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Chapter 130 Hongwu Divine Sword (1)

At the same time that Chao Wushu set off to attack, Chanyu, who was in the Kings tent, also moved.

However, he did not bring anyone with him.

He even dismissed his personal guards.

Alone, he held a seemingly ordinary iron sword and walked towards Yunshu County.

“The key attack to break through Yunshu County should be personally made by me.” Huyan Chanyu looked at Yunshu County in the south and was rather excited.

28 years ago, his father was defeated by the Great Jins North Suppression General, Chen Pengju, in Yunshu County.

He fled to the grasslands in defeat, but in the end, he was beheaded by the chief because he lost a strategic pass like Yunshu County.

He was only nine years old then.

Although he had already killed his predecessor, the previous Chanyu, to avenge his father, Yunshu County was still a sore point in his heart.

The memory of escaping from Yunshu County in a panic back then was deeply imprinted in his mind.

He would never forget it for the rest of his life.

To him, only by reclaiming Yunshu County could he truly cure this heart demon!

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“After killing the previous generations Chanyu and taking over as the chief, the nomadic tribes have become several times stronger in my hands.” Chanyus eyes lit up as if he was imagining the future.

“However, although Im Chanyu, Im not in the Deity Realm.

While those large tribes submit to me in name, they dont really listen to my orders.

Originally, I planned to gather strength for another ten years and make proper preparations.

As long as that gentleman helps me, I will definitely be able to lead the tribes into the Central Plains in ten years!

“What can I do That old man Jian Yan actually sent me such a huge gift.

Thats the entire Fengzhou! Not just Yunshu County.

Most importantly, he actually gave me the Hongwu Divine Sword.

“This is really a ruler of a fallen country! Theres a saying in the Central Plains.

If one doesnt take what the heavens give to them, theyll suffer the consequences.

Now is a rare opportunity.

I have to seize it and conquer the world and enter the Central Plains!”

As Huyan Chanyu thought this, he raised the sword in his hand.

He held the sword against the sunlight and examined it carefully.

After a long time, he praised sincerely, “As expected of Heavenly King Hongwus sword back then.

Its indeed different!”

“This is an Immortal sword that can even kill a Deity Realm expert with just the sword qi.

Its sharpness can even slay a Human Immortal.

It looks no different from an ordinary iron sword.

Is this what it means to be a divine item”

This sword was too famous.

As the grasslands did not deliberately suppress Heavenly King Hongwus deeds, there were all kinds of stories about this sword even among the barbarians on the grasslands.

Moreover, after nearly 300 years, Heavenly King Hongwus deeds back then had become a legend.

This sword was a legendary divine weapon, an Immortal sword!

It possessed unbelievable power.

Many children on the grassland grew up listening to Heavenly King Hongwus stories.

Every boys childhood dream was to hold the Hongwu Divine Sword.

Huzheng Chanyu was no exception.

However, he should be the only one whose dream had come true in the past 300 years.

Of course, when he was young, he only wanted to use the Hongwu Divine Sword to show off in front of his companions.

Now, he was determined to use this divine sword to conquer the Central Plains and slaughter the Central Plains citizens.

“The legendary Heavenly King Hongwu loves the people like his own children.

He doesnt have any selfish motives.

Even though he has almost conquered the entire world, hes still simple and thinks about the people.”

Huyan Chan slowly put down the sword and slowly stroked it in his hand, as if he was admiring a supreme treasure.

Suddenly, his expression became serious and he let out a long sigh.

“Heavenly King Hongwu, when I was young, I really admired you.

I felt that you were very powerful.

You were actually able to sweep through the Central Plains and do something that even my father couldnt do.

“But now, I think youre too benevolent.

You actually treated the ordinary people so well.

What can those stupid farmers do How can they help you when youre besieged by the world

You clearly have such a powerful divine sword, so why did you let those enemies go You didnt kill them all, and in the end, you harmed yourself.

If you cant even handle these things well, then the name Heavenly King Hongwu is nothing much.

Now that Ive obtained your sword and your strength, I will never repeat your mistakes.

I will take your sword and kill all those who resist me and disobey me!

Starting with Yunshu County!”


Chao Wushu led the troops on horseback.

Looking at the hundreds of thousands of troops behind him, he felt a sense of pride.

Even if a Deity Realm expert came, he could only escape in the face of such troops.

Even if the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World descended, they would not dare to face such an army of hundreds of thousands!

What a powerful force this was.

Now, it was in his hands!

“If I lead this army back to the grasslands now, will I be able to easily obtain Chanyus position” This thought suddenly appeared in Chao Wus mind.

However, he quickly rejected this thought.

He was only Huyan Chanyus nephew, but the subordinates under him were all his trusted aides.

The reason why he could obtain such great authority was purely because of the trust of Chanyu.

If he betrayed him, their first enemy would be himself.

“Great power has made me arrogant and gone to my head.”

Chao Wushu shook his head and looked back at the Yunshu County City in front of him.

“I must use slaughter to wash away the fog of power that my heart has suffered!”

He became even more determined to massacre the city.

At the same time, he was planning how to attack the city, where to start, how many troops to send, and how to attack…



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