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Chapter 209 Nine Elders

“Patriarch, save me!!”

Sect Master Tianhe let out an extremely terrified cry for help.

He was calling for one of the Nine Elders of the Immortal sects, the Patriach of the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect.

A Fourth Realm Immortal expert!

At this moment, he could only think of asking the Ancestral Master to save him.

Only the Patriarch could save him.

Moreover, the Patriarch had personally told him that when the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect encountered a crisis of destruction, he could shout, “Patriarch, save me!”

Then, the Patriarch would appear and solve all the problems.

However, as the Sect Master, he had caused the Sacred Sect to fall into a crisis of destruction.

No matter what, he could not escape the blame.

Therefore, as long as he shouted, “Patriarch, save me!” After the trouble and problems were resolved, the Patriarch would personally cripple the martial cultivation of this generations Sect Master.

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This was also one of the reasons why Sect Master Tianhe only shouted when he was about to die.

“When the Patriarch appears, Ill let this evil dragon die without a burial ground!” Sect Master Tianhe thought to himself.

But in the next moment, an indescribable fear surged into his heart again.

That was because at this moment, the Fire Dragon in front of them spat out a mouthful of flames.

No power appeared to help them resist it.

He could only watch helplessly as the three people beside him were burned to ashes.

They were completely reduced to ashes and no longer existed!

These were three Heaven Immortals!

2 we


In the entire Heavenly Void World, they were rare experts.

They were gone just like that

Theyd died just like that!

Moreover, why didnt the Patriarch appear

Didnt the Patriarch say that as long as he shouted this sentence, no matter where he was, he would sense it and immediately appear to resolve all crises and problems


Sect Master Tianhe was puzzled and filled with doubts.

But he was destined to never get an answer.

After burning the three elders to death, Huo Er spat out another mouthful of flames.

In an instant, it enveloped the Tianhe Sect Master.

The hot temperature instantly burned his body to ashes, leaving only a trace of his soul.

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But in the next moment, his soul completely dissipated.


Huo Er shook his head, its eyes filled with confusion.

It turned to look at the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect that was filled with flames, as if it was wondering why the Immortal Venerable had sent it over to destroy such an extremely weak force.

Too weak.

It was really too weak.

To Huo Er, who was already equivalent to a Late-stage Golden Core cultivator, the so-called Heaven Immortals and Heaven Monarchs were indeed extremely weak.

Even the flames it exhaled normally could not be withstood.

They were instantly reduced to ashes.

Under Huo Ers attack, in less than a minute, only two people were still alive inside and outside the Sacred Sect.

That was Sun Wanshi and his master.

However, the two of them had already fallen into a stunned state.

They had just watched the entire process of the destruction of the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect at a close distance, as well as the power of the world-shaking scarlet flames.

They were so frightened that their souls shattered and they lost their minds.

Of course, they were also lucky.

As they had yet to step into the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect, they were not attacked by Huo Ers flames and survived this “battle”.

If it were the previous Nine Fire Flame Dragon, it would most likely only follow orders and return after destroying the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect.

But now, Huo Er was different.

Although it was a little stupid and did not like to speak, it was still a living being, a living being with normal intelligence.

Therefore, Huo Er did not let Sun Wanshi and his master off.

Before it left, it casually spat out a ball of flames and burned the two of them to ashes.

Then, it flew back dejectedly.

The reason for this expression was because Huo Er had received another order from Cui Heng

He wanted it to preserve the books in the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect while destroying the sect.

Actually, it had indeed deliberately avoided a few palaces where books were stored to prevent them from being burned down.

He had even planned how to bring these books back after destroying the Tianhe Sacred Sect.

However, just as Sect Master Tianhe shouted, “Patriarch, save me!”, those palaces collapsed without warning.

The books inside instantly died in the sea of fire, without even a chance to be saved.

This matter was completely ruined.

Huo Er was feeling like a child who had done something wrong.

It could only brace itself and go home to be scolded.


In the depths of the mountain more than a thousand miles away from the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect.

In the dense forest, there was an extremely obscure cave.

In this cave, there were dense strange runes carved on the stone walls and the ground.

Countless strange runes were connected to each other.

It formed an extremely strange restriction.

This restriction could allow people to enter the cave and only continue forward, but they would always fail to walk to the end.

It was endless and looped eternally.

Behind this restriction was an incomparably huge cave abode.

There were all kinds of pavilions inside.

There were even special gems hanging on the stone wall above, acting as a light source.

There were also countless gems decorating it like stars.

However, in this huge cave abode, there was only an old man with white hair, covered in skin and bones sitting cross-legged in front of the central palace.

His eye sockets were deep and sunken, and his eyes were black.

The whites of his eyes could barely be seen.

His teeth had long fallen off, and his figure was incomparably thin, as if a random gust of wind could blow him away.

If not for the fact that the old mans chest was still bulging, and if not for the fact that there was still some light in his eyes, it would be as if a withered corpse was sitting here.

There was no other sign of life on him at all.

“The Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect has been destroyed.

Is it really the Evil Demon from the Lower World” the old man muttered.

With every word he said, his entire body trembled, as if it was extremely difficult.

Moreover, bumps began to appear on his dry skin, as if something was about to crawl out of his dry body.

“Whats the origin of this Evil Demon Its too powerful.” The old man pressed the bump on his body and thought to himself, “From the description of the Heavenly Cycle Star Pavilion, he actually killed the one from the Purple Extreme Palace.

Although that person from the Purple Extreme Palace is crazy, hes also someone with an undying characteristic.

How could he be killed so easily Also, the power displayed by that Evil Demon is extremely strong…”

Such an expert who had suddenly appeared made the old mans mood turn extremely bad.

Such a powerful existence would definitely have an extremely profound impact on the situation.

In that case, the plan that he and the other eight Elders had originally formulated could only be discussed again.


At this moment, a swelling on the old mans right cheek suddenly exploded.

The blood flowing out of it was not red.

It was purple-black!

At the same time, purple-black bugs kept crawling out of it.

It was very terrifying.

They were born with the ability to fly and were extremely corrosive.

They could even possess people and make them crazy and lose their minds.

This was the Sky Ruins Evil Bug!

There were hundreds of purple-black Sky Ruins Evil Bugs crawling out of the old mans body.

The number was extremely terrifying.

And this was just from a bump.

Moreover, from the old mans situation, there was definitely more than one bump on his body.

There would definitely be more.

There were even a few bumps that were close to turning completely purple-black.


Boom! Boom!

With three muffled sounds, more bumps exploded on the old mans left arm, chest, and the back of his neck.

Purple-black blood also flowed out, and countless Sky Ruins Evil Bugs crawled out.

After these Sky Ruins Evil Bugs crawled out, they did not seem to care about any living beings around them and did not choose to possess any of them.

Instead, they all flew up.

As long as they flew to a certain height, they would disappear completely.

This seemed to be a unique passage for the Sky Ruins Evil Bugs.

Even if someone flew to that place, and that height, they would not be able to enter that special passage.

Finally, after a series of pustules burst and countless purple-black bugs crawled out, the old mans mental state was clearly much better, and his eyes became even brighter.

“What troublesome energy!”


The old man gritted his teeth, and the cracks on his body instantly recovered, as if they had never appeared.

Then, he slowly stood up.

His mummy-like body was especially tall.

He was almost nine feet tall.

“Patriarch, Patriarch…”

The old man muttered, as if he was laughing or crying.

At the same time, he turned around and walked towards the palace behind.

“I dont have any teleportation techniques, so how can I instantly appear to save you Silly child, you deserve to die…”

He was the Patriarch that Sect Master Tianhe mentioned, one of the Nine Elders of the Immortal Sects.

He had already reached the Mystic Deity realm 3,000 years ago and had obtained some of the characteristics of immortality.

The words “Patriarch, save me” could not be used to seek help.


Actually, it was only used to send messages.

As long as the current Sect Master shouted this sentence, the old man would sense it and know that the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect had been destroyed and the Sect Master had most likely been killed.

This was an earth-shattering matter, meaning that an extremely terrifying enemy had arrived.

He had to discuss this carefully with the other eight Elders.

They discussed whether to report this situation.

The old man was thinking about what to say later when he arrived in front of the palace.

He did not push the door open.

He just stood there for a moment before a beam of light descended and enveloped him, disappearing with him.

The huge cave abode had become empty, but it seemed to be more lively than when the old man was around.

Huo Er returned to Guanzhou County dejectedly.

At this moment, it had already transformed back into the pocket-sized seven-inch dragon.

When it arrived at the inn, it obediently approached Cui Heng but did not say anything “Whats wrong” Cui Heng glanced at Huo Er and chuckled.

“Did you mess things up”

“Awoo…” Fire Two let out an indignant cry and lowered his head.

“Theres no need to be sad.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “Those palaces that suddenly collapsed allowed me to capture a trace of power fluctuation.

Its enough to trace them back to the source.”


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