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Chapter 181 I Will Die With the Great Jin

Cui Heng asked everyone to leave, leaving him alone in the inner hall of the State Overseers Office.

A moment later.

Wei Yi arrived with an extremely uneasy heart.

At this moment, he finally saw the Fengzhou State Overseer who had stirred up trouble for half a year.

His heart was filled with doubts and confusion, and countless words he wanted to say turned into a long sigh at this moment.

Then, he bowed down respectfully.

“Emperor of Jin, Wei Yi, greets Exalted Immortal.”

Unlike the compromise he had made when he knelt down to White Tiger Child during the sacrificial ceremony, he was truly respectful now.

“You actually took the initiative to see me.” Cui Heng looked at the Emperor of the Great Jin with interest and chuckled.

“In the past, you issued many edicts against me.”

He was also interested in the Emperor of the Great Jin.

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Who would take the initiative to give their land to an enemy country Who would order the State Overseers of the world to attack a person who helped the country recover its lost land

The person in front of him would!

Those edicts would usually not be issued without ten years of cerebral thrombosis.

Therefore, after seeing Wei Yi, Cui Hengs first reaction was to investigate the condition of the Emperor of the Great Jin.

He realized that the other party was surprisingly healthy.

He was clearly in his fifties, but there was nothing wrong with his body.

He could be said to be full of vigor and looked to be in his thirties or forties.

In this ancient era where hygiene conditions were not very good, it was extremely rare for a person who only knew martial arts to have such physical fitness.

It was the same even for the Emperor.

When Wei Yi heard Cui Hengs words, his body could not help but tremble.

He still bowed and said respectfully, “At that time, I had the intention to destroy the country and bury this rotten Great Jin.

Only in this way can this world be reborn in destruction.

Only then will the people of the future have a chance to rebuild the world.

Only then will they have a chance to truly change the world and open up a new era, allowing the people to regain their lives.

However, although the Great Jin is weak and its difficult to revive the country, it has nearly 300 years of foundation after all.

There are no external enemies, and there are many aristocratic families supporting it.

Its almost impossible for it to collapse quickly.

The appearance of Exalted Immortal gave me hope.

I thought that the boundless power of Exalted Immortal might really be enough to bury Great Jin, so there were those edicts…”

“Your thoughts are interesting.” Cui Heng nodded and said with a smile, “Ive never heard of an Emperor who wanted to bury his country to become the savior of the world.

You came to see me this time to make things clear and ask me to destroy the Great Jin”.

“Will you do that” Wei Yi raised his head and looked straight at Cui Heng.

“No.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and sighed.

“Whats the use of me smashing this rotten dynasty Im a cultivator after all.

I wont be an Emperor governing a country.”

“Therefore, I didnt come to see Exalted Immortal to ask you to destroy the Great Jin.” Wei Yis gaze was firm and his expression was serious.

“I heard that Exalted Immortal is Heavenly King Hongwus teacher back then”

“Thats right.” Cui Heng nodded.

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“When I was young, I read the Great Harmony Collection in the palaces library.

Its indeed a path to help the people and change the world,” Wei Yi said in a low voice.

“But as the Emperor, its impossible for me to put this theory into practice.”

“Youve actually seen the Great Harmony Collection before.

In that case…” Cui Hengs expression became strange as he chuckled.

“Could it be that you want me to help you create a new identity and use this identity to rebel and overthrow yourself”

“Exalted Immortals eyes are like torches.

I do have the intention of using a new identity.” Wei Yi praised at first, but then he shook his head and said, “But I wont raise my own army, nor will I be the leader of the Revolutionary Army that overthrows the Great Jin.

If its like that, even if I overthrow Great Jin, I will still be the Emperor.

This is not what I pursue.

I want to find a suitable person to assist him in implementing the theories in the Great Harmony Collection.

When the old Great Jin is overthrown and a new world is established, my new identity will die with the Great Jin and Wei Yi.

Exalted Immortal, please fulfill my wish.”

“…” Cui Heng fell silent when he heard this.

He sized Wei Yi up carefully and nodded.

“Alright, I promise you.

If you dont change your mind in three months, come here to look for me again.”

“Thank you, Exalted Immortal!” Wei Yi lowered his head and kowtowed, his heart burning with an unprecedented fighting spirit.

“Leave.” Cui Heng sighed.

He looked at Wei Yi, who was kneeling on the ground, and in a daze, he felt that he overlapped with the ragged little boy from back then.

He could not help but sigh.

300 years ago, Hong Fuguis unfinished work had actually been restarted by this Emperor of the Great Jin.

The world was indeed strange.


Wei Yi and White Tiger Boy bade farewell to Cui Heng the next morning and left Changfeng Prefecture City.

This Earth Immortal from the Beast Taming Immortal Sect seemed to have made up his mind not to return to the Heavenly Void World.

He only wanted to follow Wei Yi around.

He felt that the Lower World was much more fun than the Upper World.

After they left, Cui Heng arranged accommodations for the Human Immortals from the Upper World aristocratic families and asked them to return on the last day of the 30-day limit.

This was to avoid any more complications.

At this point, the various storms caused by the arrival of the Immortals and Buddhas could be considered to have ended.

After dealing with this, Cui Heng left Changfeng Prefecture City and headed to Daoyi Palace with Zhang Shuming.


In the ancient legends, at the beginning of the world, a Heavenly God had descended.

This Heavenly God divided the land into 36 states.

Yongzhou was the center.

And Mount Donghua was the center of Yongzhou.

Daoyi Palace was located at the center and highest peak of Mount Donghua.

This could be said to be the center of the entire world.

At this moment, Cui Heng rode on a cloud with Zhang Shuming and arrived above Tianyi Peak.

Looking down from the sky, one could see that there were numerous palaces and pavilions built on Tianyi Peak.

They were magnificent and intricate.

The sea of clouds around them surged, and the place looked even more like the dwelling place of Immortals.

However, Cui Hengs gaze passed through the sea of clouds and he could see the scene around Tianyi Peak.

There were actually many incomplete mountains.

They were less than 100 feet tall, but their area was huge.

They were like the foot of a huge mountain, but there was no mountain above them.

It was as if the entire mountain had been hewn by a huge force and moved away.

Only the “remains” at the bottom were left.

There were a total of nine such “mountain remains”, all of which surrounded the Daoyi Palace.

“Exalted Immortal, these ninemountains were once nine mountain peaks.

Many palaces and monasteries were built on them, and they inherited the martial legacy of Daoyi Palace,” Zhang Shuming explained when he noticed Cui Hengs gaze.

“According to the ancient books of Beichen, after the battle 3,000 years ago, the main body of the Daoyi Palace was forced to move to the Heavenly Void World.

So this was how they moved” Cui Heng said in surprise.

How was this just moving the main body away It was completely digging up the roots.

“Its Ancestral Masters decision,” Zhang Shuming said helplessly, unable to say anything

After all, that was the Ancestral Master of Daoyi Palace.

He could not evaluate him.

“This is all thats left of the ancient Dao Palace that has been passed down for 10,000 years.

Its indeed ruthless.” Cui Hengs gaze swept across the nine mountain seats again, and he could not help but feel a little heartache.

That was all money, system currency!

If the inheritances of these nine mountains were all here, he would not need to collect currency elsewhere at all.

This place alone should be enough.

“However, its not necessarily a bad thing that these inheritances are gone.” Cui Heng thought again, “3,000 years ago, the Ancestral Master of Daoyi Palace was already a Taiyi Mystic Deity.

He should be similar to a Mid-stage Golden Core cultivator.

If he hadnt died yet, his cultivation realm would probably have far surpassed mine.

If the Daoyi Palaces inheritance was still intact, I probably wouldnt have had the chance to come here to collect system currency.”

As he comforted himself, he pressed down on the cloud with Zhang Shuming and landed on the peak of Tianyi Peak.

This was a huge square covered with stone slabs.

In the center was a huge green stone statue that was 99 feet and 9 inches tall.

It was carved into the appearance of an elegant man wearing a robe and holding a painting.

At this moment, Zhou Hongyi was leading many disciples to practice martial arts.

When he saw Cui Heng and Zhang Shuming flying over, he hurriedly led these disciples and bowed respectfully.

“Greetings, Exalted Immortal, greetings, Sect Master!”

Although he was Zhang Shumings personal disciple, he still had to address him as Sect Master when greeting him in public.

The ordinary disciples who were originally practicing martial arts were filled with excitement.

The disciples of Daoyi Palace had long heard that a true Immortal had appeared in the mortal world.

He could destroy an army alone and also had great divine powers that could summon the wind and rain.

It was very unbelievable.

They did not expect to see him with their own eyes this time.

However, no one dared to stare at Cui Heng without restraint at this moment.

They only took a careful look before hurriedly lowering their heads.

“Mn, these disciples of Daoyi Palace are not bad.” Cui Hengs gaze swept across these ordinary disciples and he had already discovered some good seedlings suitable for cultivation.

This simple praise immediately made the ordinary disciples of Daoyi Palace excited.

They all felt that Cui Hengs words were directed at them.

Some people had even begun to fantasize that after they mastered their martial cultivation in the future, they would leave the mountain and roam the martial world.

After making a name for themselves, they would say that they had once received the affirmation and encouragement of an Immortal.

Such a legend would definitely be able to last for generations.

However, while these ordinary disciples were fantasizing, Cui Heng had already arrived in the middle of the square with Zhang Shuming, under the huge statue.

“Exalted Immortal, this is the Ancestor of Creation, the Dao God, worshiped by my Daoyi Palace.” After Zhang Shuming bowed respectfully to the statue, he continued, “10,000 years ago, this world was still in the primitive era.

Then, Gods descended and divided the 36 states.

“Among them, the Dao God is the most respected.

The inheritance he left behind was the Daoyi Palace.

He let the Daoyi Palace teach all living beings and help the human race walk out of ignorance and open up the original civilization.”

“Dao God…” Cui Heng muttered.

At the same time, his gaze swept across the huge statue.

He felt that this statue did not seem to be just a stone statue.


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