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Chapter 203 Old Master Pei Preparing to Die

The Heart Nourishing Courtyard was built 70 years ago.

At that time, under Pei Qingshus lead, the Linjiang Pei family had completely separated from the 24 aristocratic families.

They also began to cooperate closely with the Great Zhou Imperial Family and Daoyi Palace.

They were no longer suppressed by the Immortal Sects.

From then on, Pei Qingshus reputation in the Pei family was like the sun at high noon.

He gradually became the backbone of the entire family and the core of the entire family.

The entire Pei family seemed to be developing to a new height.


However, Pei Qingshu knew very well that this was only on the surface.

The strength of the Immortal sects was far from what he could compare to.

If not for that person from Daoyi Palace, adding on to the fact that the Nine Elders of the Immortal sects had some problems, he and the person from the Great Zhou Imperial Palace alone would not be enough to resist the nine Immortal sects.

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Therefore, not long after he successfully became independent, he sent someone to build this Heart Nourishing Courtyard.

It was specially used for cultivation.

Only by increasing his strength could the Linjiang Pei Family continue to develop.

Otherwise, after he died, his entire family would definitely be reduced to ashes.

Fortunately, after 70 years of cultivation, Pei Qingshu already had the strength to barely resist the Immortal Sects.

However, with the recent change in the situation, this balance was about to be broken.

The Pei family was in danger again.

The Heart Nourishing Courtyard was an exquisite garden.

Although the scale was not big, it could be said to be a scene with every step.

It was obvious that every corner of the place was built with a clever plan.

The bamboo forest, rockery, lake.

Pei Qingshu was sitting on a stone stool in the lakeside pavilion.

He was wearing a light green robe and was gently fanning the small red clay stove.

The purple clay pot on it was gurgling.

The air was filled with the refreshing fragrance of tea.

At this moment, he looked to be in his forties.

Although his appearance was still handsome, time had already left traces on his face.

Wrinkles had appeared at the corners of his eyes, and his beard was a little thick.

However, his gaze also became very deep, as if it contained endless secrets.

When Pei Yuezhi arrived, Pei Qingshu had just finished brewing the tea.

“Hahaha, good grandson, what a coincidence.” Pei Qingshu laughed when he saw him coming Then, he picked up the boiling purple clay pot and took out two exquisite jade cups.

He poured the fragrant tea into them and smiled.

“Come and try it.

This Spring Mountain Dew only tastes good when its hot.”

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“Thank you, Great-Grandfather.” Pei Yuezhi leaned over with ease and placed the fruit gift box he had brought aside.

He raised one of the jade cups and took a sip.

He praised, “It smells good.

Good tea!”

“Haha, of course its good tea.” Pei Qingshu smiled and said, “This is a rare item from the Great Zhou Imperial Palace.

Great-Grandfather specially brought it from inside.”

“Ah, this…” Pei Yuezhi was speechless.

He did not know what to say.

Only his great-grandfather would dare to take things from the Great Zhou Imperial Palace.

“Alright, I wont tease you anymore.” Pei Qingshu put down the jade cup and said in a low voice, “Good grandson, you look worried.

Did you encounter some difficulties”

“Its not difficult, but theres something I dont know how to handle.

I wanted to ask you, Great-Grandfather.” Pei Yuezhi thought for a moment and said, “As you know, Ive got a Naxian Hall with a deputy.”

“Tell me about it.” Pei Qingshu poured himself another cup of tea and nodded gently.

“Yes, this deputys name is Chen Shihui.

Hes a Deity Realm expert.

I recruited him two months ago,” Pei Yuezhi introduced.

“He does everything in an orderly manner.

He even recruited two Human Immortals some time ago.

In terms of ability, hes undoubtedly very outstanding.

But Ive recently discovered that hes not ordinary.

His strength should be far beyond the Deity Realm.

He might be a Human Immortal or Earth Immortal, or even higher…

Coupled with the timing of his appearance, I suspect that hes the Deva from the Lower World who has been causing a commotion recently and is being hunted down by the Nine Immortal Sects.”

“Oh” Pei Qingshu was surprised when he heard that.

He pondered for a moment and nodded.

“If its really that Lower World Deva, we should indeed take him seriously.

The person behind him might be a peak Fifth Realm mighty figure.”

“Peak of the Fifth Realm!” Pei Yuezhi was a little stunned when he heard this.

He said in shock, “Great-grandfather, are you talking about the Fifth Realm of the Immortal World Theres such a powerful existence in this world”

“Just because we havent seen it doesnt mean that it doesnt exist,” Pei Qingshu said with a sigh.

“Not to mention the Fifth Realm of the Immortal World, theres definitely a higher realm.”

“Then, then what should I do now” Pei Yuezhi was a little stunned.

He did not expect to recruit such a powerful person.

A subordinate of a Fifth Realm mighty figure

This was too ridiculous!

“Theres no need to panic.

Since he can stay here peacefully for two months, it means that he doesnt have any ill intentions towards us.” Pei Qingshu smiled and said, “Even if he really has any ill intentions, ordinary Devas are nothing to me.”

The martial technique he cultivated was very special.

It was not a normal martial technique.

Although the highest realm was only similar to the Deva Realm, as long as he continued to cultivate, his strength could continue to increase, and his strength could naturally increase.

At this point, his strength had even surpassed the Heaven Monarch realm and reached the level of Buddha.

In a situation where the Nine Elders of the Immortal sects could not attack,

Such strength was enough to compete with the Immortal sects.

“However…” Pei Qingshu suddenly changed the topic and said in a low voice,” What we really have to pay attention to is the mighty figure behind this person.

If that mighty figure really comes to the Heavenly Void World, it will definitely cause a storm.

Grandson, you have to pay attention to his movements at all times.

The mighty figure behind him is an enemy of the Immortal sects.

The enemy of our enemy has a chance to become our friend.

Perhaps he can become our ally.”

“Great-grandfather, I was just about to say that.” Pei Yuezhi hurriedly said, “Perhaps the mighty figure youre talking about is already here…”

Then, he told Chen Shihui about how Song Zhong and Tang Huaiyi had gone to Guanzhou County and how Song Zhong had returned alone.

It seemed like he had something to tell Chen Shihui.

“Your judgment is right.” Pei Qingshu nodded, and his expression became solemn.

He put down his teacup.

“That mighty figure might have already arrived in Guanzhou County.

I should go and see him.”

“Great-grandfather, this, this is too dangerous!” Pei Yue panicked when he heard this.

“You just said that its very likely a Fifth Realm expert!”

“The stronger he is, the more I have to go.” Pei Qingshu shook his head and stood up.

He looked at Pei Yuezhi and said in a low voice, “This might be an ally of ours.

“I have to see him, and I have to show enough respect to fight for cooperation.

Otherwise, our Pei family, the Great Zhou, and even Daoyi Palace will be in danger.”

“This, Great-Grandfather, are the Nine Immortal Sects going to do something What can they do…” Pei Yuezhi was a little confused.

Ever since the Linjiang Pei Clan became independent and established an alliance with the Great Zhou Dynasty and Daoyi Palace, the Nine Immortal Sects had never shown any particularly strong attacks.

He thought that the two sides were evenly matched.

But from what his great-grandfather said, that didnt seem to be the case.

“The peace of the past 70 years was because the Nine Elders of the Immortal Sects were unable to attack normally, and that person from Daoyi Palace was still around.” Pei Qingshu shook his head and sighed.

“Its different now.”

“…” Pei Yue fell silent.

He understood that things of this level were no longer something he could touch.

However, he did not expect that he would come into contact with a secret that concerned the life and death of the entire family.

“Alright, remember Great-grandfathers words well.

Dont tell anyone else.” Pei Qingshu gently stroked his grandsons head and smiled.

“Just leave the matter to Great-grandfather.

Do your own thing.” “Great-grandfather, what if that mighty figure harms you” Pei Yuezhi asked worriedly.

“Even so, I still have to go.

This is our only chance.

If we miss it, the entire Pei family can only wait for death.” Pei Qingshus attitude was very firm.

Then, he seemed to have thought of something and turned around to return to his room.

When he came out of the room a moment later, he was holding a letter sealed with fire paint.

“Good grandson, if I dont return, send this letter to the Great Zhou Imperial City and find a palace maid called Yu Wei.

She will send this letter to where it belongs.”

Pei Qingshu handed the letter to Pei Yuezhi.

“Great-grandfather, are you really going to do this” Pei Yuezhi could not help but feel sad.

He could already feel that his great-grandfather was prepared to die.

After all, the other party was very likely a Fifth Realm mighty figure of the Immortal World.

His strength was beyond imagination.

“This is what I should do,” Pei Qingshu said in a low voice.

Then, he stood up and left the courtyard.

When he flew into the sky, Pei Qingshu looked in the direction of the Great Zhou Imperial City and thought to himself, “If I dont return this time, I can only leave the matter of finding Immortal Venerable to you…”

In the end, he composed himself and flew towards Guanzhou County.


Thanks to the help of the Nine Fire Flame Dragon, Hui Shis speed was extremely fast.

Song Zhong had just arrived in Linjiang County, but hed been brought back to Guanzhou County.

The entire process did not take long.

After arriving at Guanzhou City, the two of them went straight to the inn where Cui Heng


This was naturally noticed by Sun Wanshi, who was secretly observing.

He was even more convinced that there was something wrong with the people in this inn.

However, he still had to wait for the right time and investigate the situation inside before taking action.

However, just as Sun Wanshi was hiding in the restaurant and thinking about his plan, his spiritual perception suddenly trembled.

He felt an extremely huge aura flying over from Linjiang County.

“Whats going on This aura feels a little familiar.

Could it be…” Sun Wanshi frowned as he looked at the sky.

In the next moment, his gaze froze.

“Pei, Pei Qingshu! Why is he here!”


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