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In another Star Field adjacent to Cui Hengs.

In a Major Chiliocosm with countless galaxies as subordinates, there was a layer of vast and endless scarlet light that covered the entire world.

In this light, it was as if billions of eyes were constantly opening and closing.

They were all staring at the boundless starry sky outside, breathing in the free energy that filled the universe and transforming it into the essence energy of the world.

The source of this layer of scarlet light was a continent suspended 300,000 feet above this strange world.

The Imperial Sky Divine Palace!

On a throne in the depths of the Divine Palace, a ball of scarlet light flickered.

From time to time, eyes would appear from it and rotate around, as if they were sizing up something.

This was the master of the Imperial Sky Divine Palace.

Divine Lord Yu Tian.

As a Divine Lord expert who had crossed the First Heavenly Ladder and fused with the characteristics of five levels of Heaven Gate and had already reached the Fifth Heaven Gate realm, Divine Lord Yu Tian rarely appeared directly.

To the current him, there was only one most important thing—

That was to assist Heavenly Venerate Jiang in completing the invasion of the foreign world as soon as possible.

Then, he would head to the foreign world to attack the Heaven Gate and transcend the Second Heavenly Ladder to become a true expert.

Although he was only at the Fifth Heaven Gate realm now, he had already accumulated enough.

He could break through the Heaven Gate at any time to obtain the sixth power characteristic and step into the Sixth Heaven Gate realm.

However, he wanted to wait for the foreign realm to be completely corroded before going to the foreign realm to attack the Sixth level of the Heaven Gate.

He wanted to use the characteristics of the foreign realms Heaven Gate as the characteristics of his Sixth Heaven Gate realm.

This way, the foreign characteristics in his body would increase, and it would be easier for him to cross the Second Heavenly Ladder in the foreign world.

“When I met Heavenly Venerable earlier, he said that the final battle was imminent and asked me to be prepared.” Divine Lord Yu Tian thought to himself, “Looks like the mysterious expert who appeared in the foreign world and the change in the Heavenly rules had shocked the Heavenly Venerable.

I remember that the Lord Supreme and the other Heavenly Venerates originally planned to prepare for another 100,000 years or so.

After subduing more foreign forces, they would completely occupy the Heaven Realm.

Now that an expert who can change the Heavenly rules has appeared, the cultivators in that vast Star Field have hope of breaking through.

Theres no need to wait for the Door of Heaven to open before they can directly attack the Heaven Gate.

At this rate, even if the foreign Heaven Realm is already suppressed, many top experts will be entangled and find it difficult to attack.

It will be difficult for Lord Supreme to complete the corrosion quickly.”

Thinking of this, the ball of scarlet light suddenly surged greatly and constantly changed its shape, instantly turning the sky of the entire Major Chiliocosm scarlet.

Eyeballs would also appear from the scarlet sky and stare at the living beings below.

The people here was not unfamiliar with this situation and was even a little used to it.

However, they did not dare to be disrespectful at all.

Anyone who saw the phenomenon in the sky knelt down and bowed in the direction of the Imperial Sky Divine Palace.

“I cant accept this!” Divine Lord Yu Tian thought to himself, “Is my cultivation progress going to be slowed down like this Damn it, Ive clearly planned for a long time and was about to succeed.

How can there be a problem at this time

After I complete the corrosion of the foreign realm, when I cross the Second Heavenly Ladder, I must find the person who destroyed my arrangements in the foreign realm first.

I want to destroy his body and soul!”

As for the person who had changed the rules of the foreign world, Divine Lord Yu Tian had no intention of provoking him.

An expert of that level had probably already crossed the Third Heavenly Ladder realm.

His strength must have reached an unbelievable level.

If he went to find trouble, he would be courting death.

However, just as Divine Lord Yu Tian was feeling depressed, he suddenly received a message.

“Come to the Jiang Heavenly Palace immediately.

I want you to do something.”

Divine Lord Yu Tian was overjoyed, and the scarlet light also jumped happily.


This message was sent by Heavenly Venerate Jiang.

Based on what his experience so far…

In this kind of situation, there was usually good news.

Even if the things they had to do were more difficult, the rewards would be very considerable.

“As you command!”

… .

After Divine Lord Yu Tian received the message from Heavenly Venerate Jiang, he immediately left the Imperial Sky Divine Palace where he lived.

He had arrived at one of the Nine Heavens, the “Jiang Heaven”.

In this Star Field, there were only nine so-called “Heavens”.

They each gathered a portion of the Great Dao laws of this Star Field and contained the ultimate mysteries of the Heaven Gate.

Its essence was similar to the Heaven Realm of the Star Field Cui Heng was in.

Divine Lord Yu Tian arrived in front of the Jiang Heaven Palace as a ray of scarlet light.

After landing, he quickly condensed himself into a human form.

It was a burly young man in scarlet armor.

When the two servants in front of the Jiang Heavenly Palace saw the young man, they immediately bowed and said, “Greetings, Divine Lord.

The Supreme One is already waiting inside.”

“Alright, thank you.” Divine Lord Yutian nodded and smiled.

Then, he slowly walked in.

His attitude towards the servant was very kind and humble.

After Divine Lord Yu Tian walked into the Jiang Heavenly Palace, the two servants whispered, “I heard that Divine Lord Yu Tian gives off a huge pressure the moment he appears.

From the looks of it, the rumors are not true.”

“Thats right.” Another servant nodded in agreement.

“Divine Lord Yu Tian is still very kind.”

Actually, what the two of them saw was only the surface.

Divine Lord Yu Tian usually did not reveal his true body and would only reveal a ball of scarlet light.

This was because his true body was too terrifying.

Because the Heaven Gate characteristics he obtained were all about chaos and corrosion, his body and soul had also been modified by this power characteristic.

His entire body was covered in scarlet eyes.

There were thousands of eyes on his face, and even his hair had countless tiny eyes.

These countless eyes formed a natural aura of pressure.

Even if he only threw out a strand of hair, it was enough to instantly suppress an expert at the Fourth Heaven Gate realm with the countless eyes on it.

His glabella was filled with festering skin.

Thick scarlet liquid flowed out at all times, looking extremely strange.

This dense liquid also had an extremely terrifying corrosive power.

Even an expert at the Third Heaven Gate realm would be instantly melted by this dense liquid.

At first, Divine Lord Yu Tian maintained his true appearance in front of everyone.

Later on, he was reminded by Heavenly Venerate Jiang that this appearance was not conducive for uniting his subordinates, and they asked him to transform into an eye-pleasing form.

Hence, hed been floating around as a ball of scarlet light.

However, when communicating with outsiders, it was not good to only maintain the scarlet light.

That was why he had the appearance of a young man now.

In fact, maintaining these appearances would restrict Divine Lord Yu Tian strength and prevent him from completely unleashing his power.

… .

In the Jiang Heavenly Palace.

A thin and slender figure lay on the Heavenly Venerate throne.

He was wearing a wide scarlet robe.

He was clearly a man, but every move he made had an obvious feminine aura.

Like a woman.

Although his face was enveloped in a ball of light and looked blurry, he still gave off a very demonic feeling.

This was one of the Nine Heavens of this Star Field.

Heavenly Venerate Jiang.

After Divine Lord Yu Tian arrived, he did not dare to look at Heavenly Venerate Jiang at all.

He lowered his head the entire time and said respectfully, “Im Yu Tian.

Greetings, Supreme One.”

“Alright.” Heavenly Venerate Jiang nodded slightly.

His slender fingers stretched out and with a light flick, six crystals intertwined with the power of laws flew out of his palm and landed in front of Divine Lord Yu Tian.

“These are the characteristics of the six levels of the Heaven Gate of the foreign world.

Eat them.”

“Thank you for your great kindness!” Divine Lord Yu Tian was incomparably excited and immediately kowtowed repeatedly.

It was not easy to bring the characteristics of the foreign Heaven Gate here, especially the characteristics of the first to sixth levels of the Heaven Gate.

On one hand, they had to be targeted by the Great Dao laws of the foreign world.

On the other hand, the Heaven Gate of this Star Field would automatically attract this ownerless foreign Heaven Gate characteristic.

If they stopped it, they would be easily targeted by the Great Dao laws.

It was an unfavorable act.

Divine Lord Yu Tian never dreamed that he would be bestowed with six Heaven Gate characteristics.

This meant that he could directly raise himself to the Sixth Heaven Gate realm by absorbing the characteristics of the Heaven Gate and become the strongest person below the Second Heavenly Ladder.

However, Divine Lord Yu Tian also knew very well that there was no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

Since he had given such a generous reward, what Heavenly Venerate Jiang wanted him to do this time must be extraordinary.

His life might even be in danger.

“Previously, the ancient sects of the foreign Heaven Realm sent a message for help,” Heavenly Venerate Jiang said indifferently.

“A mysterious expert has appeared in the Heaven Realm.

Hes suspected to have the strength of the Sixth Heaven Gate realm.

He might even be an expert who has crossed the Second Heavenly Ladder.

They asked me to descend and send an incarnation over, but its a critical moment before the decisive battle recently.

I cant leave.

You can go over on my behalf.”

“Supreme Lord, dont worry.

I will definitely complete the mission!” Divine Lord Yu Tian immediately kowtowed.

He didnt even ask about the situation in the foreign Heaven Realm, nor did he consider the dangers of this mission.

“Very good.” Heavenly Venerate Jiang was very satisfied with Divine Lord Yu Tians attitude.

He smiled and said, “Next, swallow these six Heaven Gate characteristics first.

Ill help you absorb and refine them.”

Then, he broke another strand of his hair and let it fall in front of Divine Lord Yu Tian.

“You can bring this strand of my hair with you.

It contains quite a bit of power and can easily kill anyone who has yet to cross the Third Heavenly Ladder realm.”

“Yes!” Divine Lord Yu Tian kowtowed again.

“Thank you!”

“Alright.” Heavenly Venerate Jiang nodded slightly and stopped talking.

He thought to himself, “Yu Tian, if you can complete the mission alive, it means that the Heaven Realm really no longer has the strength to resist and can be wiped out with ease.

If you die there, it means that the foundation of the Heaven Realm still exists.

At the very least, there are still experts who have crossed the Third Heavenly Ladder.

We have to consider the matter of the decisive battle at length.

The expert who changed the Heavenly rules earlier really made me uneasy.

I cant rashly descend to help this time.

Youll be the one to test the waters for me.”

… .

In order to ask Heavenly Venerate Jiang to descend, the Longevity Divine Mountain held a grand sacrificial ceremony.

A total of 12 Heaven Gate characteristics were sacrificed by them.

Other than that, there were also millions of living souls and countless treasures.

Finally, under the illumination of a scarlet light and the expectant gazes of the higher-ups of the Longevity Divine Mountain…

A figure crossed the void and passed through the realm barrier.

It descended to the Longevity Divine Mountain of the Heaven Realm.

This was a tall and burly young man in armor.

He looked extraordinarily valiant as he stood on the sacrificial platform and looked down at everyone below.

Suddenly, the facial features on his face changed.

It actually transformed into more than a thousand eyes in an instant.

Every eye had a scarlet eyeball, and its cold gaze instantly enveloped everyone present.

Then, a crack actually opened in his face, revealing teeth and tongue filled with eyes.

He spoke in a high and mighty tone.

“Im Divine Lord Yu Tian under Heavenly Venerate Jiang.

Since youve already seen me, why arent you bowing!”

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