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“Otherwise, during that chaos, it wont be easy to understand the details of the Heaven Realm.

I have to investigate the strength of the Outer World before that.

Only then can I decide how to attack when the Scarlet Calamity comes.

In the end, Qin Feng is only at the Third Heaven Gate realm.

Although his identity is extraordinary and he knows a lot of secrets, hes still young and cant be considered a true higher-up.

There are still some aspects that he hasnt dabbled in and has no way of understanding.

Next, while probing Heavenly Venerate Jiang, I can also look at the Longevity Divine Mountain.

I can obtain more information there.

Also, I can pay attention to the Immortal Orthodoxys Eternal Academy.

The Immortal Orthodoxy is an ancient faction that has existed since the Old Heaven Realm.

They should know more about the Heaven Realm and the Outer World.

However, I dont know their strength yet, so its not good to act rashly.

After the Scarlet Tribulation, I can get Hui Shi to visit and investigate the basic situation.

I hope its a faction that I can get along with.

Ive gained a lot from Qin Feng this time.

After carefully comprehending it, I should be able to further deepen my communication with the Great Dao laws.

My cultivation speed will be faster.

Ill continue my seclusion for the next period of time.”

… .

Longevity Divine Mountain.

This was a mountain range formed by huge mountains that were more than a million feet tall.

In the center was a million-foot-tall Heaven Raising Divine Mountain.

It was filled with Longevity Dao runes.

Spirit herbs and divine herbs were everywhere on the mountains, and rare beasts were everywhere.

It was simply a paradise on earth.

Even a mortal who did not know how to cultivate could live for hundreds of years without illness or disaster.

At the top of the million-foot-tall Heaven Raising Divine Mountain was a huge platform.

There were palaces and pavilions built on it.

The overall layout fitted with the charm of nature, giving off the feeling of the integration of Heaven and man.

This was the encampment of the ancient great sect, the Longevity Divine Mountain.

In the depths of this palace, there was a rather exquisite pavilion called the “Longevity Pavilion”.

Only the Mountain Lord and some elders could enter.

Moreover, it was usually not open.

Only when they encountered a relatively serious problem on the Longevity Divine Mountain would the Mountain Lord gather many elders here to discuss how to deal with the crisis.

However, usually, before the meeting, when the elders were invited, they would explain the days topic clearly.

But today was a little different.

The Mountain Lord suddenly summoned all the elders over, but he did not explain what the topic was.

When the seven Elders sat down, Mountain Lord Shen Changming looked around at everyone and said in a low voice, “Qin Feng has already died a day ago.”

Everyone was stunned and there was dead silence.

Clearly, this news had completely exceeded their expectations.

But before they could ask, Shen Changming continued, “The Light of Great Tribulation that was used to save his life has also been erased.

It no longer exists.”


“How is this possible!”

“Thats the Light of Great Tribulation!!”

For a moment, the entire Longevity Pavilion seemed to have exploded.

The seven Elders all stood up and looked at Shen Changming in disbelief.

“The matter is conclusive.

Theres no need to doubt it.

What I said is true.

What we need to discuss is regarding the significance of this matter, and what it means.” Shen Zhangming was not surprised by the elders reaction.

He looked around and saw that no one answered, so he spoke solemnly.

This means that an expert who can compete with the corrosive power of the Outer World has appeared in the Heaven Realm.

This is unprecedented and almost impossible, but this is already the truth.

So what should we do next, or should I say, what should the entire Longevity Divine Mountain do With our strength, its definitely impossible for us to resist the power of that expert.

Continuing to go against him is courting death.

But weve already sided with the Outer World a long time ago and even made a deal with Heavenly Venerate Jiang.

The price of betrayal is also something we cant afford.

What should we do now Elders, do you have any thoughts”

There was silence in the Longevity Pavilion again.

After a while, an old man suddenly spoke slowly and sighed.

“Mountain Lord, please hold the sacrificial ritual and ask Heavenly Venerate Jiangs incarnation to descend!”

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