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In the sky, scarlet spatial cracks appeared.

Strange lightning flickered inside, filled with an aura of chaos and destruction.


A scarlet lightning bolt with a hint of black burst out of the spatial crack.

It actually crossed the sky above hundreds of Tianzhou.

It was as if a huge saber had slashed through the sky and struck the hearts of many people in the Heaven Realm.

An incomparably terrifying pressure immediately enveloped countless people from the Heaven Realm.

All living beings below the Heaven Gate realm felt an unprecedented fear.

Many Masters of the Immortal orthodoxies also looked at the sky in horror.

“With such pressure, the Nine Heavens of the Outer World are really going to attack!”

“In the past, the Scarlet Calamity didnt have such terrifying power.

The Outer World is going to fight to the death this time!”

“The Nine Heavens of the Outer World have descended.

Hurry up and go to the capital of the Wood Nation to invite Senior Cui Heng!”

… .

… .

Facing such a terrifying pressure, even the experts who had crossed the Second Heavenly Ladder realm were only left with fear in their hearts.

They could not resist at all.

The only thing they could think of was to look for Cui Heng.

The strength of the Nine Heavens was too powerful.

Just their aura and pressure were already so terrifying.

If they really descended, it would be even more unimaginable.

Only by inviting that senior to take action would they have a chance of survival!


Another world-shaking thunder shook the entire Heaven Realm.

This time, the spatial rift in the sky expanded in all directions like a dense spider web.

The entire sky seemed to have become a broken glass, cracking into countless pieces.

At the same time, scarlet lightning that was like a 100,000-foot-tall mountain surged out of the dense spatial cracks and fell towards the mountains and rivers with destructive power.

Such a terrifying lightning bolt descended.

Wherever it passed, the void was distorted, and the nomological Dao runes showed signs of shattering.

This was simply like the wrath of the heavens, wanting to destroy everything in the world.

Under such natural power, even experts who had already fused with the characteristics of the Heaven Gate would feel small and powerless as long as they had not crossed the First Heavenly Ladder.

It was too terrifying.

… .

In the Eternal Academy.

As the institute head, Lian Heng looked at the sky in extreme shock.

He, who was already at the Ninth Heaven Gate realm, felt like an ant when he saw such a phenomenon with his own eyes.

Just now, he had involuntarily taken a few steps back when he saw the huge lightning mountain descending from the distance.

He was completely stunned, and even his hands were trembling slightly.

One could imagine how huge the storm in his heart was.

“Too terrifying, too terrifying,” Lian Heng muttered.

“I actually thought that perhaps we could rely on the power of our Immortal orthodoxies to resist the invasion of the Outer World to a certain extent.

From the looks of it, its completely wishful thinking.”

The difference was too great.

Not to mention facing the power of the true bodies of the Nine Heavens, even the lightning mountain phenomenon was not something they could withstand.

However, he was also a little glad and thought to himself, “Fortunately, fortunately, with Senior Cui Heng around, it shouldnt be a problem to resist the Nine Heavens of the Outer World.

“How lucky!”

… .

In the Immortal Valley.

Qin Tang also looked at the phenomenon in the sky with a pale face.

His performance was even more embarrassing than Lian Hengs.

When he saw the lightning mountains fall, he almost lost his balance and sat on the ground.

This lightning mountain not only had the power of lightning, but it also had the ability to distort the void and destroy laws.

It could easily crush experts who had yet to cross the Third Heavenly Ladder.

Just looking at this lightning mountain from afar could make countless people tremble in fear and not dare to resist at all.

“This is the power of the Nine Heavens Isnt it too powerful How can it be so powerful!”

… .

… .

Yellow Heaven Sects headquarters.

Countless disciples were already gathered here.

They looked at the sky outside with firm gazes, but their eyes were still filled with fear.

This was an instinctive fear that could not be avoided.

At this moment, they were all gathered around Hui Shi, Pei Qingshu, Zheng Nanxun, and Li Mingcheng.

To them, it was the safest as long as they stayed by the four of them.

Behind them, in the central square of the Yellow Heaven Sects headquarters, stood the statue of Divinity Yellow Heaven.

This could also reassure the believers.

As the backbone of everyone, Hui Shi, Pei Qingshu, Zheng Nanxun, and Li Mingcheng were also filled with confidence.

They believed that as long as the Nine Heavens of the Outer World really descended, Cui Heng would definitely attack.

As long as he attacked, it would definitely be a thunderous strike to eliminate any future troubles.

Buzz! Buzz!

At this moment, an ear-piercing trembling sound sounded in the world again.

The place with the densest “cobwebs” in the sky suddenly cracked.

It wasnt that something had cracked open.

Instead, the spatial crack had all split open, creating an even larger hole.

Soon, a scarlet door of light was formed.

There was a vortex circling among it.

Clearly, it led to another world.

“This is a cross-border door of light.

The Nine Heavens of the other side has descended!”

Hui Shi could tell at a glance that this door of light was a cross-border passage that connected to other worlds.

Moreover, there was a high chance that it was an enemy that the Heaven Realm and the mortal world were resisting—the Outer World Starry Sky!

… .

In a desolate place in the Heaven Realm.

This place was already outside the 9,000 Heaven Earth Origin Qi.

The Heaven Earth Origin Qi here was thin, and the laws were incomplete.

There were only scattered fragments, and even the complete Great Dao laws could not be found.

If one cultivated here, it was very likely that they would not be able to cultivate to the Golden Immortal realm even if they died of old age.

This was simply a cultivation wasteland with no opportunities.

However, in such a place, there was a person sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed and cultivating, as if he had specially come to comprehend this desolate land.

This person was in the deepest part of this desolate land.

Crossing deserts and grasslands filled with bones, one could find a very blurry figure in a snow mountain that stretched for countless kilometers.

At this moment, this figure was standing in a blizzard.

The cold wind was like countless sharp blades blowing past, but he did not feel anything at all.

He only quietly looked at the distant sky.

When he saw the scarlet door of light established, he was not shocked but happy, and a relieved smile appeared on his face.

“After waiting for so many years, the fish has finally bitten the hook.”

… .

In the palace where Cui Heng lived in the capital of the Wood Nation.

At the beginning of the phenomenon, the Wood Emperor brought Mu Lingyun with him to look for Cui Heng, wanting to ask about the situation of this great calamity and why it was so powerful.

Moreover, the phenomenon in the world was too terrifying.

It was as if they had fallen into the final doomsday.

This made the Wood Emperor and Mu Lingyun nervous.

Cui Heng, on the other hand, was as relaxed as ever.

He only glanced at the scarlet door of light and smiled.

“This battle that has lasted for hundreds of thousands of years or even millions of years should indeed come to an end.”

… .


Accompanied by a series of world-shaking thunder and phenomena, the Nine Heavens Heavenly Venerables finally walked through the spatial passageway and crossed the barrier of their Star Field to arrive at the core of this Star Field Heaven Realm.

“Ah, this is the Heaven Realm!” After a person rushed out of the scarlet door of light, he immediately took a deep breath and smiled.

“Thats great.

Its still a familiar smell.

Its the smell of home.”

This person was Heavenly Venerate Guo of the Nine Heavens.

Legend had it that as the outline of the Heaven Realm, he had already transformed into a human.

Therefore, although he went to the Outer World later and even became one of the Nine Heavens, he had actually always treated the Heaven Realm as his hometown.

Many people among the Nine Heavens of the Outer World were in a similar situation.

Now that they had stepped into the Heaven Realm again, they could not help but sigh with emotion.

However, Heavenly Venerate Zhong frowned.

“Dont relax.

Prepare to fight!!”

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