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“What The whereabouts of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram have been found!”

“Thats great.

This treasure has been lost for 10,000 years.

Weve finally found a clue.

We should chase after it immediately!


Speaking of which, Wang Daoyi, who died 200 years ago, seemed to have been sent out to search for the Six Heaven Gates Diagram a long time ago.

Now, not long after he died, theres news of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

Could it be his credit”

“Its indeed possible.

200 years is just like the flick of a finger.

Theres no news in the past, but it appeared after Wang Daoyi died.

Its most likely related.”

“I suggest that after we chase back the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, we can confer Wang Daoyi and give him a title as a form of consolation.

This is a great merit.”

The elders discussed animatedly, and many people even mentioned Wang Daoyi.

This was naturally not for Wang Daoyi.

Instead, they were acting for the disciples of Tianqi Mansion to increase their loyalty and make them work for Tianqi Mansion more wholeheartedly.

“Yes, its indeed possible that its related to Wang Daoyi.” Mansion Lord Chen Tianshi nodded slightly and said in a low voice, “If the search for the Six Heaven Gates Diagram goes smoothly, we can also look for the traces of Wang Daoyi.

The abnormality I sensed just now was actually the mark left behind by the Ancestral Master in the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

As long as the treasure was completely refined, well receive feedback here and determine the location of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

This person spent tens of millions of years and finally refined the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

He should be a Xuan Sea Realm expert.

If we want to investigate, we definitely have to send a Xuan Sea Realm expert over.

Senior Brothers, who is willing to go”

The Senior Brothers he was talking about were the two Xuan Sea Realm Grand Elders.

These two were actually Chen Tianshis elders.

They were far older than Chen Tianshi and were much more senior.

However, after Chen Tianshi became the Mansion Lord of Tianqi Mansion, the two of them could just let Chen Tianshi address them as Senior Brother.

There was no need for him to address them as Elders.

Therefore, Chen Tianshi respected the two of them and would never forcefully arrange any missions for them.

Even though the matter of exploring the Six Heavenly Gates Diagram this time was very important and required a Xuan Sea Realm leader, he still did not forcefully arrange anyone to complete this mission.

Instead, he asked the two Senior Brothers for their opinions first.

The two Grand Elders of Tianqi Mansion looked at each other and exchanged glances.

Soon, they finished discussing silently.

Then, one of them nodded and smiled.

“Mansion Lord, Ill go.

As for the two Blackhole Realm experts accompanying us, you can choose my two disciples, Yang Qinghe and Qiu Haitang.”

This persons name was Tang Yuanshan, and he was the oldest person in Tianqi Mansion.

Other than Chen Tianshi, the Mansion Lord, and the other Grand Elder, no one knew how long he had lived or how many lives he had lived, let alone when he first entered the Tianqi Mansion.

When Chen Tianshi entered the Tianqi Mansion, Tang Yuanshan was already an expert in the Xuan Sea Realm.

In the past long years, his disciples had also changed generation after generation.

They had basically all died before him.

The two disciples he had mentioned just now were only the “new disciples” he had accepted in the past two million years.

They were also the two disciples he had seen the most.

They were geniuses who had stepped into the Peak of the Blackhole Realm in just more than a million years.

Tianqi Mansion loved such disciples the most.

Tang Yuanshans answer satisfied Chen Tianshi.

He nodded and said with a smile, “Senior Brother Tang, well have to trouble you this time.

Please bring the Six Heaven Gates Diagram back.”

“Mansion Lord doesnt have to worry.” Tang Yuanshan nodded slightly.

His expression was very firm, as if he was extremely confident.

“My two disciples and I will definitely bring the Six Heaven Gates Diagram back intact!”

Yang Qinghe and Qiu Haitang also bowed respectfully to Chen Tianshi, also indicating that they would definitely assist Tang Yuanshan with all their might and bring the Six Heaven Gates Diagram back to Tianqi Mansion.

“Im naturally at ease with Senior Brother Tang and his disciples.” Chen Tianshi nodded and smiled.

Then, he said, “However, Senior Brother, you have to be more careful when you go.

If the abnormality of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram is really related to Wang Daoyis death, it means that there must be an unfathomable expert in that Star Sea.

Moreover, although that Star Sea is remote, that central silver disc contains extremely profound power.

Its mysterious and unfathomable.

Perhaps an expert has walked out from it.

Senior Brother, if you encounter an expert you cant defeat, please take care of yourself first.

If you really encounter danger, Id rather not have the Six Heaven Gates Diagram and let you return safely.”

“Hahaha, dont worry, Mansion Lord.” Tang Yuanshan laughed loudly and nodded.

“Ive lived for so long.

Im not good at anything else, but I know some life-saving methods.

Even if an expert at the peak of the Xuan Sea Realm set up an ambush, Im confident that I can escape at the cost of being severely injured.

Unless the Ancient Kings reappear, no one can kill me.”


“In any case, its better to be careful.” Chen Tianshi nodded.

“I understand.” Tang Yuanshan turned to ask, “When are we leaving”

“Naturally, the sooner the better,” Chen Tianshi said in a low voice.

“That person has only just refined the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

He shouldnt have completely grasped its wonderful uses yet.

The longer we delay, the more dangerous it will be.”

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