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Chapter 452 Past Grudges

Li Mingchengs arrival in the Heaven Realm was related to the Dao God

If that was really the case, it meant that the Dao God also had the ability to control the Door of Heaven and could ignore the closing of the Door of Heaven and send people to the Heaven Realm.

This was clearly an ability that only the reincarnation of Zhou Juntian, the artifact spirit of the Door of Heaven, had.

“The Dao God is Zhou Juntian Or did the Dao God obtain some of Zhou Juntians abilities”

For a moment, Cui Heng had many guesses in his heart.

He thought to himself, “If the Dao God is Zhou Juntian, theres no need for him to escape from the Nine Heavens Cloud Realm with his strength.

Its impossible for a mere battle between a few Sages to injure him.

But if Zhou Juntian was behind the scenes and authorized the ability to control the Door of Heaven, why did he choose a person like the Dao God who was only a Limitless Golden Immortal at that time

Moreover, this Dao God even asked Li Mingcheng to establish a sect in the Heaven Realm to worship him and spread his faith.

What is he trying to do Is he trying to establish a connection between this faith and the Heaven Realm

Or is it that establishing a sect in the Heaven Realm can have some special use, so its worth Zhou Juntian spending so much effort to set up a trap in the Heaven Realm”

The ability of the Dao God to send people to the Heaven Realm was most likely related to Zhou Juntian.

The establishment of the Dao God Sect in the Heaven Realm was most likely related to Zhou Juntian.

However, these doubts were really difficult to guess.

Li Mingcheng saw that Cui Heng had fallen into deep thought, so he did not dare to disturb him.

He only stood at the side and waited quietly.

A moment later, Cui Heng suddenly looked at Li Mingcheng and said, “Do you still remember Pei Qingshu”

“Qingshu” Li Mingcheng was stunned when he heard this.

He did not understand why Cui Heng suddenly mentioned this name that had long been sealed in the depths of his memory.

Then, the expression on his face became complicated as he sighed softly.

“I remember.”

He had very complicated feelings for Pei Qingshu.

On one hand, he was very good friends with Pei Qingshu.

They could even be said to be as close as brothers.

On the other hand, it was also Pei Qingshus invitation to explore the ancient mystic realm with the Immortal sects that he almost lost his life.

But because of this, he came to the Heaven Realm.

It was actually very difficult to explain these emotions.


Li Mingcheng was silent for a moment before he gently closed his eyes and said, “I once resented Qingshu for causing me to wander in this foreign land.

I was separated from my family and might never have a chance to see them again.

Ive also felt pity for him before.

After all, he was only coerced by his family and the Immortal sects.

I know that it wasnt his intention to invite me.

Actually, Im still a little grateful.

If not for him, I wouldnt have come to the Heaven Realm.

After hundreds of years, I should have long become a skeleton in a tomb.

How could I have reached the level of a god like now”

“Actually, after you disappeared, the Great Zhou Imperial Court held the Pei family responsible.” Cui Heng named Pei Qingshus previous situation.

“Qingshu was the one who was thrown out to take the blame.

His legs and martial cultivation were crippled…”

After hearing this explanation, Li Mingcheng fell silent again.

After calming down slightly, he said, “Hes also a pitiful person.

Is he still alive”

“He also came to the Heaven Realm.” Cui Heng suddenly laughed.

“And hes your sisters junior brother.”

“…” Li Mingcheng immediately looked stunned.

He opened his mouth and did not know what to say for a moment.

In the end, he actually laughed.

“No wonder Senior suddenly mentioned him.

This is quite a good outcome.”

“Because I wanted you to cooperate, I asked you what you think of him.” Cui Heng smiled.

“Cooperation” Li Mingcheng was stunned for a moment before he nodded and said, “Ive indeed not seen him for a long time and want to meet him.

I think we can still cooperate, but I wonder what arrangements Senior has”

“Has there been any progress on the sect that the Dao God wanted you to establish” Cui Heng asked instead of answering.

“Not yet.” Li Mingcheng shook his head and said, “There has to be a foundation to establish a sect and spread a faith.

However, after the characteristics of my Sacred Body were exposed, I was hiding from pursuit all day long.

I couldnt establish a sect at all.”

“Now, you have a foundation.” Cui Heng nodded and said with a smile, “Now, the entire Wood Nation can be considered your foundation.

The people here can provide you with the resources to establish a sect and spread your faith.”

“Senior, Ill be cooperating with Qingshu to establish the faith of the Dao God” Li Mingqiong asked in surprise.

He was a little puzzled and could not understand the relationship between Cui Heng and the Dao God.

“No, were not worshiping the Dao God.” Cui Heng shook his head and suddenly said to the side, “Wheres the Yellow-scarved Strongman”

As soon as he finished speaking, a dark golden light lit up.

The burly Yellow-scarved Strongman instantly appeared beside him.

Then, he bowed respectfully and shouted, “Greetings, Master Immortal!”

“This is my follower.

In the future, he can be the Yellow-scarved Country Guardian God of your sect or the Country Guardian God of the Wood Nation.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “There are still the 12 Heaven Gate stages above the Nine Realms of the Immortal World.

Hes almost equivalent to the third to fourth stages now.”

The Yellow-scarved Strongman had already been raised to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

In terms of realm, this was indeed only equivalent to the third level of the Heaven Gate, but his true strength far exceeded the Third Heaven Gate realm, but it was inferior to the Fourth Heaven Gate realm.

With such strength, it was not a problem for him to be a respected god in the Wood Nation or even the entire Green Stone Wasteland.

Cui Heng wanted to use this to experiment with the changes or effects of establishing a sect in the Heaven Realm.

After there were enough believers, he would also send the Yellow-scarved Strongman to the Lower World to see if he could really rely on his perception of believers to contact the Heaven Realm.

This was to determine Zhou Juntians possible goal.

This person should contain a lot of secrets.

If he could figure out his goal, he would most likely be able to greatly increase his understanding of the myriad worlds and the Heaven Realm.

This could also allow him to communicate more deeply with the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, and his cultivation realm would increase faster.

Moreover, increasing his understanding of this world was also a necessary part of improving his safety.

After all, only by knowing how dangerous this world was could he better protect his own safety.


Actually, not long after Cui Heng left with his men, the news that a god had appeared in the Linshan Tribe quietly spread throughout the surrounding tribes.

Along with this news, people came to know that the Qinghua Domain was about to experience the Scarlet Calamity.

An ominous aura would return from underground, causing the ground to be stained with blood and living beings to suffer.

They could only be completely safe under the protection of the gods.

This directly caused countless tribes and forces to swarm over to the Linshan Tribe to seek the protection of the god, immediately causing the people of the Linshan Tribe to be in a terrible fix.

Moreover, the attitudes of these tribes and forces were very good and respectful.

Most of them had also prepared extremely generous gifts and tried their best to build a good relationship with the Linshan Tribe.

Their final goal was to come into contact with the god through the Linshan Tribe and seek refuge.

However, this respectful and sincere attitude really made things difficult for them.

They could only report this situation to that “god”.


As a “god”, Pei Qingshu did not expect this situation.

There were actually so many people, and he could not directly refuse their request for help.

Just as Pei Qingshu was feeling conflicted, the priest of the Linshan Tribe suddenly came over.

After bowing, he reported to him, “Lord God, theres someone outside.

He said that hes an old friend of yours.

I dont dare to deal with him on my own.”

“An old friend” Pei Qingshu was a little surprised when he heard this.

When did his old friend come to the Heaven Realm What kind of new way of asking for help was this He frowned slightly and asked curiously, “Whats this persons name”

“He calls himself Li Mingcheng.” The priest of the Linshan Tribe explained the persons situation in detail.

“What!” Pei Qingshu stood up on the spot and almost jumped up.

He said in surprise, “Mingcheng Mingcheng! Bring me to him!”

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