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“Alright.” Shen Baisheng nodded and did not say anything else.

Then, he left the White Sacred Palace.

The banquet was held in Chaoyuan Hall.

This was one of the most magnificent palaces in the Great Wei Imperial Palace.

It was used to hold grand celebrations and banquets.

When Shen Baisheng arrived, the civil and military officials had already arrived.

The Golden Immortal sent by the Immortal Dawn Sect had also taken his seat.

Only Emperor Changwu and the Empress had yet to arrive.

It was normal for the Empress to be the last to enter.

After Shen Baisheng bowed to the officials, he sat down and looked at the Golden Immortal from the Immortal Dawn Sect.

“Hes really only a Golden Immortal, and hes very young.

Hes probably not more than 400 years old.” He thought to himself, “After the Myriad Dawn Sword Immortal came to the Purple Sun Realm, she became a Heaven Monarch in one year, a Mystic Deity in three years, and broke through to the Golden Immortal realm in five years.

Her cultivation is so fast, and the disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect are also so young.

There must be something special about her inheritance.

I have to take this opportunity to obtain it.

This kind of extremely fast cultivation martial technique is extremely beneficial to our Lifeless Sect.

If I can obtain the Sect Masters recognition, I have a chance to become a Sage King.”

This time, the person the Immortal Dawn Sect sent was Liu Yiyun.

She was Jiang Qiqis grand-disciple.

She had already cultivated the Immortal Dawn Sword Art to the peak of the Golden Immortal realm and was only one step away from the Limitless Golden Immortal realm.

She was one of the strongest experts of the Immortal Dawn Sect.

As Shen Baisheng sized her up, she was also sizing up this “outsider”.

The Immortal Dawn Sect was related to the Hong River Water God and Huo San.

Therefore, they had long known about Shen Baisheng and the other outsiders.

However, it was only after they met Cui Heng that they knew that this group of people came from the Purple Sun Realm that called themselves an Immortal World.

“What a powerful aura.

Hes probably even stronger than a Limitless Golden Immortal.

A Sage at the Myriad Techniques Return to One realm” Liu Yiyun estimated Shen Baishengs realm and thought to herself, “However, this is probably not the fish that Ancestral Grandmaster wants to catch.”

A mere Sage was not enough.

The two of them did not communicate directly during the entire banquet.

They were only sizing each other up.

After the banquet ended, Liu Yiyun was led by an inner court official to an elegant garden.

This was the Imperial Garden in the Great Wei Imperial Palace.

It was where the Emperor spent his leisure time.

At this moment, Emperor Changwu, Wang Chen, and Shen Baisheng were already waiting here.

However, Wang Chen only sat in the pavilion with his eyes closed.

Clearly, he was only here as a witness and did not intend to directly participate in their conversation.

“Greetings, Fairy Liu.” Shen Baisheng took the initiative to cup his hands and bowed.

His attitude was very kind.

“Daoist Shen, theres no need to be so polite.” Liu Yiyun shook her head gently and smiled.

“Im a straightforward person and dont like to beat around the bush.

Daoist Shen, you went through so much trouble to get His Majesty to host a banquet.

In the end, you invited me over.

Why dont you just say whatever is on your mind”

“…” Shen Baisheng obviously did not expect Liu Yiyun to be so direct.

After thinking for a moment, he said in a low voice, “In that case, I wont beat around the bush.

May I ask Fairy Liu, how much is your sects Immortal Dawn Sword Art”

“What did you say!” Liu Yiyun put on a stunned expression, but her heart was as calm as water.

She had long expected this.

The Immortal Dawn Sect could only attract these outsiders because of its special cultivation method, which was the Immortal Dawn Sword Art.

The Immortal Dawn Sword Art was neither a martial path nor an Immortal cultivation technique.

Instead, it was a new path that combined the two.

In terms of realm division, it referenced the Martial Dao, but the power cultivated was closer to Dharmic powers.

Therefore, the strength of the cultivators who took this path far exceeded martial artists of the same level.

Their cultivation speed was also extremely fast.

Usually, it would not take more than 500 years to break through to the Golden Immortal realm.

“Fairy has already become a Golden Immortal and is only one step away from becoming a Limitless Golden Immortal, right” Shen Baisheng said in a low voice.

“But this step is like a natural chasm.

I dont know when you can cross it.

As long as you can hand over the portion of the Immortal Dawn Sword Art from the First Realm of the Mortal Realm to the Third Realm of the Immortal Realm, we can give you a Limitless Immortal Pill.

After consuming it, you can become a Limitless Golden Immortal.

Fairy, dont worry.

We can guarantee that no outsiders will know about this.

We will definitely not spread the Immortal Dawn Sword Art.

Well only use it as a reference.”

“Why should I believe you” Liu Yiyun sneered.

“Then how can I make you believe me” Shen Baishengs eyes lit up when he heard this.

He was not directly rejected, which meant that there was hope of success.

“Get the person behind you to personally hand it over to me.

I want his promise,” Liu Yiyun said in a low voice.

“A pill that can make me a Limitless Golden Immortal is not something you can take out, right”

“This…” Shen Baishengs expression froze when he heard this.

He frowned and said, “I need to confirm it.”

Then, he sat cross-legged with his eyes closed and floated in the air, pretending to sense a certain existence.

In reality, he had communicated with the Sage King Spirit Seal in his mind and contacted the Sage King.

On this dangerous Star of Original Sin, one had to know how to pretend to be kind and gentle no matter what they did.

Otherwise, the consequences might be unimaginable.

After all, this was a terrifying place with two Creators!

If not for the fact that they were afraid of Huo San and the Hong River Water God, they would not have carefully planned and bided their time for 50 years.

… .

White Star.

The grayish-white ground was filled with craters caused by meteors.


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