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Chapter 257 Heavens Fragment, Purple Sun Immortal World

Back then, after Cui Heng sensed the abnormality on the moon, he discovered the Purple Extreme Palace on it.

On it, there was a destroyed teleportation array.

The teleportation array had an astrolabe used to locate the stars.

On it was a simple Star Map and the locations of three stars were emphasized.

However, Cui Heng did not know much about this universes starry sky before, nor had he seen a complete star map.

It was impossible to determine where the three stars were with the simple Star Map on the astrolabe.

But it was different now.

Although the Star Map that Li Cheng displayed might not be particularly complete, it could still be said to be rather vast.

From the markings on the star map, it included the 13 Realms and many starry skies.

There were a total of 27 Living Stars.

The three stars marked on the astrolabe were also shown on the Star Map.

It belonged to the Purple Sun Realm and was located at the edge of this Star Map.

“If the three stars specially marked on the astrolabe are really the destination of the teleportation portal, this means that Qiqi has most likely gone to the Purple Sun Realm.”

Cui Heng thought to himself.

Then, he looked at the location of Daozhou Star and Chongyang Star.

He compared the distance between the two to the distance from Chongyang Star to the Purple Sun Realm.

He realized that the latter was almost a hundred times further than the former.

This was too far.


It seemed that it would not be easy to go to the Purple Sun Realm.

Moreover, he knew nothing about the Purple Sun Realm now.

He could not go there directly.

Next, Cui Heng began to search for the location of Taihong Star on the Star Map.

After all, according to the description in Hong Fuguis letter, he should have returned to Taihong Star with his wife to look for that powerful father-in-law.

Moreover, according to the description of Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate and the records of the Nine Immortal Sects of the Heavenly Void World, Taihong Star should not be far from Daozhou Star.

Logically speaking, it should be on this Star Map

However, he could not find Taihong Star even after looking at the entire Star Map a few times.

Could it be that the Nine Heavens Cloud Realm was actually very far away

This was not right.

Back then, the Dao God was only a Limitless Golden Immortal.

Could he have flown over from outside the 13 Realms

A long journey in the scale of the universe was filled with danger.

Cui Heng frowned slightly and looked at Li Cheng.

He asked, “Where is the Nine Heavens Cloud Realm that fell into destruction 6,800 years ago”

“Here.” Li Cheng pointed at a spot on the edge of the Star Map and said, “Back then, this Star Map should be called the 14 Realms Star Map.

Now, there are only 13 Realms left because the Nine Heavens Cloud Realm here was destroyed.

Its said that this starry sky is still chaotic to this day.

Its filled with spatial turbulence.

Even Sages find it difficult to enter.

Even the surrounding starry skies are greatly affected.

Several planets with life have fallen into an apocalypse.”

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and confirmed the location of Daozhou Star.

He realized that this place was not too far from the Nine Heavens Cloud Realm, only about three times the distance to Chongyang Star.

However, there was clearly something abnormal in the starry sky between Daozhou Star and the Nine Heavens Cloud Realm.

There was nothing special about this area, be it planets or stars.

It looked ordinary and inconspicuous, but there was a very clear label asking the flying shuttle to circle around this place as much as possible when traveling through the starry sky.

It was best not to approach the area.

Hence, Cui Heng pointed at the starry sky and asked, “Whats going on here”

“Immortal Venerable, this was once the starry sky where Taihong Star was,” Li Cheng replied.

“The former Taihong Star was an incomparably bright Living


“2,000 years ago, there were already seven Sages on Taihong Star, and they were almost about to reach the point of forming a world of their own.

But about 2,000 years ago, Taihong Star actually disappeared into thin air.”

“Disappeared!” Cui Heng revealed a rare expression of surprise and frowned.

“Was it shattered and destroyed, hidden, or teleported away”

“I dont know.” Li Cheng shook his head and said, “After discovering that Planet Taihong had disappeared, that starry sky became a taboo.

No one below the Sage realm dared to approach it and would stay away.

“Moreover, Taihong Star is an independent starry sky.

There are no nearby starry skies with Living Stars, and theres relatively little communication with the outside world.

Its also difficult to determine the situation of the Taihong Star through any method.”

“Yes, thats normal.” Cui Heng nodded and fell into deep thought.

Taihong Stars situation was indeed completely beyond his expectations.

A planet disappeared into thin air!

This was not a simple matter.

Even he could only think of four ways to do that.

One was to set up a large-scale concealment array.

This method did not require much.

As long as one was willing to spend the time, even the weakest Early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator could do it.

The second was to distort the space outside the planet to a great extent.

This way, even if someone came to the location of the original planet, they would not be able to touch or see it.

Naturally, it was equivalent to disappearing.

This method had a higher requirement.

One had to reach the peak of the Early-stage Nascent Soul realm at least, and they had to have a certain level of mastery over spatial techniques.

The third was to directly move the entire planet away.

In the truest sense, making a planet disappear into thin air required at least a Mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivator to cultivate a spell like the Miniature Thousand Mile Court to an extremely high realm.


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