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This sudden voice made Ren Ping wonder if he was hallucinating from being too sad.

Did he want his parents and wife to come back to life

Ren Ping muttered these words in his heart and turned to look at the corpses lying beside him.

Everything from his past life appeared before his eyes.

“I do, of course I do!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.

Before he could finish his sentence, Ren Ping heard another voice.

“You can recite the name of the god,Yellow-scarved Country Guardian God.

Pray for what you wish for and it will immediately come true.”

“Silent chanting of a gods name” Ren Ping was stunned when he heard that, and his eyes instinctively revealed suspicion.

Such a thing…

He had done it too many times before.

However, no matter how he called out to the Holy Mother of White Lotus, there was no response, nor would it help him at all.

Moreover, wasnt the reason why their family ended up in this state because of this so-called God

Now, there was a Yellow-scarved Country Guardian God

But why was it a Guardian God

Ren Ping was a little puzzled, but he was not in the mood to think too much now.

Even if this Guardian God was fake, what loss could he have

It was just a formality.

Hence, he followed his previous experience and chanted in his heart, “I pray for theYellow-scarved Country Guardian God to revive my parents, wife, and children!”


A loud bang appeared out of thin air.

The moment Ren Ping finished speaking, a golden light descended, causing the ground to tremble violently.

He vaguely saw a tall and burly figure in the golden light.

Then, five more golden lights flew down and wrapped around the corpses of Ren Pings wife, children, and parents.

They were carried out of the tomb with a very gentle force and floated in the air.

At this moment, he finally saw what the figure in the golden light looked like.

It was actually a huge burly man more than 30 feet tall.

He wore a yellow scarf and golden armor.

His skin was dark golden and his muscles were firm.

He stood there like a city wall.

“I am the Great Zhous Yellow-scarved Guardian God.

Im here on the orders of Emperor Feng to use my divine power.” The Yellow-scarved Guardian Gods voice was like thunder, shaking the surroundings.

Then, he looked at the four corpses.

He raised his right hand and flicked his finger.

Immediately, four scarlet lights flew out and landed on the four corpses.

In the blink of an eye, the corpses that had lost their vitality regained a trace of life.

Their dissipating souls were also gathered by a powerful suction force and condensed into complete souls that returned to the bodies.

Soon, the four cold corpses became warm again.

Their chests, which had stopped breathing, began to rise and fall again, and their hearts, which had been motionless for a long time, began to beat again.

Under Ren Pings incomparably shocked gaze, he saw his dead parents, wife, and children regain their vitality.

They were lying in the air, breathing evenly, and their faces were flushed as if they had fallen asleep.

“Theyre alive, theyre alive, theyre really alive!” Ren Ping laughed loudly, and an abnormal redness appeared on his face, as if it was filled with blood.

At this moment, he felt that he had walked out of his most desperate state.

His entire body could not help but tremble, and he was extremely excited.

Soon, the golden light dissipated, and Ren Pingpings parents, wife, and children slowly landed on the ground.

Then, Ren Ping saw his wife, child, and parents wake up from their sleep and slowly open their eyes.

Their eyes were filled with confusion as they looked around before finally focusing on Ren Ping.

“Son, whats going on Didnt we already…”

“Husband, whats going on with me I remember that Liner and I were clearly killed.”

“Daddy, Daddy! I missed you so much.

Youre finally back.

I think I was cut down earlier.

It hurts!”

The few people asked in unison.

This dazed feeling even made them ignore the Yellow-scarved Country Guardian God standing at the side.

“Father, Mother, Axiu, Liner, its like this.

It was this Exalted God who saved you.” Ren Ping hurriedly pulled the four of them to kowtow to the Yellow-scarved Guardian God.

“Thank you for saving our lives, Exalted God!

“From now on, our family will definitely do our best to worship your Deity Position and contribute the purest faith.

We will never have any ulterior motives, let alone believe in any other gods.”

The other four people roughly understood what was going on and hurriedly shouted, “Thank you, Exalted God, for saving our lives.

Thank you, Exalted God, for saving our lives.

We will definitely do our best to worship you and not believe in other gods to repay your kindness.”

In the understanding of Divine Might Star, if a person received divine grace, they had to forever worship this god.

Otherwise, they would betray the god and be abandoned by the god, becoming a sinner who would suffer a horrible death.

Although Ren Ping and his family sincerely wanted to worship the Yellow-scarved Country Guardian God, there was still this element in their promise.

But then, something incomprehensible happened.

“No, no.” The Yellow-scarved Protector God waved his hand and refused.

“Dont worship me with the Deity Position, and theres no need to promise not to believe in other gods.

This will cause me to be punished by His Majesty.

You only need to share your experiences.

If youre persecuted while sharing, you can also recite my divine name for help.

Now that your wish has been achieved, its time for me to return and report to His Majesty.”

With that, he turned into a golden light and soared into the sky, disappearing without a trace.

Ren Ping and his family were left looking at each other.

What, what was going on

How could there be a god who did not want peoples faith and did not prohibit people from believing in other gods

It was simply unheard of.

“Husband, did I hear wrongly just now” AXiu could not help but ask Ren Ping beside her, “That god just now shouldnt be under the Holy Mother of White Lotus, right”

“Who does the Holy Mother of White Lotus think she is How can she be compared to this god” Ren Ping was instantly furious.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Father, Mother, AXiu, Liner, remember

The one who saved us was the Great Zhous Yellow-scarved Guardian God.

It has nothing to do with that bullsh*t Goddess of White Lotus.

It was the Goddess of White Lotuss fake preaching that harmed our family and caused your tragic deaths!”

The few of them nodded in agreement.

“Yes, well remember this.

It was the Great Zhous Yellow-scarved Guardian God who saved us!”

“Dont worry, husband.

We already know the true face of the Holy Mother of White Lotus.

We will never believe in her again.”

“Father, if this god doesnt let us establish a Deity Position, how can we worship him” “Didnt the Exalted God already say that he wanted us to share our experience this time” Ren Ping said solemnly.

“From tomorrow onwards, well go everywhere to publicize Exalted Gods deeds.

This is the best offering!”


… .

After the Yellow-scarved Guardian God left Ren Pings side, he flew straight to the moon of Divine Might Planet.

He had already been raised to the Mid-stage Nascent Soul realm, so he arrived very quickly.

On this moon, a palace had appeared at some point.

Beside it was a huge flying ship.

It was clearly the huge flying ship that Cui Heng had personally refined.

The Yellow-scarved Guardian God knelt down in front of the palace and said respectfully, “Yellow-scarved Strongman has returned from his mission.

Greetings, Immortal Venerable!”


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