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Chapter 459 Primordial Spirit Retracted into the Niwan

“You, who exactly are you!” Chang Yongxin naturally did not want to surrender just like that, but he did not have the guts to resist.

After all, the scene of the three Heavenly Gods bodies and souls being destroyed was still fresh in his mind.

This person was too powerful, ridiculously powerful.

He could not be angered.

Otherwise, his life might be in danger.

“As I said just now, Im just a saber.

Im here to bring you to see someone.” Hui Shis expression was calm as he said indifferently, “As long as you dont move, I wont kill you.” “I, Im the Patriarch of the Evergreen Villa.

I also have the title of a local deacon in the Longevity Divine Mountain.” Chang Yongxin really had no choice but to use the name of the Longevity Divine Mountain.

As a branch of the Longevity Divine Mountain, as long as one took over the position of Patriarch, he would receive the position of a local deacon from the Longevity Divine Mountain.

This could be considered as being included in the system of the Longevity Divine Mountain.

They could enjoy the various benefits of the Longevity Divine Mountain and would also be protected by the Longevity Divine Mountain, but they also had to abide by the orders of the Longevity Divine Mountain.

“Theres such a thing” Hui Shi laughed when he heard that.

“If something happens to you, will it attract the experts of the Longevity Divine Mountain to investigate”

“Definitely.” Chang Yongxin nodded repeatedly.

“Thats good!” Hui Shi nodded and smiled.

“Follow me!”

Then, he rolled up his sleeve.

Chang Yongxin and Jing Xiangzhen felt their vision go dark.

A strong sense of weightlessness came, and the wind began to howl in their ears.

They had been brought away from Evergreen Heights.

The two of them already understood their situation and their eyes were filled with despair.

Were finished!

It was completely over!


After Chang Yongxin and Jing Xiangzhen were brought away by Hui Shi, Evergreen Heights fell into silence.

The remaining people looked at each other, at a loss.

After Hui Shis cleaning up earlier, there were no longer any Heavenly Gods in Evergreen Heights.

Only three god-level existences were left.

Usually, these three gods were idle and had never specifically managed the affairs of the villa.

But at this moment, they could only stand out.

Although it was not difficult for gods to learn how to manage affairs, the most difficult thing about managing people was actually to have prestige and be able to convince the masses.

After all, it was not appropriate to use force against fellow disciples.

These three gods happened to be the kind who did not have much fame in Evergreen Heights.

Of course, most people still agreed with the gods to take over.

In this world where the strong were respected, as long as ones cultivation was high enough, it was enough to ease over many disadvantages.

However, it was inevitable that some people would think that the three gods did not have high prestige and planned to take advantage of them.

Especially some experts at the peak of the Dao Imprint Realm.

Although Ye Yuan was not a Dao Imprint realm cultivator, he still had some schemes.

“Originally, I planned to pretend to be a disciple in Changqing Villa first and leave after obtaining the core inheritance or secret treasure.

Now that such a thing has suddenly happened, its a good opportunity for me to fish in troubled waters.

However, those three are gods after all.

Be it the essence of their life, their knowledge, or the methods they have, they are incomparably powerful.

I have to hide from their perception before making a move.

If it was any other time, I definitely wouldnt have this chance, but things are different now.

Next, I can test the effect of that treasure!”

After Hui Shi took Chang Yongxin and Jing Xiangzhen away, he returned to the capital of the Wood Nation.

When he returned to the palace, Cui Heng had just finished investigating the gravel.

Zheng Nanxun was still here.

“Sir, Ive brought him back.” Hui Shi opened his sleeve, and Jing Xiangzhen and Chang Yongxin were shaken out.

“Ah!” Chang Yongxin seemed to have suddenly woken up.

He looked around in horror and said in shock, “This is… the Wood Nation Are the people from the Wood Nation trying to deal with my Evergreen Heights”

It was obvious that he found it very unbelievable.

How could a small Wood Nation have an expert like Hui Shi who could crush the entire Evergreen Heights!

This was completely incomprehensible to him.

As for Jing Xiangzhen beside him, he had already entered the palace for the second time.

He was much calmer and did not have any intense reaction.

He just sat there in a daze, waiting for the next arrangements.

“The Patriarch of Evergreen Heights, Chang Yongxin, Senior Brother of Jing Xiangzhen. Cui Hengs gaze landed on Chang Yongxin and he went straight to the point.

“50 years ago, you were the one who accompanied the Holy Son of the Longevity Divine Mountain,


“…” Chang Yongxins fear and confusion gradually calmed down.

After a moment of silence, he nodded and said, “Yes, yes.

At that time, the Holy Son traveled to the Qinghua Domain and I accompanied him.

You, you are… Jiang Hengxias master”


Previously, at Evergreen Heights, Hui Shi had already explained why he was looking for him.

“Thats right.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and said in a low voice, “What was the cause and effect of the battle 50 years ago What happened after the Holy Son of the Longevity Divine Mountain was killed You should know.”

“I, I know, I know.” Chang Yongxin hurriedly nodded, afraid that Cui Heng would feel that he was worthless.

He explained, “The cause of that battle was very simple.

When Jiang Hengxia killed a ferocious beast, she displayed extraordinary techniques.

When the Holy Son found out about this, he was very interested and went to look for Jiang Hengxia to ask her to hand over the cultivation technique she cultivated.

Faced with such a request, Jiang Hengxia naturally wouldnt agree.

After refusing, she left.

However, the Holy Son didnt give up and began to pursue her relentlessly.

In the end, it developed to the point of robbery.”

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