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Chapter 133 Suspected Exotic Object

Why did this purple-black flame look familiar to Cui Heng

It was the power of nature.

It was extremely similar to the purple-black worm that he had seen when he threw Wang Donglin out of the atmosphere to investigate the environment of space back in Langya County.

It was a power similar to runes, but more agile, like runes that had come to life.

Moreover, it looked very weak on the surface, but it contained extremely powerful spiritual energy.

Now, the purple-black flames burning on the skeleton necklace that Huyan Chan threw out had something of this nature.

These skulls wrapped in purple-black flames were clearly only at the Third level of Qi Refinement, but they had spiritual energy at the Ninth level of Qi Refinement.

Just now, these skulls seemed to have bitten off the heads of two Deity Realm experts, but in fact, they had used their powerful spiritual will to suppress the minds of these two Deity Realm experts, preventing their bodies from moving or circulating their divine power to resist.

It was essentially a suppression on the level of mental will.

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“The last time I saw this sort of thing was in space outside the planet.

It actually exists here as well” Cui Heng frowned.

Although this purple-black substance was not powerful to him and could even be said to be extremely weak, it still represented the unknown.

He had no idea what it was.

However, this seemed to be an opportunity.

The skull necklace that Huyan Chan threw out was clearly different from that small worm.

It should have an independent consciousness and could communicate.

This meant that he might be able to get something out of these skulls.

He strived to make the unknown known.

When the mystery was no longer mysterious, the danger would be greatly reduced.

However, Cui Heng did not intend to attack immediately.

He wanted to see what the skull was going to do, how it was going to do it, and what it could do.

After all, observation was also one of the methods to understand the unknown.

At this moment, the sky outside Yunshu County had already turned purple-black.

An apocalyptic phenomenon appeared before everyones eyes.

The grassland barbarians were all dumbfounded.

They had never seen such a magical sight before.

An evil purplish-red flame burned the sky, and a huge necklace made of skulls danced in the air, laughing sinisterly.

This was like hell on earth!

“Devil! Its a devil! Run!”

Terrified shouts began to appear among the fleeing barbarians.

They became even more panicked than before and began to flee desperately, wanting to escape the range of the purple-black flames.

With such a chaotic escape, a large number of barbarian soldiers were quickly trampled to death.

But no one cared.

In the face of this unbelievable situation, it was already good enough that they could escape.

How could they have the time to care about others

Being trampled to death meant that the persons life had reached its end.

He deserved to die!

Indeed, this was how Chao Wushu died.

After the two Deity Realm guards heads were bitten off by the skull, he no longer had any guards by his side.

In the face of hundreds of thousands of panicking defeated soldiers, he was directly trampled to death!

Hui Shi and the 8,000 Grandmasters who were still outside the city felt as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

They felt a chill run down their spines.

They were also shocked by the strange scene in the sky.

In this world where most people were still fighting with swords and arrows, an anomaly such as this skull necklace had suddenly appeared and even burned with flames that changed the color of the sky for several kilometers.

They would definitely be shocked to the extreme.

Even Hui Shi, who had seen many of Cui Hengs “Immortal methods”, was still extremely shocked when he saw the purple-black sky.

What was this skull necklace

Why did it have such terrifying power!

At this moment, Huyan Chanyu had fallen into an unprecedented state of excitement.

His entire body was trembling, and his eyes were red.

He opened his arms and looked at the sky with a deranged expression as he laughed.

“Hahaha! Sir is mighty, Sir is mighty! With a flick of your finger, you can change the world.

Its really the means of an Immortal.

No, even the Immortals in the sky are not worthy of being compared to you!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, thunderous sounds had already begun to appear in the sky.

Layers of purple-black clouds surged in the air, and thousands of wisps of purple-black flames actually burst out and floated in the sky.

“Hungry, Im so hungry.

Im so hungry now!”

Dozens of skulls cried out at the same time.

They kept opening and closing their mouths and flew around in the sky, as if they were looking for food.

At the same time, the purple-black flames that had just appeared in the sky fell towards the ground like meteors.

Some of them fell towards the fleeing barbarians, while the rest fell towards Yunshu County City.

This sudden situation immediately caused the guards and officials on the city wall to panic.

Even Chen Tong and Meng Zhang, who were standing beside Cui Heng, were a little flustered.

Fire was falling from the sky!

How could they block this

No matter how high ones martial cultivation was, it was impossible to withstand such heavenly might.

However, when the two of them saw that Cui Hengs expression was still calm, they could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

Since the Lord Overseer was so calm, it should be fine…

But just as this thought appeared in their minds, hundreds of purple-black flames had already arrived above the city wall.

In the next moment, it was about to fall and turn this place into a sea of fire.

Chen Tong and Meng Zhang were shocked.


Cui Hengs cold voice sounded, but it easily calmed their hearts.

Then, he took a light breath and exhaled.


When he exhaled, it was as if a world-shaking bolt of lightning had exploded above Yunshu County

Everyone felt as if the top of their heads had been torn open and the loud sound had been stuffed into their brains.

But what they saw next was not thunder.

It was a tornado!

An incomparably huge tornado that stretched from the sky to the ground.

It was more than 10,000 feet tall!

Facing such a strong wind, the purple-black flames could not fall at all.

They were all swept away by the strong wind and did not cause any damage to Yunshu County.

Everyone on the city wall was stunned.

Especially Meng Zhang who had lived here for a long time and did not know much about the outside world, he almost suspected that he was dreaming

He blew away the natural disaster with a light breath!

This was too ridiculous!

Although they had already seen Cui Heng use a cup of tea to create a great army of 8,000 Grandmasters, that kind of method did not have as much direct and visual display of strength.

Chen Tong was also stunned and felt ashamed in his heart.

“I was really scared out of my wits just now.

I was actually thinking that Lord Overseer might not be able to withstand it.

Lord Overseer is a true Immortal.

Hes omnipotent!”

The tornado Cui Heng spat out not only protected Yunshu County, but also Hui Shi and the 8,000 Grandmasters outside, preventing the purple-black flames from landing on them.

However, the fleeing barbarians did not receive such good treatment.

Countless purple-black flames transformed into dense streams of light that fell from the sky and smashed into the chaotic crowd.

Then, they exploded, and purple-black light scattered in all directions!

Wherever this light passed, everyone collapsed to the ground.

Their bodies were not damaged at all.

However, they had lost all consciousness and life.

Immediately after, countless defeated soldiers ran over and trampled these dead people into meat paste.

However, the purple-black flames were still falling

Moreover, as more and more defeated soldiers died, the purple-black flames became more and more powerful.

This caused even more of the barbarians soldiers to die.

In a short while, tens of thousands of barbarians had already lost their lives under the purple-black flames.

They either became motionless corpses or were trampled into meat paste.

At this moment, Huyan Chanyu still did not notice anything at all.

His entire body was trembling as he looked at the skull necklace above him with a deranged expression.

He looked like a fool.

“Hehehe, hahahahaha!!”

At this moment, a sinister but even clearer laughter came from the skulls.

The purple-black flames enveloping it became even larger.

After killing hundreds of thousands of barbarian soldiers, it actually expanded into a huge black fireball with a diameter of more than a thousand feet.

It was as if the sun had fallen into the mortal world and was dyed purple-black.

However, this purple-black flame did not give off any heat.

Instead, it made one feel extremely cold, causing a cold wind to howl through the land.

Cui Heng sized up the fireball and thought to himself, “Its spiritual will has actually swelled to the Foundation Establishment realm, but the actual strength is still at the Third level of Qi Refinement.”

Although its actual strength was relatively weak, the spiritual will of a Foundation Establishment cultivator was enough to affect the weather on a large scale and unleash great power.

This was the most powerful creature he had seen since he came to this world.

If this was even considered a living being.

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“Ah- Delicious, its really delicious ~”

A clearer voice spoke.

This time, it was like a real person was speaking, as if the skulls had become living people.

Then, the fireball quickly distorted and finally condensed into a dignified old man over 10 zhang tall, whose entire body was wrapped in purple-black flames.

His body emitted an evil and strange aura.

He was high and mighty, looking down on all living beings.

However, the aura on his body was still filled with chaos and mystery.

His mental state was also unstable, as if he was filled with madness.

The old man suddenly looked at Cui Heng on the city wall and roared.

“Kill, kill, kill!!”

He then opened his arms and instantly condensed tens of thousands of purple-black fireballs that floated behind him.

The extremely cold flames instantly enveloped the sky within a radius of thousands of feet.

Such might was world-shaking, making Hui Shi, Chen Tong, Meng Zhang, and the others to subconsciously panic.

At this moment, Cui Heng suddenly raised his right hand and grabbed the air.


The 10-zhang tall old man was crushed on the spot, and even the skull necklace was crushed into the size of a palm.

He was instantly transported to the city wall.

And landed in Cui Hengs palm.

The purple-black sky instantly returned to its original clear day.

The cold wind in the world also disappeared, and the sinister aura no longer existed.

Everything returned to normal.

On the city wall, Chen Tong and Meng Zhang looked at Cui Heng with their mouths agape.

Outside the city wall, Hui Shi and the 8,000 Grandmasters were even more impressed with Cui Heng!

As expected, Lord Overseer was stronger!

Lord Overseer was invincible!

At this moment, Cui Heng was looking at the old man who had been crushed into a small person.

A layer of golden light had already risen on his palm.

No matter how this little thing struggled, it could not escape from his palm.

“What exactly is this thing”


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