us for causing trouble for Senior Brother Tang.”

“But they didnt let Zhong Xianyuan treat Senior Brother Tangs Dao injuries,” Lin Tong said solemnly.

“Moreover, Ive been thinking recently.

Back then, Zhong Xianyuan left a Dao injury on Senior Brother Tang.

Was it really just revenge after he flew into a rage out of humiliation”

“Senior Brother Lin, you mean…” Chen Tianshi turned his head and said in surprise,” Could it be that he wants to test if the Six Heaven Gates Diagram is still in my Tianqi Mansion ”

“Thats indeed possible.” Lin Tong nodded, then suddenly changed the topic.

“However, its also possible that they already know that the Six Heaven Gates Diagram is not with us.”

“Yes, after all, the Six Heaven Gates Diagram has been lost for tens of millions of years.” Chen Tianshi sighed and said curiously, “But if they already know this, why did they leave Senior Brother Tang with a Dao injury”

“Perhaps they want to snatch the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, but they dont know the true whereabouts of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram,” Lin Tong said in a low voice.

“And Senior Brother Tangs Dao injuries need to be treated with a special Ancient King Divine Artifact.

The Six Heaven Gates Diagram is the best choice.

In order to treat his injuries, Senior Brother Tang will definitely search for the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

Our Tianqi Mansion has already worked hard for tens of millions of years before this.

Were the most likely to find the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.”

“Snatch the Six Dao Heaven Gates Diagram” Chen Tianshi asked curiously, “With the foundation of the God Desolation Valley, why would they covet such a weak Ancient King Artifact Theres no need to scheme so hard to snatch it, right”

“No.” Lin Tong shook his head and stood up.

He looked up at the sky and sighed softly.

“Mansion Lord, some time ago, I met a strange person.

“That persons cultivation realm is unfathomable.

I cant see through him at all.

He said to me,When the stars fall like rain and the Six Heaven Gates open, the Kings will return.\'”

“What!” Chen Tianshi also stood up and said in disbelief, “The return of the Kings The Ancient Kings who have disappeared for thousands of years are actually returning Stars falling like rain, and the Six Heaven Gates open.

Was it referring to the Six Heaven Gates Diagram”

“That person said it vaguely.

He might not be talking about the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.” Lin Tong seemed to be comforting himself.

Then, he opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but his gaze on the sky suddenly froze.

He said in shock, “This, this is…”

From Lin Tongs perspective, he could clearly see four lights descending from an endless height.

They tore through the sky like stars and flew straight towards Tianqi Mansion.

Especially the purple-gold starlight at the front.

The aura contained in it was incomparably powerful and terrifying, causing him to lose all thoughts of resisting the moment he sensed this aura.

What level of power was this

Ancient Kings

When the stars fell like rain and the Six Heaven Gates opened, the Ancient Kings would return…

The strange persons words appeared in his mind again.

However, this made him very puzzled.

Didnt he say that the stars would fall like rain and the Six Heaven Gates would be open

Why were there only four streaks of starlight And the Six Heaven Gates were not opened!

What was going on

However, Chen Tianshi, who was standing beside Lin Tong who had a higher cultivation realm than him, did not see the four streaks of starlight in the sky at all.

He was still wondering why Lin Tongs expression suddenly changed drastically.

“Senior Brother Lin, whats wrong” Chen Tianshi could not help but ask.

“…” Lin Tong did not say anything.

He only looked at the sky in a daze, his eyes filled with shock.


At this moment, there was a trembling sound in the void, and layers of ripples appeared in the space.

Four lights suddenly appeared in the main hall.

However, all the abnormal fluctuations were controlled within the Mansion Lord Hall.

The outside world was not affected at all.

Even the flowers and plants at the entrance of the Mansion Lord Hall did not shake.

“Who is it!” Chen Tianshi immediately stepped forward.

At the same time, he circulated the power of the Xuan Sea in his entire body and looked at the four figures enveloped in light with extreme vigilance.

He planned to immediately activate the protective array and attack with all his might as long as these figures moved.

“Mansion Lord, dont be rash!” Lin Tong immediately rushed in front of Chen Tianshi to stop him.

Then, he bowed extremely respectfully to the figure in the lead and said, “Greetings, Senior.

I wonder if Senior…”

“I dont have any ill intentions, theres no need to worry.” Cui Hengs voice came from the light.

Then, he dissipated the light of himself and the three people beside him and revealed himself.

Tang Yuanshan, Yang Qinghe, and Qiu Haitang also appeared.

“Senior Brother Tang!”

Chen Tianshi and Lin Tong could not help but exclaim.

They looked at Tang Yuanshan in shock, and countless doubts surged in their hearts.

They wanted to ask, but when they recalled the powerful aura emitted by Cui Heng just now, they did not dare to speak.

“I came from the Silver Disc Star Sea.” Cui Heng sized up the two of them and smiled.

“I need a place to cultivate now.

I wonder if you can help me”

He had long learned the organization structure and names of the people in Tianqi Mansion from Tang Yuanshan.

“This…” Chen Tianshi was still filled with doubts.

He looked at Tang Yuanshan in surprise, as if he wanted him to explain what was going on.

“Mansion Lord, Exalted Immortal Cui has come from afar.

Lets arrange a place for him to stay first,” Tang Yuanshan reminded Chen Tianshi.

Exalted Immortal!

This form of address shocked Chen Tianshi.

He hurriedly nodded and said to Cui Heng very respectfully, “Exalted Immortal Cui, please follow me.”

… .

After Cui Heng and Chen Tianshi left, Tang Yuanshan let Yang Qinghe and Qiu Haitang leave.

At this moment, only Tang Yuanshan and Lin Tong were left in the main hall.

“Senior Brother Tang, whats going on Who is that Immortal Cui” Lin Tong hurriedly asked Tang Yuanshan.

“I dont know who Immortal Cui is either.

I only know that his strength is definitely not inferior to the Ancient Kings!” Tang Yuanshan said in a low voice.

“I cant say anything more.”

“Ancient King!” Lin Tongs expression changed as she thought to herself, “Could it be that what that strange person said is true The Ancient Kings are about to return!

“This will be a huge change.”

… .

Chen Tianshi arranged a guest room for Cui Heng.

Just as he was about to bow and leave, Cui Heng stopped him.

Cui Heng asked with a smile, “Mansion Lord Chen, let me ask you.

Did your Senior Brother Lin say who he had seen recently”

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