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Cui Heng had obtained the method to break through the Sixth Realm of the Immortal World, the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm.

The principle was very simple.

It was to refine the power of laws imprinted on the Immortal Body into the Immortal True Essence.

This was the so-called “Myriad Techniques Return to One”.

Now, through checking the Immortal True Essence in the body of the Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate, Cui Heng discovered that this Immortal True Essence already had a trace of weak spirituality, like a life being nurtured.

It could be said to be a Nascent Soul that was countless times weaker than a real Nascent Soul.

However, even with such weak power, its essence still exceeded the original power of a Golden Immortal.

Therefore, after becoming a Limitless Golden Immortal, as long as the Immortal True Essence in ones body obtained enough nomological power, it could promote ones life essence to a higher realm and obtain even more power.

This didnt seem to be a problem.

It was a relatively common cultivation method.

It was to condense the scattered power together and use a higher level of spirituality as a catalyst to increase the essence of life.


In fact, if the Immortal True Essence was cultivated naturally by a martial artist, there was indeed no problem.

However, the problem was that there were obvious artificial traces on the Immortal True Essence.

This was a man-made item!

Moreover, during the cultivation process, one had to swallow and digest this man-made object to break through to the Golden Immortal realm.

This meant that from the Golden Immortal realm onwards, all the cultivation carried out by the martial artists who took this path would not belong to them.

It belonged to the Immortal True Essence in their body.

When a martial artist walked this path and reached the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm, all their cultivation gains were gathered on the Immortal True Essence.

In a sense, the body of the martial artist no longer had any meaning.

The only value of existence was the Immortal True Essence.

“This thing seems to be able to be used to refine Numinous Treasures.”

Cui Hengs gaze was fixed on the Immortal True Essence in his hand, and all kinds of thoughts flowed through his mind.

He was already certain that there was definitely something wrong with this cultivation method that used the Immortal True Essence as the core.

It was definitely a technique deliberately created by a certain existence.

Someone who could do such a thing was definitely not a saint.

After all, from the records in the Heaven Saint Palace, the martial artists on the Nine Heavens Cloud Realm, Chongyang Planet, and Taihong Planet also had this cultivation method.

There was no lack of Sages who had already reached the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm in these places.

“There must be an existence above the Sage realm hiding in the dark and setting up all of this.” Cui Hengs eyes lit up as he thought to himself, “The influence of this problematic cultivation method is too great.

“If I can investigate it clearly, Im sure it will allow my Nascent Soul cultivation to soar and directly break through to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

However, the existence who could plan such a major scam is probably at least equivalent to a Nascent Soul cultivator, or even stronger.

I cant be rash and investigate blindly.

I have to take my time and strive to raise my cultivation to the Late-stage Nascent Soul realm before trying to explore the starry sky.”

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After making up his mind, he flicked his finger and returned the Immortal True Essence to Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate.

Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate, who was originally in despair, suddenly felt the return of the Immortal True Essence.

He was overjoyed and hurriedly calmed his mind to look inside, trying to digest the Immortal True Essence.

However, the Immortal True Essence moved faster than him.

The moment it returned to his body, it completely fused with him, allowing him to recover to the level of a Limitless Golden Immortal on the spot.

“This…” Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate could not help but be stunned.

He did not expect the Immortal True Essence to return so eagerly.

There was no need for him to make any preparations.

“Theres no need to be surprised.” Cui Heng smiled when he saw this.

“This Immortal True Essence has already been rooted in your body.

Before all your cultivation results are plundered, itll be incomparably close to you.” “What!” Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerates eyes widened when he heard this.

He felt an inexplicable panic in his heart.

Just as he was about to ask, he saw Cui Heng, who was standing not far away, suddenly raise his hand and point at him.

“Transform!” Cui Heng said casually.

His gaze was as calm as water, as if he was doing something very ordinary.

But just as the word “transform” fell

Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate, who had just broken through to the Limitless Golden Immortal realm, suddenly couldnt help but lie on the ground.

Black and white fur quickly grew on his body, and his face began to grow fur.

As his ears transformed, they quickly moved upwards.

His figure rapidly shrank, and his limbs gradually grew pads and sharp claws.

The angle of his limbs bends also changed, and a long tail grew out behind him.

Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate was extremely terrified.

He wanted to shout, but the voice came out of his mouth was “Meow __ 11

Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong, who were standing at the side, were dumbfounded.

They looked at Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerates current state in disbelief and almost suspected that they were hallucinating.

This newly advanced Limitless Golden Immortal had actually become a cat!

It was a young and cute kitten with black patterns on a white background of fur.

“Meow! Meow! Meow!!”

Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate wanted to speak, his eyes filled with fear.

However, no matter how he shouted, he could only make this kind of meowing sound.

“Master, this, this is” Pei Qingshu looked at Cui Heng in shock and could not help but ask, “You turned Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate into a cat”

“Theres actually such a divine power in this world” Li Mingqiong also looked at Cui Heng, wanting to seek an answer.

The scene just now had a huge impact on the two of them.

In their opinion, the methods Cui Heng had displayed were too exaggerated.

A Limitless Golden Immortal who could dominate the entire Heavenly Void World had instantly become an incomparably fragile kitten.

This was much more shocking than instantly killing the other party.

“This is not a cat.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and stretched out his right hand to the kitten.

He opened his palm and gestured for it to come up.

“…” Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerates eyes were still filled with fear.

He naturally did not dare to refuse Cui Hengs signal.

He hurriedly jumped up and landed on Cui Hengs palm.

“Actually, this is a White Tiger.” Cui Heng carried the kitten in his hand and smiled.

“I reconstructed the body of Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate and turned him into a White Tiger that was born with the attribute of Geng Gold.

“The power of a Limitless Golden Immortal is still in his body, but he cant use it easily.

He can only transform the power of the Limitless Golden Immortal bit by bit into his own Geng Gold energy to obtain power.

In the next 2,000 years, he will guard the Heaven Saint Palace and the Heavenly Void World as a Guardian Spirit Beast.

After 2,000 years, he will regain his freedom.”

He paused at this point.

In the next 2,000 years, he will guard the Heaven Saint Palace and the Heavenly Void World as a Guardian Spirit Beast.

After 2,000 years, he will regain his freedom.”


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