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Chapter 405 The Starry Sky With Extremely Different Dao Rules

Zhao Hongci, Hong Renxi, and Hong Renxu were taken away from the courtyard of the Heaven Chapter Mystic Palace by Hui Shi.

Therefore, the three of them left first.

As the Sect Master of the Heaven Chapter Mystic Palace, Zhao Tianyi quickly received the news.

The person who reported to him was none other than the Sage King, Uncle Jiu, who had once been the Hong brothers guard.

His real name was Lu Jiu, and he was a servant Zhao Tianyi had taken in before he became a Human Immortal.

He was extremely loyal.

“You mean, you saw Immortal Venerable Cui Hengs follower” Zhao Tianyi sat on the Sect Masters throne with a frown.

His eyes flickered as his thoughts raced.

“Thats right.” Lu Jiu nodded and said, “Although that person is suspected to be a Dao Lord now, I recognize his power aura.

I cant be wrong.”

“…” Zhao Tianyi fell silent for a moment before gently closing his eyes.

“Is that Immortal Venerable Cui really as powerful as you say He easily created thousands of Sages and caused the phenomena of the heavens to appear”

“Its absolutely true,” Lu Jiu said with a very serious expression.

“Everyone in the Five Views Realm knows about these things.

Even if hundreds of years have passed, no one will forget it.”

“With such power and a Dao Lord as his follower, hes probably a Lord of the Heavens.” Zhao Tianyi had a plan in his heart.

At the same time, he felt a little regretful.

He sighed softly and said, “Was I wrong to let Hongwu leave Taihong Star back then”

“Were on different sides.

Youre not wrong.” Lu Jiu shook his head and said, “Hongwus thoughts are too extreme.

He still doesnt understand how to hide his strength and bide his time.

If he continues to stay on Taihong Star, Im afraid hell encounter trouble.

Letting him leave is also protecting his life.”

The Heaven Chapter Mystic Palace was one of the three Mystic Palaces on Taihong Star.

The Sect Master, Zhao Tianyi, was also one of the five Creators.

This was indeed an extremely powerful force.

However, Taihong Star was not united.

Therefore, even if the Heaven Chapter Mystic Palace protected Hong Fugui, the other two Mystic Palaces, the four Buddhist monasteries, and the 21 Immortal Sects already regarded him as a thorn in their side and wished they could kill him.

If Hong Fugui had not left Taihong Star back then, he might have died in an accident.

After all, his thoughts and plans had directly touched the fundamental interests of all the middle and upper echelons of Taihong Star.

Countless people wished they could peel his skin and eat his flesh.

“No, youre wrong.” Zhao Tianyi suddenly shook his head and sighed softly.

He said to Lu Jiu, “At this moment, whether my actions back then were right or wrong is no longer something that you and I can decide.” “…” Lu Jiu lowered his head when he heard this.

After thinking for a moment, he understood.

He could not help but say bitterly, “Youre right.

Thats indeed the case.

This will all depend on Immortal Venerable Cuis will.”

“Get ready.” Zhao Tianyi stood up and said to Lu Jiu, “Prepare a generous gift and bring the things Hongwu left behind back then.

Ill go over and apologize to Immortal Venerable


“This… why are you doing this” Lu Jiu could not bear it.

In his heart, Zhao Tianyi had always been high and mighty, omnipotent.

Now, he had to personally apologize.”

“Lu Jiu, your thoughts are wrong.” Zhao Tianyi shook his head and said, “If Immortal Venerable Cui can accept my apology, this should be an honor for me.”

“After all, hes very likely a Lord of the Heavens.”


How was Fugui before he left Taihong Star

Zhao Hongci did not expect Cui Heng to ask so directly.

She was slightly stunned.

She organized her words and said bitterly, “Immortal Venerable, when my husband left, his situation could be said to be neither good nor bad.”

“Oh” Cui Hengs eyes narrowed slightly as he said indifferently, “I dont really like this ambiguous description.

Tell me the exact situation directly.”

“Immortal Venerable, please forgive me.

Everything I said just now is true.” Zhao Hongci immediately knelt down and said extremely sincerely, “At that time, Fugui was hated by many Creators and Sage Kings, so his situation wasnt good.”

“However, hes my husband and has also cultivated the martial techniques of the Heaven Chapter Mystic Palace.

Naturally, he will be protected by my father, so his situation cant be considered bad.”

“Lil Fugui is hated by many Creators and the Sage King” Cui Heng understood the reason after thinking for a moment.

He looked at Zhao Hongci and chuckled.

“In that case, letting Lil Fugui leave Taihong Planet is also to save his life”

“…” Zhao Hongci was silent for a moment before saying, “I wouldnt dare to lie to Immortal Venerable.

Actually, with the power of the Heaven Chapter Mystic Palace, its not impossible for them to do their best to protect my husband.”

“But if we do that, the Heaven Chapter Mystic Palace will definitely be greatly injured.

In order to prevent the sect from suffering too many losses and to prevent a war from erupting, I persuaded him to leave Taihong Star.”

“Grandma, you persuaded Grandpa to leave” Hong Renxu looked at Zhao Hongci in disbelief and said in confusion, “You clearly often told me that Grandpa was a person with lofty aspirations and great ideals.

Why did you persuade him to leave”

“Grandma, you…” Hong Renxi opened his mouth, but he swallowed his questions.

He already understood Zhao Hongcis difficulties.

“What did Fugui think at that time” Cui Heng did not comment on Zhao Hongcis words and asked instead.

“Before my husband left, he said,Its indeed not the time to instill the theories of the Great Harmony on Taihong Star.

I was too anxious to succeed.” Zhao Hongci said in a low voice, “However, he wasnt depressed.

He even said that he left this time to return better.”

“Hahaha, this kid is still so stubborn.” Cui Heng suddenly laughed and waved his hand.

“Get up.

Dont kneel.

Hui Shi, find a few chairs for them to sit down on.”

“I want to hear what Fugui has done since he came to Taihong Star.

He was only a Sage when he left Taihong Star.

How did he become the enemy of so many Sage Kings and Creators”

To be able to attract so much hostility from so many people, it was not a small ability.

“Immortal Venerable, actually, when husband and I first arrived on Taihong Star, we didnt do anything.” Although Zhao Hongci sat down, she was still respectful as she continued.

“In the first hundred years, he had actually been focused on cultivation.

Occasionally, he would integrate into the places where ordinary people lived and experience their lives.”

“According to him, this is called having no right to speak without an investigation.

After becoming a Limitless Golden Immortal, my husband began to truly take action.

The first thing he did was to create a martial technique that pointed straight at the Limitless Golden Immortal realm.”

“After establishing the martial technique, he gave out the cultivation method of the 12 realms of the Mortal Realm for free, giving everyone a chance to learn martial arts.”

“Then, he opened a Martial Dao Academy and recruited disciples on a large scale.

As long as one could cultivate the free martial cultivation technique to the Qi Transformation realm, they could apply to enter the Martial Dao Academy.”

“In the Martial Academy, not only will he teach more profound martial arts, but he will also instill some thoughts and ideals in the students, letting them understand that there is no barrier in pursuing the Dao just because one is from ordinary or even poor backgrounds.”

“Even the poorest people have the qualifications to learn basic martial cultivation.

After knowing their aptitude for martial cultivation, they have a chance to pursue a higher realm.”

“This caused many sects to lose their source of new disciples.

At the same time, martial cultivation became common, and cultivators became common.

Cultivators were no longer high and mighty.”

“To many sect martial artists, this situation is unacceptable.

Theyve long become used to the gazes of ordinary people looking up to them, and theyre also used to the so-callednoble status.

Naturally, they wont allow all of this to be destroyed.”

“Hence, conflicts were born.

Many disciples of the sects came to find trouble with the Martial Dao Academy, but they were all beaten back by my husband.

Instead, their reputation increased, and more and more people joined the Martial Dao Academy.”

“Actually, if its just these, although its enough to make many sects hate my husband, its not enough to make him the public enemy of most sects.”

“All of the trouble came from a class that my husband taught.

In this class, he simply described the Great Harmony World that he wanted to establish…”

At this point, Cui Heng already understood what was going on.

Clearly, the Mystic Palaces, Buddhist monasteries, and Immortal sects on Taihong Star were frightened by the concept of the Great Harmony World.

After all, according to the division of the Great Harmony World, 99% of them were destined to be hung on flagpoles.

Although Hong Fugui was only accumulating strength in reality and was far from being able to hang people on flagpoles, it was enough to make these people panic.

“Lil Fugui has a straightforward personality.

Some things are not suitable to be said before he really decides to do it.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and sighed.

“He revealed it too early.”

At this point, he paused and smiled.

“However, I wont let off anyone who dares to target him and suppress him, forcing him to


“Thank you, Immortal Venerable.” Zhao Hongci bowed respectfully and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

She had always been worried that Cui Heng would blame the Heaven Chapter Mystic Palace for not protecting Hong Fugui with all their might and let him leave.

Now that the dust seemed to have settled, she could finally relax.

“Theres no hurry to thank me.” Cui Heng looked outside and chuckled.

“I know that you didnt persuade Fugui to leave.

Why did you say that you did it Were you trying to take the blame for someone”

“Immortal Venerable, this…” Zhao Hongcis face turned pale when she heard this.

Extreme fear filled her heart, and she could not even speak.

“Lets talk about it when your father comes.” Cui Heng waved his hand.

Now, he had a better understanding of Hong Fuguis actions on Taihong Star.

As for who persuaded him to leave, it was just a minor detail and not worth caring about.


What he really cared about was Hong Fuguis final movements.

“Where did Fugui go after he left Taihong Star” Cui Heng asked.

“Do you know”

“Immortal Venerable, my husband once told me where he planned to go…” Zhao Hongci hurriedly said,” Thats a spatial passageway he accidentally discovered.

“As long as he passes through that spatial passageway, Hell be able to arrive at a starry sky where the nomological Dao runes are very different from this place.

Its very beneficial to increase his cultivation of the Myriad Techniques Return to One realm.”

“The nomological Dao runes are very different from this starry sky.

A spatial passageway” Cui Heng frowned when he heard this.



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