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Chapter 124 Greetings, Ancestral Grandmaster

He Qingrous body trembled slightly when she heard this.

Her entire body seemed to have frozen, and she did not move at all.

After a long while, she knelt on the ground and kowtowed.

Her voice trembled as she said, “May I ask if Exalted Immortal is our Ancestral Masters…”

Jiang Qiqi!

This was the name of the Immortal Dawn Sects founder, Perfected Hengxia.

However, ever since she stepped into the martial world, she rarely used this name.

She had always called herself Hengxia.

To this day, even in the Immortal Dawn Sect, other than the few remaining personal disciples of the Ancestors, the first generation disciple of the Immortal Dawn Sect, and the second generation disciple, Perfected Zhu Qing, the Sect Master, and He Qingrous Master, Liu Yiyun, no one knew this name.

He Qingrou was only informed by her Master, Liu Yiyun, before she left the mountain.

He even told a story.

When the Ancestral Master, Perfected Hengxia, was young, she accidentally entered an Immortal realm and met a hidden Immortal Venerable who changed her life.

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The Immortal Dawn Sects Immortal Dawn Sword Art was created by that hidden Immortal Venerable.

From this perspective, that hidden Immortal Venerable should be the true source of the Immortal Dawn Sects inheritance, the founder of their lineage.

And the name of that reclusive Immortal Venerable

Was Cui Heng!

“Cui Heng is the Fengzhou State Overseer in front of me” He Qingrou couldnt help but exclaim in her heart.

Her current experience made her feel like she was facing history.

The Ancestral Masters master was standing in front of her

Although she was already mentally prepared, she still felt inexplicably excited.

“Im considered her Master.”

Cui Heng nodded slightly, his eyes filled with memories.

He seemed to have heard the little girl call him Big Brother Immortal again.

He did not especially emphasize that Jiang Qiqi had never taken him as her Master and only called him Big Brother Immortal.

In fact, he also treated Jiang Qiqi as his younger sister.

However, the relationship between Master and Disciple was real.

As for calling him Big Brother Immortal, it was a matter between him and Jiang Qiqi.

There was no need to specially explain it to others.

“So youre really…” He Qingrou was extremely excited.

She took a deep breath and said respectfully, “Exalted Immortal, can we disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect address you as our Ancestral Grandfather”

Before Jiang Qiqi disappeared, she had instructed her disciples that if they met Cui Heng one day, they could call him Ancestral Grandfather, but they had to obtain Cui Hengs approval.

“Grand-grand-grandfather This little girl…” Cui Hengs lips twitched slightly when he heard this.

He didnt know whether to laugh or cry, but he still nodded and said with a smile,” Thats fine.”

“Greetings, Ancestral Grandfather!” He Qingrou immediately kowtowed, and at the same time, she pulled Chen Ying beside her and bowed.

“Ah” Chen Ying was still very confused and did not understand what was going on.

However, seeing that her Master beside her had already bowed, she also kowtowed.

“Greetings, Ancestral Grandfather!”

At this moment, in the reception hall of the State Overseers Office, two beautiful women, one in her early thirties and the other in her early twenties, were kneeling in front of Cui Heng, who looked like a young man, and calling him “Ancestral Grandfather”.

The scene was a little strange.

“Alright, get up.” Cui Heng raised his hand and circulated his Dharmic powers, allowing the two of them to stand up.

He casually took out two copper coins from his sleeve and attached runes to them before handing them over.

“Ancestral Grandfather, whats this” He Qingrou and Chen Ying were very puzzled.

They looked at the copper coins in their hands and did not understand what Cui Heng was doing

“Consider it a greeting gift.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “I dont have anything good on hand, so Ill give you two copper coins.

These coins are quite magical.

After throwing it out, it should be able to kill a Deva realm expert.”

Actually, these were just some modest words.

He was afraid of scaring his two grand-disciples.

The runes attached to the copper coins essentially contained the power of a Golden Core powerhouse.

Once the runes were activated, it was enough to instantly kill a Peak Foundation Establishment cultivator.

But even so, He Qingrou felt an unprecedented shock.

“Thank you, Ancestral Grandfather!” He Qingrou pulled Chen Ying to thank Cui Heng again.

Just a copper coin could kill a Deva!

Ancestral Grandfather was too powerful!

If Ancestral Grandfather had also been at Cangcheng Mountain during the war a hundred years ago, the Immortal Dawn Sect would definitely not be in this state.

However, Ancestral Grandfather is back now!

Those who besieged the Immortal Dawn Sect and Patriarch Hengxia back then would definitely have to pay the price.

“Theres no need to always bow like this.” Cui Heng waved his hand and got the two of them to stand up.

He asked He Qingrou, “Did you come here just to verify my identity”

“This is indeed the most important thing.” He Qingrou nodded and said, “Your identity is extremely important to the entire Immortal Dawn Sect.

Now that it has been confirmed, I still have something to ask of Ancestral Grandfathers opinion.”

“Speak.” Cui Heng nodded lightly.

“This disciple wants to return to Cangcheng Mountain and inform my fellow disciples and teachers about you, Ancestral Grandmaster,” He Qingrou said solemnly.

“They also want to come to Changfeng Prefecture City to pay their respects to you.” “Arent they sealing the mountain” Cui Heng smiled.

“Thats why I need to ask for your opinion, Ancestral Grandfather,” He Qingrou said in a low voice.

“Can the Immortal Dawn Sect reopen its doors”

“Was it Qigis decision to seal the mountain back then” Cui Heng asked.

Previously, he had asked Chen Ying about the Immortal Dawn Sect sealing the mountain.

The answer he received was that Jiang Qiqi had left a warning before she disappeared and asked the Immortal Dawn Sect to seal the mountain.

“Its indeed Patriarch.” He Qingrou nodded first, then explained, “But this was not Patriarchs will.

At that time, the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World besieged the Immortal Dawn Sect, and Patriarch single-handedly turned the tide.

However, at the last critical moment, they were ambushed by a great Bodhisattva from the Upper World.

The Immortal Dawn Sect was at a disadvantage.

However, the Ancestral Master also tried her best to kill that great Bodhisattva.

Therefore, both sides came to a compromise.

The Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World promised not to attack the Immortal Dawn Sect anymore, and the Immortal Dawn Sect also announced that they would seal the mountain and not openly recruit disciples on a large scale.

I heard from Master that the Ancestral Master was seriously injured at that time and could no longer fight, so she agreed to the conditions of those Immortals and Buddhas from the Upper World.

The Immortal Dawn Sect closed its doors and sealed the mountain because they had no choice but to protect themselves…”

“So thats how it is.” Cui Hengs eyes narrowed slightly, and killing intent appeared.

He could imagine how helpless Jiang Qiqi was back then.

She was only one person, fighting against the Baolin Buddhist Hall, two Immortal sects, and the three Preeminent Families and twelve aristocratic families of the Upper World.

“Lets reopen the mountain then,” Cui Heng said in a low voice.

“Thank you, Ancestral Grandfather!” He Qingrou finally heaved a sigh of relief.

If Cui Heng was really Ancestral Master Hengxias Master, then she must ask Ancestral Grandfather to allow the Immortal Dawn Sect to reopen.

This was the mission entrusted to her by her Master, Liu Yiyun.

To the current Immortal Dawn Sect, this mountain could no longer be sealed.

A hundred years ago, the Immortal Dawn Sect was like the sun in the midday sky.

However, after a huge battle, their ancestor disappeared and their sect sealed off the mountain.

It could be said that they had fallen from the clouds to dust.

Not to mention the glory of the past, they could not even walk freely in the mortal world.

Naturally, there were very few new disciples.

To many ordinary disciples, it was already extremely difficult for them to last for 20 years in the sect.

Not to mention sealing the mountain for a hundred years.

In particular, in recent decades, the third generation disciples who had not cultivated to the Deity Realm had already died of old age one after another.

There were even second generation disciples who had died of old age.

Gradually, the number of people on the mountain decreased.

Everyone in the Immortal Dawn Sect was in a state of panic, and they were extremely secretive about the reason for sealing the mountain.

No one knew when this mountain sealing would end.

Now that the 100-year period was approaching and the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World were about to descend, if those Immortals and Buddhas broke their promise and joined forces to attack again, would the Immortal Dawn Sect be able to survive

Even if they survived, if they continued to seal off the mountain, in a few more decades, or a hundred years, two hundred years… the people inside would eventually die of old age.

In the end, wouldnt the Immortal Dawn Sect turn into an empty grave

If they continued to seal the mountain, the Immortal Dawn Sect would really be finished!

“After you return, you can inform your fellow disciples and teachers,” Cui Heng suddenly said.

He walked towards the entrance of the guest hall with his hands behind his back and said indifferently, “In less than two months, those so-called Upper World Immortals and Buddhas will descend.

When the time comes, Ill bring the Immortal Dawn Sect with me.

To kill.”


He Qingrou left Changfeng Prefecture with Chen Ying and embarked on the journey back to Cangcheng Mountain.

At this moment, Chen Yings mind was still a little dizzy.

Lord Overseer Cui was actually Ancestral Master Hengxias Master and her Ancestral Grandfather

Oh, he was also Masters Ancestral Grandfather…

Also, the Immortal Dawn Sect actually didnt need to continue sealing the mountain!

This was really great news!

“Master, can we leave the mountain freely in the future” Chen Ying asked her Master happily.

She felt that her Master was much smarter than before.

She could actually say such a long string of words.

He Qingrou did not answer.

She kept inhaling and exhaling, as if she was calming herself down.

After a while, He Qingrou noticed that her disciple was asking her a question.

She immediately said in embarrassment, “Are you talking about why I spoke so fluently This is because I was prepared in advance and rehearsed it many times in my heart…”

“…” Chen Ying rolled her eyes when she heard that.

Her Master was indeed still that cute Master.

The speed of a Deity Realm cultivator was already not something ordinary martial artists could compare to.

Especially He Qingrou, who was far stronger than ordinary Deity Realm experts.

In just two days, she brought Chen Ying back to Cangcheng Mountain.

Then, the master and disciple walked past the thousand-layer stone stairs, passed through the vast sea of clouds, and arrived at the mountain gate of the Immortal Dawn Sect.

This was an archway that seemed to be made of white jade.

There were many clouds carved on it, and the words “Immortal Dawn Sect” were personally carved by Jiang Qiqi with sword light.

A hundred years ago, this was the mountain gate of the number one sect in the world.

Countless people had come here to seek the path to Immortality.

Today, a hundred years later, this place was quiet and desolate.

There were only pines trees and cypresses, and clouds and fog.

He Qingrou brought Chen Ying to the mountain gate and saw clouds rising inside.

Two women who looked like fairies walked out quickly.

They were the Immortal Dawn Sects Sect Master, Perfected Zhu Qing, and He Qingrous master, Liu Yiyun.

They all asked eagerly:

“Qingrou, have you found Ancestral Grandfather”


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