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Chapter 131 Hongwu Divine Sword (2)

All of this had to be considered carefully.

However, when Chao Wushu led the army to the front of Yunshu County City, he was stunned on the spot.

That was because the city gate was actually open!

About 7,000 to 8,000 soldiers stood unarmed outside the city in front of them.

The person leading them was also an unarmed man.

“Whats going on Is this a trap” Chao Wushu frowned.

He was puzzled and even a little confused.

Facing such a strange situation, he did not act rashly.

However, Hui Shi, who was standing in front of Yunshu Citys gate, had already pointed at the other side and started cursing, “Is that Chao Wushu Hurry up and kneel down and beg for mercy.

If you kill yourself now to apologize, this Grandpa can still leave your corpse intact!”

He was quite excited now.

This was because he was bringing 8,000 Grandmasters out of the city to fight!

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Since ancient times, who had led an army of 8,000 Grandmasters

Such a magnificent feat had never happened before!

Hui Shi could not wait to lead his troops and charge over and kill everyone.

“How dare this Central Plains fellow curse at us!” Chao Wushu was even more perplexed.

At the same time, he was even more certain that there must be a trap ahead that he could not see through.

Otherwise, it was impossible for a group of unarmed men to leave the city to come out and die like this.

Hence, he gestured to his subordinates to watch over their soldiers and not act rashly.

This fellow was cautious enough.

However, his caution made Hui Shi impatient.

“Men! The enemy is right in front of us.

Follow me and kill the enemy!” Hui Shi shouted.

At the same time, he charged towards the barbarian army at an extremely fast speed.

The 8,000 Grandmasters behind him also circulated their True Qi and used their movement techniques to follow behind Hui Shi, charging towards the barbarian army.

“T-this, what is this!” Chao Wushu was completely dumbfounded.

He did not expect that a group of unarmed people would dare to take the initiative to attack an army of hundreds of thousands.

They were simply tired of living and were courting death!

Chao Wushu felt that at this point, if he didnt make a move, the enemy would fool him to death.

He wouldnt even be able to obtain any battle merits.

Hence, he immediately ordered.

“Warriors! The stupid Central Plains people think that were sheep on the grasslands and can kill as they please.

They actually dare to charge over like this! Follow me…”

However, before he could finish speaking, he stopped abruptly.

Because Hui Shi had already rushed in front of him and grabbed his throat, wanting to pull him off the horse and throw him to his death.

Chao Wushu was protected by personal guards all around.

A top-notch barbarian expert attacked and hit Hui Shis arm, loosening the force of the pulling force.

That person then immediately dragged Chao Wushu back into the army.

“Kill! Kill them all!”

Chao Wushus voice came from the army, filled with anger.

He had almost been assassinated just now, and this made him extremely angry.

At this moment, the 8,000 Grandmasters were already engaged in close combat with the barbarian army.

And then…

The barbarian army collapsed!

These so-called “warriors” who had not undergone much training were mostly nomads who had been forcefully recruited.

They did not have any practical concept of war.

Now that they were facing the charge of 8,000 Grandmasters, this army naturally had no resistance at all.

However, just as the barbarian “warriors” dispersed, the 50,000 cavalry had already split into two large groups, intending to surround and annihilate the 8,000 Grandmasters on both sides.

However, Hui Shi was not idle at this moment.

After he failed to catch the Chao Wushu, he immediately found a flaw in the barbarian cavalrys formation and rushed over!

Then, a huge gap appeared!

The hundreds and thousands of barbarian cavalry were crushed under his fists that were filled with dragon roars.

They were crushed on the spot!

Hui Shi had already activated the Heavenly Dragons Mighty Bodhisattva Fist and began to carry out a large-scale unilateral massacre of the barbarian cavalry.

Although there were 50,000 cavalry, it was extremely difficult to attack a single person together.

It was impossible for all of them to charge at just one target.

In just a few moves, Hui Shi had killed hundreds of barbarians.

The 8,000 Grandmasters had also gone crazy with killing.

These barbarian soldiers were surprisingly weak.

Most of them did not even have a decent piece of cloth armor.

In front of 8,000 Grandmasters,

All resistance was futile.

Therefore, in less than ten minutes after the two armies fought, the barbarian army began to collapse.

Furthermore, the soldiers were all fleeing in all directions.

Under the escort of his personal guards, Chao Wushu could only take advantage of the chaos to escape.

Atop Yunshu County.

Chen Tong and Meng Zhang watched all of this with their mouths agape.

They were all dumbfounded.

Initially, they thought that even if there were 8,000 Grandmasters, it would be a bitter battle against an army of hundreds of thousands.

However, they did not expect such an outcome.

What did it mean to collapse at the slightest touch

This was called collapsing at the slightest touch!

It was too fast!

Now, the scene below has become Hui Shi leading 8,000 Grandmasters to chase and kill.

“Blow the horn for retreat.” Cui Heng suddenly frowned.

He seemed to have sensed something and looked into the distance in confusion.

This order puzzled Chen Tong and Meng Zhang

Now that the situation was good, they should chase after the enemy and wipe them out.

Why did he suddenly want them to come back

However, although they were puzzled, Chen Tong and Meng Zhang still followed Cui Hengs orders.

The two of them immediately got someone to blow the horn, indicating for Hui Shi and the 8,000 Grandmasters to return.

At this moment, Hui Shi was leading the 8,000 Grandmasters and slaughtering in all directions.

Those deserters did not even have the slightest chance to resist.

But at this moment, they suddenly heard the call to retreat.

“Whats going on Are we retreating now” Hui Shi frowned slightly.

But he quickly reacted.

This was definitely Cui Hengs order.

Chen Tong and Meng Zhang could not and did not dare to do such a thing.

Hui Shi had always carried out Cui Hengs orders in all aspects.

He would never be careless.

After hearing the horn, he immediately stopped what he was doing and stopped chasing.

He turned around and returned to Yunshu County.

The Grandmasters who followed him were puzzled.

Why withdraw now

However, these 8,000 Grandmasters did not dare to disobey the military order.

Especially since Hui Shi was the first to retreat, they could only reluctantly stop the pursuit and return to Yunshu County with Hui Shi.

But just as Hui Shi turned to retreat with 8,000 Grandmasters,

The soldiers who were originally dispersing actually regained their order and turned around to attack!

“Whats going on Ive never heard of a defeated army being able to fight their way back”

Chen Tongs eyes widened when he saw this scene.

He looked in disbelief at the barbarian army that had just been fleeing in defeat and was now suddenly counterattacking.

What was going on

Or did these barbarians see something during their escape

Actually, he was right.

These barbarians who had already been defeated ran and bumped into Huyan Chanyu, who was walking over.

Huyan Chanyu did not say much.

He only raised the iron sword in his hand and told all the barbarians who were escaping that this was Heavenly King Hongwus sword, a divine sword that could kill immortals and Buddhas.

The chaotic escape stopped.

Moreover, under the lead of Huyan Chanyu, they actually counterattacked again.

At this moment, Hui Shi was leading the 8,000 Grandmasters back to the city.

Huyan Chanyu looked at Hui Shi and the 8,000 Grandmasters in front of him, then at the tall Yunshu County wall in the distance.

He sneered, “Tremble in the face of Heavenly King Hongwus power!”

At the same time, he slowly pulled out the iron sword from its sheath.

Immediately, a sword cry resounded through the world.

The rainbow-like sword left the scabbard and became even more dazzling.

“Hahaha, the closer the Hongwu Divine Sword gets to Yunshu County, the brighter it becomes.

It must be showing that I can successfully take down this city!” Huyan Chanyu laughed in satisfaction.

Then, he raised the Hongwu Divine Sword.

Bathing in the bright sunlight, he was about to slash at Hui Shi and the others who were returning to the city.

“This sword…” Cui Heng recognized it at a glance and was instantly furious.

“How dare you!”


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