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Chapter 386 Creating the Heavens and Earth in a Leaf, Grasping The Entire Realm in the Palm (2)

This distance of 1,000 light years was because Cui Heng had not cultivated the Myriad Heavens Teleportation Immortal Incantation to the Soul Formation realm and it was still at the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

In the future, the range of teleportation would be better.

And being able to teleport meant that he could pull people in!

“Its done!” After Cui Heng finished making the large ball of light, he copied it and embedded it into the countless white jade squares that had just been opened.

“I have to say that its all thanks to reading so many novels in my previous life and gaining a lot of knowledge.

Otherwise, I might not have been able to think of such a method.

“The starting point is indeed the treasure of cultivation.”


Changyuan Star.

This was a planet with a low level of martial cultivation.

The strongest cultivator was only a Human Immortal.

A Human Immortal could become a supreme existence on this planet.

Even the ascension of an Emperor required the recognition of the Human Immortal.

However, this Human Immortal clearly did not want too many powerful forces to appear on Changyuan Star, so this living star that was only half the size of Daozhou Star was forcefully divided into more than 130 countries.

Many countries fought endlessly for territory, resources, people, and so on.

Every year, there were endless wars, and lives were lost.

On the streets of Yi County, Song Qi, who was covered in dirt and dressed in rags, was begging with a broken bowl.

He had not eaten for three days.

At the age of 17, this was a period where he needed to eat properly the most.

However, he was about to starve to death.

This was one of the most prosperous county cities in the south of Lu Country.

The people lived the most prosperous lives.

It was one of the few places in the world where ordinary people could eat two meals a day.

But even in such a place, Song Qi begged all morning and did not get anything.

Just as he thought that he could only starve to death, someone passed by him and looked at his unnaturally bent left leg with pity.

He sighed and said, “Take this and eat it.”

Song Qis left leg was crippled, which was why he couldnt work.

Clang! A steamed bun fell into the broken bowl and woke up Song Qi, who was about to faint.

“Steamed bun, its a steamed bun!” Song Qi immediately grabbed the steamed bun, but he didnt start eating it immediately.

Instead, he kowtowed repeatedly and thanked him.

“Thank you, Benefactor, thank you! In the future, Ill definitely repay your kindness!”

Although that person had left after throwing down the bun and he might not even hear Song Qis words, Song Qi had already deeply imprinted that persons voice and figure in his heart.

As long as he saw him again, he would definitely recognize him.

After wolfing down the bun, Song Qi finally regained some strength and lay on the ground, panting heavily.

Now, he was like a disheveled wild dog lying on the ground, but his eyes, covered by his weed-like hair, were shining brightly.

“I have to survive.

As long as I survive, I will have a chance to cure my leg, avenge my parents, and restore my country!”

Song Qi was not originally called Song Qi.

He was originally the Seventh Prince of Song Kingdom.

Three years ago, the Song Kingdom was destroyed by the Lu Kingdom.

Other than him, everyone else in the royal family had been slaughtered.

He had been living in exile for a long time.

If not for his resolve to take revenge and restore his country, he would have died long ago.

At this moment, Song Qi suddenly felt a light flash in front of his eyes, forming a light screen with words written on it.

“Do you want to change your fate”

Changing fate

Song Qi was stunned.

He said almost instinctively, “Yes, of course!”

In the next moment, endless light drowned him.


Divine Might Planet, Great Zhou, Azure Water Sword Pavilion.

Fang Yuluo sat cross-legged in her bedroom and cultivated.

She circulated the True Qi in her body and tried to open the Profound Gate between her brows to break through to a higher realm.

“Wu!” She suddenly let out a muffled groan, and her face turned as pale as paper.

She frowned slightly and opened her eyes.

She said dejectedly, “It still doesnt work.

I still havent broken through.

There are only two months left…”

This was a 16-year-old girl.

In her anxiety, tears welled up in her eyes as she muttered, “What should I do What should I do”

There were still two months before the sect examination.

If he could not break through to the Profound Gate Realm before that, she would be sent out to manage the sects businesses.

Many of the businesses of the Azure Water Sword Pavilion were profitable.

To ordinary people, it was definitely a great thing to be able to manage those businesses.

However, to someone like Fang Yuluo who wanted to pursue the peak of the Martial Dao, it was something that made her feel despair.

In the Azure Water Sword Pavilion, as long as one was sent out, it was equivalent to losing the possibility of advancing further in the Martial Dao.

One would never have the chance to see the mysteries of the Martial Dao.

Fang Yuluo had grown up listening to Jiang Caiyuns stories.

Jiang Caiyun was also the person she admired the most.

She had always wanted to become a woman like Jiang Caiyun who was dedicated to pursuing the Martial Dao.

It was with this mentality that she joined the Azure Water Sword Pavilion.

During this period, she worked very hard.

After entering the sect, Fang Yuluo was also very diligent in her cultivation.

She almost did not miss any free time and practiced martial arts desperately, wanting to improve.

However, the effect was not good.

“Is it because I started cultivation too late and missed the best age to establish my foundation…” Fang Yuluo sighed softly in her heart.” Or do I really not have the qualifications to pursue the Martial Dao Hmm, this is…”

At this moment, she suddenly saw a strange light screen appear in front of her.

There was actually a line of words on it.

“Do you want to change your fate”

“Yes, how can I not”

Fang Yuluo replied subconsciously.

Then, she felt the light curtain transform into countless gentle colors that instantly swallowed her.

Fang Yuluo felt countless strange images appear in front of her.

When these strange scenes dissipated, the world in front of her had already changed.


It was empty and silent.

This was a huge white jade square.

The ground was very flat, and golden clouds floated in the sky.

There were statues of rare beasts around, giving off the feeling of a paradise.

However, no one here had the heart to enjoy such a beautiful scene.

They were only shocked and puzzled, as well as indescribably stunned.

What was with the previous line of words

Why did they suddenly appear here after agreeing

And where was this

Was this the work of that Immortal God

Why did he do that

Song Qi hid behind a statue and carefully hid himself.

At this moment, he felt an unprecedented shock in his heart.

However, he did not feel the slightest fear.

At this moment, Song Qi was only excited, trembling all over.

He felt a voice roaring in his heart.

“Immortal encounter, this is an Immortal encounter! This is the legendary Immortal encounter!”

Fang Yuluos heart was also filled with shock.

She realized that there were two other people besides her, and all kinds of thoughts couldnt help but arise in her heart.

“I was originally in the disciple room of the Vast Water Sword Pavilion, but when I answered that question, I was instantly brought here.

Such a great divine power is probably already unbelievably powerful.

With my current realm, its impossible for me to resist.

Moreover, with my current realm, theres definitely nothing worth others plotting against me.

“Perhaps, this is really a huge opportunity for me, a huge opportunity that can change my fate!”


At this moment, other than Song Qi and Fang Yuluo, two other people were also looking around in disbelief.

Clang! At this moment, a bell suddenly rang, reaching the ears of everyone in the square and imprinting itself deeply in their minds.

Just the sound of the bell made them feel that their bodies and souls had been purified and cleansed.

This unprecedented feeling shocked Song Qi, Fang Yuluo, and the other two.

However, before they could think about the source of the bell, another dignified voice sounded out of thin air.

“Everyone, welcome to the Samsara World…”


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