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“This key…!”

Zhu Changshengs eyes widened when he saw the key.

His entire body trembled as he said excitedly, “So it hasnt been lost.

It has always been here, hahaha!!”

He threw his head back and laughed.

As he laughed, two streams of tears flowed down his face.

It was as if someone who had lost all his fortune and lived a hard life for many years had suddenly found all his assets again.

This joy and mood were really difficult to describe with words.

It was too comfortable!

Cui Heng looked at Zhu Changsheng from the side.

After the latter finished venting his emotions, he smiled and continued to ask, “Looks like Sect Master Zhu knows this key.”

“Yes, yes, of course I know it.

Our Plague Imperial Palace has been looking for it for 120,000 years.” Zhu Changsheng stared at the key and said with a trembling voice, “This is the fundamental inheritance of the Plague Imperial Palace.

“Exalted Immortal, its like this.

This key is recorded in our sects books.

Its a secret key to the Immortal Phoenix Treasure Vault.

This treasure vault is hidden in the void, and only this secret key can open it.

The treasure vault contains copies of all the inheritance books of the Plague Imperial Palace, as well as the Sage King Armaments held by the first generation Ancestral Master.

Its to prevent the sect from losing its inheritance after suffering a calamity one day.

“120,000 years ago, the Plague Imperial Palace suffered a great calamity.

After several twists and turns, they finally escaped to Chongyang Star.

However, along the way, they also lost countless inheritances.

Their only hope is this secret key.

However, when the ancestors settled down, they realized that this secret key had already disappeared.

No one knew where it had been lost.

For this reason, the entire Plague Imperial Palace had been searching for it for 120,000 years.

I just didnt expect it to be in the Thousand Plague Umbrella all along.

It was never actually lost…”

At this point, Zhu Changsheng could only sigh.

The inheritance books of the Plague Imperial Palace were not just martial arts manuals.

There were also studies on bypassing the Immortal True Essence to cultivate an Immortal Body, as well as many research concepts and directions.

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If they had obtained all of this 120,000 years ago, they would not have had to take so many detours.

Perhaps they would have already developed a perfect method by now.

However, although Zhu Changsheng sighed, he understood that there was no use thinking like this.

Even if they had long known that this treasure vault key was in the Thousand Plague Umbrella, a Sage Armament like the Thousand Plague Umbrella was too strong.

It was impossible to destroy it with the power of a Sage.

Since they could not destroy it, they naturally could not obtain the treasure vault key inside.

“To place such an important thing in a Sage Armament, those ancestors of your Plague Imperial Palace are really good at hiding things.” Cui Heng nodded and smiled.

“However, since its a secret key to the treasure vault, why would it need to absorb Ye Hans essence energy”

When he obtained this key, he thought that it was because this key was relatively special and could absorb life essence, but he quickly realized that this key was not like that.

It seemed to only absorb Ye Hans essence.

“Perhaps Ye Hans special physique is related to our sects inheritance” Zhu Changsheng clearly did not know what was going on and could only guess.

However, he quickly thought of a way to obtain the answer.

“Exalted Immortal, I cant figure out this matter because the inheritance of my Plague Imperial Palace is incomplete.

As long as I use this secret key to open the treasure vault, I can obtain many copies of inheritance books.

Perhaps there will be relevant records or descriptions inside.”

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and placed the key in Zhu Changshengs hand.

He smiled and said, “Then Ill give you a mission.

Use this key to bring out the complete inheritance of your Plague Imperial Palace.”

“…” Zhu Changsheng immediately trembled.

He first looked at the key in his hand in disbelief, then looked at Cui Heng in extreme shock.

“Exalted Immortal, this, this secret key is already yours.”

“Thats right, this is mine.” Cui Heng nodded and did not deny it.

He continued, “Thats why I asked you to help me open the treasure vault and bring out the books inside.

Is there a problem”

“But this, this…” Zhu Changsheng still found it very unbelievable, so he simply said, “What if I leave with this key and never come back”

In his opinion, this secret key was a priceless treasure.

With this secret key, he could obtain the most complete inheritance of the Plague Imperial Palace and the Sage King Armament.

He could completely go to another planet after obtaining these “treasures”.

Then, he could hide his identity and change his appearance and establish another sect.

“You can do that.” Cui Heng actually nodded, but he said to Zhu Changsheng with a faint smile, “But do you dare to do this Is it worth it”

This time, Zhu Changsheng was silent.

He had already seen how powerful Cui Heng was.

This was at least a Seventh Realm Creator, or an even stronger and more unbelievable existence.

Would he dare to offend such a person

Was it worth offending such an existence for a moment of stability

The answer was obvious.

“Thank you, Exalted Immortal.” Zhu Changsheng knelt on the ground, holding the secret key with both hands.

He bowed respectfully to Cui Heng and said loudly, “I wont let you down.

Ill bring back the complete inheritance of the Plague Imperial Palace!”

“Go.” Cui Heng nodded and smiled.

“However, before that, I want to see the current books in your Plague Imperial Palace.”

“Ill organize them now and bring them to you as quickly as possible,” Zhu Changsheng said seriously.

… .

As the secret realm treasure vault of the Plague Imperial Palace was not on Chongyang Star, Zhu Changsheng left the planet after sorting out the existing books of the Plague Imperial Palace for Cui Heng.

At the same time that he left Chongyang Star, a Sage King concealed his aura and sneaked in silently, arriving in Luling City.

It was Mingzhen.

It had been nearly half a month since the previous “Holy War”.

The effects of the war were slowly fading, but there were still people discussing it.

Especially when facing outsiders, the people in Luling City spoke even more confidently, as if they were standing beside the three Sages to watch the battle.

When Mingzhen heard the discussions of these commoners, he frowned.

He heard the words “Foreign Sage” and thought to himself, “I was wondering why Li Quan suddenly revealed the secrets about the Purple Sun Mystic Realm.

It turns out that he has a trustworthy backer.

Unfortunately, no matter how strong a backer he has, they are not as powerful as me.

A Sage from who knows where dares to gather the hearts of the people in such a place.

Hes really tired of living.

However, this is normal.

For many years, those who can reach the Sage realm in the starry sky are as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns.

Many people dont even know about the existence of Sage Kings.

Its inevitable that there will be some people who dont know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

Although Ming Zhen thought so in his heart, he was actually relatively cautious.

He did not enter Luling City directly.

Instead, he planned to capture someone to ask about the true situation in the city and the true strength of “Immortal Cui”.

As for alerting the enemy, Mingzhen did not think that he would alarm anyone.

In his opinion, as a Sage King at the Peak of the Sixth Realm, if he controlled one or two Limitless Golden Immortals to interrogate for information, it would be like casually grabbing two ants.

It would not alarm anyone at all.

To Mingzhen, this was already an extremely cautious move.

If not for the fact that he still had some scruples about the Chongyang Star God, who was also at the Peak of the Sixth Realm, he would have long entered and barged in.

He would not be as “cautious” as now.

Coincidentally, at this moment, a Limitless Golden Immortal rushed back from afar.

He had just finished dealing with the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect and was about to report the situation to Cui Heng.

Mingzhen stood in the crowd.

When he saw this Limitless Golden Immortal, his eyes lit up, and he thought to himself, “I didnt expect to encounter a Limitless Golden Immortal so easily.

This person is not bad.

Ill start with him then.”

Then, his power seeped out of his body and instantly distorted the surrounding laws, causing everyone present to ignore his existence.

At the same time, he stretched out his palm and grabbed at the young Limitless Golden Immortal who had just returned.



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