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In the sky above Chongyang Star there was dense purple-gold Qi, and countless shadows could be seen.

Some of the shadows were filled with the aura of rot and death, while some were filled with light and compassion.

There were also some shadows that were of Buddhist chants, some of fairies scattering flowers, and some of trash.

There were also some pavilions covered in vaguely seen Immortal Qi, and some sinister and dark shadows like hell…

These shadows were not just images.

They were also intertwined with billions of laws and the endless Great Dao.

They symbolizes the end of a certain path,and also the source of a certain path.

They contained the mysteries of the Immortal World.

This was the Heavens!

This was also an unknown place that living beings below the level of a Creator could not see under normal circumstances.

The Heavens existed beyond the boundless sky, and was invisible!

Even to the Sage Kings who had reached the end of the Seventh Realm and were already at the Requesting Realm, the Heavens were still a mysterious existence.

This was especially the case for the starry skies of the myriad worlds under Purple Sun Heaven.

No one had seen the Heavens for hundreds of thousands of years already.

But now, the Heavens were actually forcefully displayed in front of everyone on Chongyang Star in this manner.

The mysteries that symbolizes the source of the Great Dao laws were displayed in front of all living beings.

As long as one could comprehend a little bit of its mysteries, it was enough to sublimate his life essence.

This caused countless martial artists or ordinary people who had yet to step into the Xiantian realm to directly become Human Immortals.

Those who had already stepped into the Immortal World realm also broke through.

There were even many Sages who had an epiphany on the spot after seeing the secrets of the Heavens and became Sage Kings.

There were at least a hundred Sages on Chongyang Star, and more than a dozen of them had some comprehension.

This directly made the Five Views Realm suddenly gain more than a dozen Saint Kings.

The situation was about to change drastically again.

At this moment, all the living beings on Chongyang Star knelt down and worshiped.

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Even Mingzhen, who was still being suppressed, knelt on the ground.

There was only the thought of kowtowing in his heart.

Other than that, there was nothing else.

In addition, the essence of the Heaven Earth Origin Qi on Chongyang Star also began to sublimate.

Under the influence of the appearance of the heavens, even the most ordinary Heaven Earth Origin Qi contained clear nomological power.

This also meant that from now on, even if one just breathed in and out Heaven Earth Origin Qi step by step, he could naturally use the power of laws to refine his body.

Just by breathing normally, one could be tempered by the power of laws.

Not only humans, but animals and even plants would also obtain the opportunity to temper their bodies with laws.

Even if they had completely different cultivation methods, they might still possess powerful strength or develop intelligence that surpassed their original form.

Chongyang Star would begin an era where myriad things could form a spirit.

This was all the change brought about by the phenomena of the manifestation of the Heavens.

At the same time, an extremely huge change happened outside Chongyang Star.

If one stood in the starry sky of the universe, they could clearly see that the entire Chongyang Star had become pitch-black, as if it had become a huge black hole that would absorb everything as it floated in the dark and deep void.

Matter, energy, Dharma and Logos, Dao runes, and other things that roamed the starry sky were all sucked into the pitch-black Chongyang Star.

This incomparably huge force even caused the moon that was spinning around Chongyang Star to begin to tremble, almost falling towards Chongyang Star.

In the starry sky where Chongyang Star was, there were also some wonderful changes.

The light of the sun in the center flickered.

The two planets closest to Chongyang Star also produced an extremely violent earthquake.

Even the orbit around the sun was slightly diverted.

The phenomenon in the outside world was already world-shaking.

Cui Hengs body underwent a tremendous change.

When his Nascent Soul grew to the height of an adult, his body also underwent a qualitative change.

The pure Yang Dharmic powers from his Nascent Soul completely transformed his body into pure Yang essence, washing away all the Yin characteristics, causing his entire body to sublimate to the extreme, and his lifespan to increase exponentially.

Extending lifespan by 129,600 years!

There was no need to mention the increase in Dharmic powers and the strength of his body.

The increase in strength alone was already indescribable.

The changes brought about by the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm were more in terms of ability and characteristics.

At the same time that Cui Heng broke through to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm, the Purple Mansion Golden Hall in his Niwan Palace condensed and completely descended into reality.

This was an indestructible Dharma treasure that reflected the essence of a Peak Nascent Soul cultivator.

While it possessed extremely powerful might, it also possessed the characteristics of being indestructible with a True Spirit.

As long as the True Spirit was not destroyed, the Purple Mansion Golden Hall would not be destroyed.

This also meant that even if Cui Heng encountered a Soul Formation expert and his Nascent Soul was destroyed, leaving only his True Spirit to undergo reincarnation, the Purple Mansion Golden Hall would still exist.

With the power of the Purple Mansion Golden Hall, after his rebirth, he could recover to his original cultivation realm at an extremely fast speed.

It would take him at most eight to ten years, and at least three to five years.

This meant that unless an Origin Returning Realm big shot appeared to completely destroy his True Spirit, it was meaningless to simply destroy a Peak Nascent Soul cultivators body and Nascent Soul.

When the Purple Mansion Golden Hall appeared in reality, it also gave Cui Heng, who was at the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm, a new divine power—Illusory Descent!

Even if it was just an illusory existence or a historical thing that had long been lost for countless years, as long as it was something he knew, had enough understanding of, and could construct a nomological Dao rune carrier that matched its existence, he could let it descend into reality.

This was different from illusions.

As long as the nomological Dao runes carrier he constructed did not collapse, the illusory objects or scenes that descended into reality would always exist, just like reality.

However, due to his cultivation realm, he could only materialize a planet the size of Daozhou Star at most.

From this perspective, a Peak Nascent Soul cultivator could completely construct an illusory planet with a clear history and specific figures.

In the eyes of the outside world, all of this was real.

In contrast, Peak Nascent Soul cultivators also had the ability to see through all illusions.

Any fake item could not hide in front of the Nascent Souls Dharma Eyes.

No matter how strong the methods or realm were, they could not hide from this pair of eyes oftruth.

Unless it exceeded the realms described in the Primary Grade Immortal Technique.

“This is only the peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

What kind of realm is the Soul Formation realm” Cui Heng muttered.

At the same time, he slowly restrained his Dharmic powers and let the phenomenon of the Dao Validation outside gradually calm down.

Then, he raised his head slightly and looked at the sky.

It was as if he could see the boundless universe.

Suddenly, an inexplicable sense of loneliness surged in his heart.

He felt that in the myriad worlds and endless starry sky, there was no longer a companion.

The path ahead was dark, as if he was the only one walking on it.

This feeling of loneliness was only a subtle feeling, but it quickly swelled to an extremely huge extent, directly filling Cui Hengs mind and covering all his emotions.

One baffling thought after another appeared in his mind.

Since he was so lonely and had no one to accompany him, why should he still take this path

Even if he could obtain eternal life in the end, what was the difference between that and those ignorant laws

Is this the path you pursue

Is this the state of life you want

Is this kind of eternal loneliness without anyone by your side something you want

In front of him was a pitch-black unknown.

There was no one accompanying him.

If he continued, he might not be able to achieve anything and might even die in loneliness.

Peak Nascent Soul cultivators were already Immortals.

Even if their lifespan was exhausted, they could still reincarnate and recover their cultivation quickly.

This was already an eternal life form.

After cultivating so hard until now, he had finally obtained eternal life.

Shouldnt he enjoy it

There was really no need to advance anymore.

“Ridiculous! How can I give up on improvement just after reaching this level!” Cui Heng suddenly shouted in a low voice, banishing these messy thoughts from his mind.

He frowned and said, “What was that just now A mental demon!”

This was a situation he had never encountered in his previous cultivation.

He had just broken through to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

He should have been in high spirits and motivated with a fighting spirit, but he actually started feeling self-doubt.

It was too strange.

With his current cultivation realm, he had already completely controlled his body and soul.

He was certain that his thoughts just now were not affected by any external forces.

This was an emotion that came completely from himself.

“Or could it be that reaching the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm is actually reaching a certain threshold of instinct, and Ill naturally be dissuaded by myself” Cui Heng frowned and pondered, but he really had no idea.

“After Im done dealing with the matters outside, Ill exchange for the Primary Grade Immortal Technique again to see if theres any relevant analysis.

Its also time to understand the method to break through to the Soul Formation realm.”

Then, he took a step forward and instantly arrived at the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect in Luling City.

At this moment, Li Cheng and Hui Shi had just woken up from the influence of the manifestation of the Heavens.

Hui Shi had already become a Sage King, and Li Cheng had also broken through to the Sage realm.

“Greetings, Immortal Venerable!”

“Greetings, Sir!”

Li Cheng and Hui Shi immediately knelt down and bowed to Cui Heng.

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and looked around.

He chuckled and said, “Looks like Qingshu hasnt returned yet”

“Sir, Brother Pei should have gone to the Golden Cloud Realm,” Hui Shi reported.

“In addition, before you broke through, a message was sent from Xiang Baili from the shop in Hundred Sage City.

He said that there are three very strange people.

One of them is a Sage King and hes quite concerned about the news of the Golden Cloud Realm.”

As he spoke, he took out a jade token.

A light screen appeared, displaying the scene of the Hong brothers and Ninth Uncle in the shop.

“These two young people…” Cui Heng noticed their appearances and thought for a moment.” Send an invitation and invite them to the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect as guests.

Remember to be polite.

Then, a bright silver light suddenly lit up under his feet.

It was as if a galaxy formed by countless starlight had gathered and disappeared into thin air with him.

In the next moment, Cui Heng arrived in the starry sky of the Golden Cloud Realm with the spiritual guidance he had asked Pei Qingshu to bring.

In the distance, the green and red lights collided violently.

Clearly, the battle was still ongoing.


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