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Chapter 122 Immortal Dawn Sects Deity Realm Visits

Wang Donglin did not know where he was.

There was only an endless dark and deep void in front of him.

The fear that came from his life instinct almost caused his spirit to collapse.

Fortunately, the golden light that enveloped him seemed to have a calming power that gradually eased the fear in his heart, but it was still inevitable that he would panic.

However, at this moment, he could already see what was going on around him.

There were countless stars in the endless distance.

They gathered together like a silver river in the dark and deep void.

Wang Donglin had never seen such a bright, beautiful, and complete galaxy.

But before he could take a closer look, the golden light brought him in another direction.

Soon, he saw an incomparably huge aqua-blue ball.

Other than the aqua-blue color, there were also what seemed to be earthen-yellow or green plates.

They were all floating on a large area of the aqua-blue color.

“What is this The earth and the ocean!” Wang Donglin felt his scalp tingle as he looked at everything in front of him in disbelief.

All the knowledge he had accumulated over the decades was overturned at this moment.

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Then, he was brought along by the golden light to adjust his direction and looked to the other side.

During this process, he saw the edge of the huge ball flickering with colorful light.

It was incomparably gorgeous.

When he completely turned to the other side, he saw the moon floating in the distant void.

At this distance, he could also discover that the moon was also a ball.

And all of this, be it the moon, the huge aqua-blue ball, or the distant galaxy, was insignificant compared to this entire deep void.

“How vast and boundless is this void”

Wang Donglin was already speechless.

He stared blankly into the distance, his heart shocked to the extreme.

At the same time, a doubt arose in his heart.

“Is this place worthy of being called as a Lower World by the Heavenly Void World!”

Although the territory of the Heavenly Void World was also very large, it seemed to be insignificant compared to this vast void.

“Huh Whats this…” At this moment, Wang Donglin suddenly realized that the golden light that enveloped him had been dyed with a layer of purple-black.

He only looked at the purplish-black color for a moment before he felt a buzzing in his head.

It was as if something had exploded in his head, causing his mind to go blank and his entire body to turn sluggish.

At the same time, Cui Heng, who was still in the atmosphere, suddenly frowned.

He raised his hand and grabbed out lightly.

Wang Donglin, who was outside, quickly fell down and returned to him in the blink of an eye.

The golden light dissipated.

But the purple-black color was still there.

It twisted slightly and turned into a palm-sized purple-black worm.

It floated in the air and suddenly dashed towards Cui Heng.


A golden light flashed in Cui Hengs palm as he locked the little bug in a net of light.

No matter how hard it tried, it could not break through the barrier.

In a short while, the little bug turned back into a ball of purple and black light before gradually dissipating and disappearing without a trace.

“What is this” Cui Heng frowned and thought to himself, “It doesnt have any signs of life and doesnt seem to be alive.

Its essence is similar to the runes I developed, but its more agile and somewhat like a living


“However, the power of that little bug is very weak.

Its only equivalent to the Third level of Qi Refinement.

Its far from being as powerful as any rune.

However, such a weak thing actually has mental strength equivalent to the Ninth level of Qi Refinement.

“What exactly is this Why is it in the void of the universe outside this planet Since theres already something at this level, does it mean that there might be stronger ones”

Thinking of this, he looked up again.

His gaze passed through the distance and saw the dark and deep void of the universe.

There were endless mysteries and unknown dangers there.

Although from the intensity of the radiation and temperature reflected on his golden barrier, he sensed that he could completely move around in space with his body, this strange little worm made him give up on this idea.

Although this little bug was weak, it was also filled with unknowns.

It was even more unclear if there were anymore of its kind, tens of thousands of times stronger outside.

It was unsettling

“Fortunately, I didnt go out rashly.

The universe is boundless and mysterious.

No one can be sure of the dangers.” Cui Heng silently praised himself for his caution.

He was even more determined to try stepping into the universe only after breaking through to the Soul Formation realm.

Then, he looked at Wang Donglin, who had fallen unconscious from the intense mental impact, and then at the terrified people in the Wang Familys mansion.

He suddenly waved his hand.

In an instant, the Wang family mansion that had flown 300,000 feet into the sky tore through the sky like a meteor and fell towards Langya County.

Cui Hengs Dharmic powers enveloped the mansion, preventing the buildings and people inside from being harmed.

In fact, when the mansion was about to land, the Dharmic powers even produced a buffer force, allowing the land and the courtyard above to steadily land back to their original place.

At this moment, there were still commoners surrounding the deep pit created by the Wang Familys mansion.

Now that they saw that the Wang Familys mansion and the land had returned, they immediately dispersed.

No one went to investigate what was going on inside, nor did anyone dare to be curious about what had happened.

That was because this was the Wang Family of Langya!

No one dared to be curious about the situation inside.

They would simply be tired of living if they tried.

At this moment, Cui Heng was still in the sky.

He looked into his Dantian and checked the Seven Emotions Light around his Golden Core.

He had gained a lot from his actions against the Wang Family and Wang Donglin just now.

The green light that symbolizes fear had already reached two feet, and the gray light that symbolizes sorrow had also reached one foot and three inches.

The other lights were not much different from before.

The red and white colors that symbolizes joy and love were still only 1.5 feet.

The purple color that symbolizes anger was 1 foot, and the black light that symbolizes evil was 1.3 feet.

The tallest was still the yellow light that symbolizes desire.

It was already close to seven inches!

“For now, the most difficult thing to grow is actually the two emotions that were the fastest in the past, joy and love.

The growth speed for the emotion of disgust is also very slow.” Cui Heng fell into deep thought.

Although he had a sustainable plan for both emotions, which was to promote the new decree and make the people everywhere happy and love him, as well as make the local families and sects hate him, the effects would definitely not be too fast.

After all, promoting the new decree was not like treating people to a meal.

Not only did they have to kill people, but they also had to govern well.

They had to let the local people understand what was going on with the new decree and what benefits it would bring to them.

Otherwise, it would be useless.

Back then, it took nearly three months to promote the government decree in the 21 counties of Lu County.

Now, they are going to promote the government decree in the entire Fengzhou.

Without two years, it would probably be impossible to produce an effect on a large enough scale.

“The reason why fear, anger, sorrow, and desire grew so quickly is because I can obtain feedback from martial artists with high cultivation levels.

I can even obtain feedback from the Deity Realm cultivators.”

Cui Heng thought of the key problem.

“I need to think carefully about how to obtain emotional feedback from high-level martial artists.”

Then, he turned around and flew towards Changfeng Prefecture City.

After messing with the Langya Wang Family, he did not intend to mess with the other preeminent clans for the time being.

Otherwise, these people would be in a constant state of panic and their emotional feedback would be too rigid.

“After the Human Immortals and Arhats of the Heavenly Void World descend, the situation might improve.”


Not long after Cui Heng left Langya County.

Wang Donglin, who had fallen unconscious, slowly woke up.

His eyes were filled with fear, then confusion, and finally relief.

He heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Phew, fortunately, fortunately, Im still alive!”

Wang Donglin felt like he had just survived a calamity.

The experience just now was too terrifying, and he did not dare to recall it ever again

His first reaction after waking up was to wait for his elder brother or elders to descend and report Cui Heng so that they could kill him and avenge him.

But as soon as this thought appeared, he slapped himself.


“Are you tired of living!” Wang Donglin scolded himself fiercely and completely suppressed that thought.

From the strength Cui Heng displayed, he was at least a Heaven Monarch, or even an existence of an even higher level.

He actually wanted to ask his elders to kill such an existence just now.

He was simply tired of living!

Furthermore, he wanted to take the entire family with him!

“However, that person is Hongwu and Hengxias master.

In other words, he has a grudge against more than half of the large factions in the Heavenly Void World.

Furthermore, he has such powerful strength…”

At the thought of this, Wang Donglin felt his scalp tingle and he couldnt help but shiver.

Perhaps, no, it should be certain.

This upcoming hundred-year tribulation would definitely be even more terrifying than the Great Calamity!

“But what does that have to do with a mere Deity Realm expert like me”.

Wang Donglin shook his head.

He made up his mind not to become enemies with Cui Heng.

He even began to think about how he could join Cui Heng.

“Since hes Heavenly King Hongwus master, should I look for the Great Harmony Collection to take a look”

Fengzhou was to the north of the border fortress.

The weather in Changfeng Prefecture was cold.

Now that the autumn wind had just passed, in less than a month, it had actually started snowing for the first time in the 31st year of Jianyan.

Heavy snow fell, covering the entire Changfeng Prefecture City in silver.

Cui Heng walked out of the State Overseer Office and looked at the heavy snow outside.

He could not help but feel a little emotional.

The last time he saw snow was 300 years ago.

At that time, he was still on Earth.

At this moment, ten days had passed since Cui Heng returned from Langya County.

Regarding the collection of the Seven Emotions of All Life, he had already temporarily decided on a plan.

He naturally had to continue promoting the new political decree.

This was a guaranteed method to collect emotions.

In addition to this, he also had to set a specific collection target for each of the Seven Emotions Light.

Thus, he sped up the speed of collecting the seven emotions.

And according to the practicality, he had to do this one by one.

Among them, the first target was the white light that symbolizes “love”.

Cui Heng planned to make a trip to the Immortal Dawn Sect.

He also announced to the disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect that he was Perfected Hengxias master.

After investigating so much information, it was time to really come into contact with the Immortal Dawn Sect.

Moreover, Chen Tongs sister, Chen Ying, had already returned to the Immortal Dawn Sect.

Although she did not know the identities of Cui Heng and Jiang Qiqi, she would definitely tell the elders of the sect about her encounter with Cui Heng.

Cui Hengs previous performance could let the people of the Immortal Dawn Sect be mentally prepared in advance.

“Lord Overseer!” Liu Litaos voice suddenly came from afar.

He ran on the snow and hurriedly came to Cui Hengs side.

“Lord Overseer, I have something to report.” “Whats the hurry” Cui Heng chuckled.

“This isnt like your usual self.”

“Lord Overseer, Chen Tongs sister, Miss Chen Ying, has returned.” Liu Litao panted and explained, “It would be fine if she came alone, but she brought someone back.”

“Someone from the Immortal Dawn Sect” Cui Hengs eyes lit up.

“Thats right.

Shes Miss Chen Yings master, and shes a Deity Realm expert!” Liu Litao said very solemnly.

In his understanding, Deity Realm experts were still very important figures.

“Lets go, bring me to meet them.” Cui Heng smiled, feeling comfortable.


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