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Zhou Juntian had a connection with the Heaven Realm

Cui Heng fell into deep thought when he heard this.

This news really surprised him, but when he thought about it carefully, it seemed reasonable.

The disciple of the Purple Sun Heaven Lord, Zhou Juntian, and the last Ascender before the Purple Sun Heaven collapsed were most likely the same person.

According to the Purple Sun Realm, this ascended Zhou Juntian was quite related to the collapse of the Purple Sun Heaven.

However, be it the Zhou Juntian, who was a Dao Lord, or the Zhou Juntian who had ascended to the Purple Sun Heaven, it was impossible for them to cause the destruction of the Heaven Realm.

But if Zhou Juntian was related to the Heaven Realm, it was indeed possible.

“This Heaven Realm is really mysterious.” Cui Heng thought to himself, “Moreover, its incomparably powerful.

However, such an extremely huge organization or place actually disappeared into thin air… As expected, I have to break through to the Soul Formation realm as soon as possible.

Otherwise, its too unsafe.”

Then, he asked Ding Qiuhuang, “How did the rumors about Zhou Juntians connection with the Heaven Realm spread Also, what do you know about him”

“Please forgive me, Exalted Immortal.

This connection is only a rumor.

I dont know about it.” Ding Qiuhuang shook his head and said, “However, Ive met him once and know some things about him.”

“Speak.” Cui Heng nodded and smiled.

“That was 320,000 years ago,” Ding Qiuhuang explained.

“At that time, as the disciple of Heaven Lord Purple Sun, Zhou Juntian summoned all the Sage Kings under his jurisdiction to Purple Sun Heaven to discuss the governance of the myriad worlds.

That was the time I saw Zhou Juntian.

That was also the only time I went to the Purple Sun Heaven.

At that time, Zhou Juntian was in high spirits and was completely in a privileged state.

In the entire Purple Sun Heaven, other than his master, Heaven Lord Purple Sun, no one could compare to him.

That was what everyone who saw him thought.

Later on, I heard that he followed Heaven Lord Purple Sun to attack a Heavenly Domain.

After an intense battle, they obtained a complete victory.

Zhou Juntian contributed the most.

This made Zhou Juntians position in Purple Sun Heaven even more stable, and it also made more people worship him.

Many people thought that he was the Dao Lord with the greatest hope of becoming the leader of Purple Sun Heaven after Heaven Lord Purple Sun passed away.

However, not long after, there was news that he had been chased out of the sect by Heaven Lord Purple Sun.

There were also rumors that were even more serious.

They said that he had been stripped of his Dao Body and his realm as a Dao Lord had dropped.

He was later exiled to the myriad worlds.

Its said that they even forcefully imprisoned his soul, causing him to fall into a trance after reincarnation.

Later on, it took thousands of years for him to awaken his previous lifes memories.”

Clearly, his understanding of Zhou Juntian and some of his deeds came from rumors.

They might not be true.

However, even this level of information was enough for Cui Heng to use as a reference.

He said in a low voice, “Lets not talk about the authenticity of the rumors.

What we can confirm is that before that battle, Zhou Juntian should have been very valued by Heaven Lord Purple Sun.”

“Yes.” Ding Qiuhuang nodded and said, “Heaven Lord Purple Suns most valued disciple was Zhou Juntian.

Almost everyone in the starry skies of the myriad worlds at that time knew about him.

This is also the reason why many people treated the rumors as fake news.

In the past, Zhou Juntian was too important.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that he was completely nurtured as a successor.

But no one expected such a huge change to happen in the end.

Im afraid only those who experienced it back then can explain what happened.”

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and said, “However, its also possible that there was already a conflict long ago, and it erupted after they attacked the other Heavenly Domains.”

He believed some of the rumors.

This was because it could clearly explain why Zhou Juntian cared about his fellow disciples and family members in this life, and also why he, as a Dao Lord, still needed to take the path of ascension to go to the Purple Sun Heaven.

However, the truth after this series of events was still a blur.

There were no clues.

At the very least, he would not be able to get anything out of Ding Qiuhuang.

Hence, after thinking for a while, Cui Heng did not continue asking.

Instead, he smiled and said, “What plans do you have Do you intend to continue staying in the Plague Imperial Palace”

“As long as Exalted Immortal doesnt expel me, I plan to continue cultivating the World-Avoiding Longevity Art here,” Ding Qiuhuang said respectfully.

“This is the realm you manage.

Its definitely the safest place in the myriad worlds.”

“Thats fine too.” Cui Heng nodded and smiled.

“As long as you dont do anything evil, this place wont expel you.”

“Thank you, Exalted Immortal!” Ding Qiuhuang kowtowed extremely respectfully.

However, when he looked up, he realized that Cui Heng had already disappeared and left the Plague Imperial Palace.

Seeing this scene, Ding Qiuhuang subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief and sat on the ground.

After a while, he regained his senses and felt as if he had experienced a dream.

In an era where even a Creator-realm cultivator was rare, such a powerful existence actually appeared.

It was simply unbelievable!

“Ancestral Master…” At this moment, Zhu Changsheng, who had been standing at the side and did not even dare to speak, finally spoke up and asked,” What should we do next ”

“What should we do” Ding Qiuhuang glared at Zhu Changsheng and said, “Follow Exalted Immortals thoughts wholeheartedly and cooperate with all the actions of the Wu Dynasty at all costs.

Do you understand”

“I understand, of course I understand!” Zhu Changsheng nodded repeatedly and said, “Patriarch, this is actually my plan as well.”

However, Ding Qiuhuang had always felt that the Plague Imperial Palace should not be so cooperative.

Now, he would cooperate fully, at all costs.

… .

There was a saying that the unintended willows would grow into shade.

Cui Hengs intention of going to the Plague Imperial Palace was not to force them to cooperate with the Wu Dynastys plan, but he had achieved this effect.

In the next many years, when the Wu Dynasty expanded, the people from the Plague Imperial Palace would take the lead.

It could be said that they were risking their lives.

However, Cui Heng did not see such a scene.

After leaving the Plague Imperial Palace, he stayed in the Five Views Realm for a period of time.

He did not only stay on Chongyang Star, but he also personally investigated the other four planets.

This was to verify if the order of the Five Views Realm still met his cultivation requirements.

After confirming that there were no mistakes, Cui Heng left the Five Views Realm with Li Mingqiong, Zheng Nanxun, Hui Shi, Lu Zhengming, Zhao Guang, Liu Litao, Chen Tang, Mingzhen, and the others.

As he did not leave any spiritual guidance in the Purple Sun Realm, he could not use the Myriad Heavens Teleportation Immortal Incantation to go over.

He could only take out his specially-made huge flying ship.

Then, he quickly flew towards the Purple Sun Realm.

… .

The distance from Chongyang Star to the Purple Sun Realm was still very far.

It was a hundred times the distance from Daozhou Star to Chongyang Star.

Ordinary flying shuttles would take more than 10,000 years to cross the distance.

Even the huge flying ship refined by Cui Heng would take 300 to 500 years.

This was also not a short time.

After recognizing this situation, Cui Heng clearly let everyone understand that in the face of the universe, everything else was insignificant.

Fortunately, they passed by many realms and starry sky along the way, and many of them had already developed to a certain extent.

Hence, Cui Heng borrowed a few teleportation arrays to shorten the time to reach the Purple Sun Realm.

20 years passed in the blink of an eye.

… .

Divine Might Planet of the Purple Sun Realm.

This was the most special and weakest of the three main planets in the Purple Sun Realm.

It was also the most chaotic planet.

The White Lotus Lifeless Sect ruled Divine Might Planet, and everyone on Divine Might Planet respected the White Lotus Goddess as their Divine Lord.

However, because the people of different groups had different understandings of the Holy Mother of White Lotus, thousands of different factions were born under the same faith.

They were enemies and fought against each other…

Therefore, the Divine Might Planet was in conflict and battle almost every day.

Ren Pings former faith was incomparably pious.

He had once firmly believed that the Goddess of White Lotus would save this chaotic world.

One day, a miracle would descend, allowing this chaotic planet to return to order and become safe again.

However, after seeing with his own eyes that his parents, wife, and children were killed by someone who also believed in the Mother of White Lotus, the faith in his heart directly collapsed.

Looking at the corpses of his parents, wife, and children, Ren Ping had deep doubts in his heart.

Why did they have to do such a cruel thing just because they had different understandings of the Holy Mother of White Lotus

Why was that

If the Holy Mother of White Lotus was really benevolent, if the White Lotus Lifeless Sect really wanted to restore order and safety to Divine Might Planet, why didnt they care about this chaos

In the past, when his faith was firm, Ren Ping would subconsciously ignore these problems.

But now, as his faith collapsed, the doubts in his mind began to appear one after another.

The more doubts he had, the more questions he had about the Goddess.

However, what followed was a deep sense of confusion.

His parents, wife, and children were already dead.

What should he do next

What was the point of living

“The Holy Mother of White Lotus was probably fake from the beginning.”

In his despair, Ren Ping made a guess that he thought was a little treasonous in the past.

However, he increasingly felt that his guess was very correct.

But it was too late to understand this now.

The dead could not be resurrected.

Ren Ping sat there in a daze for a while.

Finally, he stood up with lifeless eyes and began to prepare the graves to send his family to rest.

After the grave was dug, he carefully placed his parents, wife, and children inside.

Then, Ren Ping lay down beside the corpses of his parents and wife and stared blankly at the blue sky.

At this moment, he suddenly saw a golden meteor cut through the sky.

At the same time, a gentle voice appeared in his ear and asked him a question.

“Do you want your parents and family to come back to life”


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