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Chapter 217 The Border of Heaven and Earth, Heaven Saint Palace

What was the essence of condensing a Soul Golden Core

It was to condense the relatively scattered soul power into a pure Golden Core, and even the pure soul power to condense an Immortal Golden nature.

During this process, the most important thing was the point where the power of the soul was gathered.

This point required an extremely powerful spirit, pure emotions, or extreme determination.

Li Mingqiong undoubtedly matched these criteria.

It was also because of this that Cui Heng decided to help her open up this path to a higher realm.

Nascent Soul cultivators could already organize the spiritual emotions of living beings and refine a portion of their spiritual will, even if it was just the so-called “determination”.

This was related to the control of spirituality.

It was considered a natural divine power for Nascent Soul cultivators.

However, Cui Heng did not directly help Li Mingqiong extract the firm belief in her heart.

Instead, he guided her to analyze her emotions and thoughts bit by bit, allowing her to find the strongest faith in her heart.

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Only then would the path be opened.

Otherwise, even if Cui Heng gave her a Soul Golden Core, it would not mean that she had taken this path.

In the future, there would only be one Soul Golden Core cultivator like Li Mingqiong.

There would never be a second one, let alone a complete inheritance.

But it was different now.

Under Cui Hengs guidance, Li Mingqiong had already understood how to find the initial and most core fulcrum on this path.

As long as she found this fulcrum, she could condense the most basic power of the soul and transform the soul into a Golden Core that contained the Immortal Golden attribute, thereby achieving a true breakthrough in cultivation.

At this moment, Li Mingqiong was taking this step.

In her Niwan Palace, the firm faith that had just been revealed gradually condensed into substance.

It was a ball of golden light that seemed to be floating in the void.

It did not rise, nor was it fixed.

It just stood there without moving

The soul power that originally filled the Niwan Palace seemed to have been guided by something and began to spin and gather towards the ball of golden light, forming an invisible vortex of soul power.

At the same time, everyone in Linjiang County inexplicably felt as if they had been immersed in a breeze.

This breeze did not blow on their bodies, but on their hearts, making everyones hearts sublimate and become incomparably peaceful and comfortable.

The irritable people became calm at this moment, and the fierce people became docile.

They were originally kind-hearted people.

At this moment, they felt that their heart had been purified.

Their thoughts became clearer, and their senses became sharper, as if they had been reborn.

The martial artists also obtained an increase in their mental strength.

It was unknown how many Qi Transformation Realm Grandmasters stepped into the Profound Gate Realm, and how many Xiantian experts had perfected their Inner World at this moment…

In just a short period of time, the entire Linjiang County had undergone a tremendous change.

As a Mystic Deity who had already cultivated a Martial Dao True Body, it was naturally impossible for Pei Qingshu not to feel anything

She sensed an extremely huge soul power enveloping the sky above Linjiang County, forming an invisible vortex.

Its powerful might even made her feel a little suffocated and dizzy.

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“Is this the power of a Golden Immortals soul Its too powerful!”

Pei Qingshu looked at the sky in surprise and tried his best to investigate the source of this soul power, but he realized that it seemed to be in the reception hall of the Yangxin Courtyard.

At this moment, his master Cui Heng and Empress Zhifeng, Li Mingqiong, were inside.

“Is Master helping Junior Sister break through”

Pei Qingshu relaxed a lot.

This meant that Linjiang County would not encounter any danger.

But then, he frowned.

“If this is really Junior Sister breaking through, isnt this too strong Isnt she even stronger than me!”

After cultivating his Martial Dao True Body and stepping into the Mystic Deity realm, he could be said to be satisfied.

He felt that he could steadily defeat Li Mingqiong and become his masters strongest disciple.

But now, it seemed that this target was a little dangerous.


Buzz! Buzz!

Accompanied by a series of faint trembling sounds in the void, the invisible soul power vortex finally gradually calmed down, and the people of Linjiang County returned to their normal mental states.

In the reception hall of Yangxin Courtyard, Li Mingqiong was already floating.

Her eyes were slightly closed as she floated in the air.

A golden light that emitted an undying charm shone between her brows, making her look incomparably holy and otherworldly.

At this moment, in Li Mingqiongs Niwan Palace, the originally incomparably huge soul that was about to collapse was no longer there.

Instead, it had turned into a bright silver pill.

In the core of this pill was a spot of pure spiritual will that emitted an immortal golden light.


This was a silent roar, but it sounded in the minds of every living being in Linjiang County.

At this moment, everyone had the illusion that everything in reality had shattered and they had fallen into an illusion.

However, to ordinary people, they felt that this was just a misperception and did not care at all.

However, it was different for experts who had mastered the Martial Dao.

At that moment, they felt that all their concepts in reality had been destroyed and they had been imprisoned in an illusory spiritual world.



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