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A green light that was enough to illuminate most of the Star Field bloomed, and the Great Dao laws in this Star Field trembled.

Encircled by the green light, two incomparably dazzling silver pillars of light condensed and burst out from Wang Daoyis fists with shocking power.

If anyone could look at the scene here from the starry skies of the universe, they would be able to see two streams of starlight wrapped in green light crossing the void.

They shone with billions of lights, illuminating the dark and deep universe.

This was no longer a power that ordinary living beings could understand.

Even experts who had surpassed the Twelfth Heaven Gate realm and reached the Shattering Realm could not understand this fight.

It was too powerful.

Moreover, at the same time that the two streams of starlight erupted, countless stars were forcefully sucked over from an endless distance.

Stars, planets, interstellar dust… and even those decayed stars were all torn through the void by the power of these two streams of starlight and pulled here, ignoring the distance.

Then, the two streams of starlight would devour and refine all the stars that were sucked over, making their strength even stronger.

This also caused the two streams of starlight to be greatly strengthened when they arrived in front of Cui Heng.

Compared to when it erupted from Wang Daoyis fist, it was already more than ten times stronger.

The moment these two streams of starlight burst out, the starry sky around Wang Daoyi also underwent a tremendous change.

With him as the core, the void that spread out for more than ten light years had already decayed and shattered.

Now, this area was filled with terrifying void storms.

Every one of them had the power to instantly destroy stars and galaxies.

To experts who had yet to cross the Third Heavenly Ladder, as long as they approached this place, they might die on the spot.

Actually, in this vast area with a radius of more than ten light years, there were originally some galaxies.

However, after Wang Daoyi attacked just now, these galaxies were all refined and absorbed by him, turning into the power contained in his attack.

From this, it could be seen how powerful the two streams of starlight Wang Daoyi had created were.

This was the holy land divine technique he had used, a Kings ultimate technique, and the true Martial Dao he had mentioned.

Star Sea Torrent Fist!

If he could cultivate this fist technique to the peak, he would have the terrifying power to stir the entire sea of stars and possess unparalleled strength.

In other words, it was Wang Daoyis current realm.

“Although your strength is indeed higher than mine, theres no fundamental difference in realm.

You dont understand the increase in strength brought about by a Kings ultimate technique at all.”

Wang Daoyi raised his chin slightly and looked arrogantly in Cui Hengs direction.

He chuckled and said, “I cant kill you with your indestructible spiritual light, but I have countless ways to suppress you and make you suffer a fate worse than death.

This is the difference.

Its the difference between an unorthodox path like yours and the inheritance of a holy land like mine.

You think that your cultivation path is unique, but youve actually deviated from the true meaning of the Martial Dao and gone astray.”

He seemed to be certain that it was impossible for Cui Heng to stop these two streams of starlight.

He actually raised his posture and lectured Cui Heng.

But in the next moment, the situation changed.

Just as the two streams of starlight arrived in front of Cui Heng, Cui Heng suddenly moved.

He raised his hand and pushed forward gently.

The two streams of starlight immediately froze on the spot, as if they were petrified and could not advance at all.

Then, Cui Heng shook his hand gently, and Dharmic powers infinitely close to the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm suddenly erupted.

These two extremely powerful streams of starlight were like fragile ice cubes, instantly dissipating into countless streams of light that flew in all directions.

There were no spells or divine powers.

It was just pure Dharmic powers.

Although Wang Daoyis cultivation was equivalent to the Early-stage Soul Formation realm and was similar to Cui Hengs, there was still a huge difference in the quality of their cultivation.

What Cui Heng was really afraid of was the bronze mirror.

Now that the bronze mirror had been suppressed by the Weapon Suppression Technique, Wang Daoyi could only use his own strength to attack.

To Cui Heng, this was no threat.

Even if Wang Daoyi used some kind of holy land divine technique or Kings ultimate technique, in Cui Hengs eyes, it was just a special method to use the laws of the starry sky.

In the eyes of Soul Formation cultivators, even though similar methods were very powerful, they were filled with flaws.

They were far less exquisite than spells of the same level, and they might not even be comparable to Nascent Soul spells.

Therefore, Wang Daoyis self-proclaimed divine martial techniques were actually not very strong for Cui Heng.

Coupled with the fact that Wang Daoyis cultivation realm was weaker than Cui Hengs, such an attack would naturally be instantly resolved.

It was completely useless.

“What!” Wang Daoyis eyes widened when he saw this scene, and his face revealed a trace of disbelief.

What he used was a holy land divine power, an ultimate technique.

How was this possible…

However, before he could react, Cui Heng had already counterattacked.

Facing an enemy whose realm was not inferior to his, Cui Heng had long raised his vigilance.

He was determined to do his best and would not give the other party a chance to breathe.

Therefore, after breaking through the two streams of starlight, he did not stop at all and rushed towards Wang Daoyi.

At the same time, his hands instantly formed countless hand seals.

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