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Divine Lord Sang Mus voice resounded in every corner of the Heaven Realm.

All the living beings heard his words and knew his goal.

However, to most people in the Heaven Realm, these words were a little confusing.

What was the Great Yan Holy Land and the Six Heaven Gates Diagram

What was this mysterious expert talking about

They knew nothing.

However, these words sounded different for those experts who stood at the peak of the Heaven Realm.

These words caused a storm in their hearts.

After the Six Heaven Gates disappeared more than a hundred years ago, these top experts knew that their original cultivation path was wrong and understood the truth of the 12 Heaven Gate realms.

At the same time, they realized that the Six Heaven Gates were actually the manifestation of the power of a supreme treasure.

And this supreme treasure was in the hands of the mysterious expert who had pacified the Scarlet Calamity 300 years ago.

That was an unparalleled expert who stood above everything.

Now, there was actually someone who openly expressed that he wanted to snatch that supreme treasure.

This was clearly a declaration of war against that supreme expert.

How audacious!

However, the power and pressure displayed by Divine Lord Sang Mu was indeed powerful.

Especially the ten three-legged birds dancing behind him, they released extremely terrifying light and heat.

Facing the power released by these ten three-legged birds in the sky, even an expert equivalent to the Shattering Realm had no chance of resisting.

They would only be suppressed and could not resist at all.

At this moment, Li Mingqiong, Pei Qingshu, Hui Shi, the Yellow-scarved Strongman, Zheng Nanxun, and the other experts of the Heaven Realm could not help but look up.

This expert who called himself Divine Lord Sang Mu was indeed arrogant.

From his words just now, it was obvious that he did not take the people of the Heaven Realm seriously at all.

He could even be said to be absolutely unrestrained.

He directly caused the fear and shock of countless people in the Heaven Realm.

However, in their eyes, they only felt that he was a little ridiculous.

He was courting death!

They knew very well who the Six Heaven Gates Diagram belonged to now.

This Divine Lord Sang Mu from the Great Yan Holy Land actually dared to speak so arrogantly.

He was simply courting death.

At this moment, Tang Yuanshan, who had just been healed, was looking at the sky with a solemn expression.

He explained to Wang Daoyi beside him, “Elder Daoyi, this person has nothing to do with me.

I definitely didnt lure him here on purpose.”

“I know.” Wang Daoyi nodded.

He did not care much about Tang Yuanshans explanation.

He only said curiously, “Even the God Desolation Valley is coveting the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

Could it be that theres really something special about this Ancient King Supreme Treasure”

“…” Tang Yuanshan saw that Wang Daoyi did not seem nervous at all.

He could not help but be extremely puzzled and curious.

“Elder Daoyi, are you confident in defeating Sang Mu”

As soon as he asked the question, he shook his head, feeling like he was making wild guesses.

Divine Lord Sang Mu was a Second level Xuan Sea Realm expert, far stronger than a First level Xuan Sea Realm expert like him.

He was countless times stronger than a Xuan Sea Realm expert like Wang Daoyi who had barely broken through with an Ancient King Supreme Treasure.

Even with the help of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, it was impossible for him to cross such a gap.

However, Wang Daoyi was indeed relaxed.

He was even thinking about the uniqueness of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, as if he did not take Divine Lord Sang Mu seriously at all.

Where did he get his confidence from

With his current strength, there was no basis for him to face Sang Mu with such an attitude!

What was going on

This puzzled Tang Yuanshan.

He could not understand it at all.

“Of course I cant defeat Divine Lord Sang Mu, but its not difficult for someone else to crush him to death.” Wang Daoyi smiled and actually activated the power of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram again, allowing the power aura of this Ancient King Supreme Treasure to spread further.

This was telling Divine Lord Sang Mu, who was standing in the sky, that the Six Heaven Gates Diagram was here.

If he wanted it, he could come and get it.

If a cautious person like Tang Yuanshan encountered such an obvious temptation, he would definitely have to consider carefully and confirm that there was no danger before taking action.

However, Divine Lord Sang Mu was different.

As one of the Divine Lords of the God Desolation Valley, he was extremely confident in his strength.

At the same time, he did not believe that any experts could threaten him in such a remote Star Sea.

After all, with a cultivation at the Second level of the Xuan Sea Realm, he could be considered a top expert in the entire Great Yan Holy Land.

If he wanted to encounter an expert who could completely suppress him, the opponent had to be at the Third level of the Xuan Sea Realm.

However, experts of that level were all elusive gods.

It was very difficult to see them even if one took the initiative to search, let alone “coincidentally meet” them in such a place.

Therefore, Divine Lord Sang Mu was extremely confident.

After sensing that the power aura of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram was becoming denser and denser, he did not even investigate the reason.

He directly descended and rushed into the Great Zhou.

Extremely strong light and heat immediately condensed together, forming a golden sea of light that descended from the sky and fell into the Great Zhou.

With the arrival of Divine Lord Sang Mu, the ten three-legged birds that appeared behind him quickly became huge.

They all danced on the golden sea of light, forming ten huge “suns” that illuminated everything in the Heaven Realm and distorted and modified the Great Dao laws in the Heaven Realm.

When Divine Lord Sang Mu really arrived in the Great Zhou, he had already left behind his Great Dao laws imprints wherever he passed.

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