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Chapter 101 I Wish to Serve as the State Overseer of Fengzhou and Keep Everyone Safe

“Its not difficult.” Cui Heng chuckled.

He casually took out a piece of white paper from the table and shook it gently.

Then, he injected a stream of Dharmic powers into it and handed it to Chen Tong.

“Lord, this is” Chen Tong took the paper, puzzled.

“Ive decided on two plans.

The first one is that we can lower some earth in and fill the pit, returning it to the original state.

The second one is to connect and direct the river over.

The chasm will become a lake.”

Cui Heng smiled and said, “Give this piece of paper to Daoist Zhou and organize the people with Lord Liu to discuss how to deal with it.

After deciding, let Daoist Zhou write his decision on the paper and burn it.”

“This, this…” Chen Tongs hands that were holding the white paper trembled when he heard this.

He hurriedly bowed and said,” Yes, I will follow your orders.”

Then, he carefully put away the white paper and left.

However, at this moment, he already understood that what he was holding was not a piece of white paper.

It was a genuine immortal treasure!

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It contained the incredible power of an Immortal God!

After Chen Tong left, Cui Heng followed him out of the inner hall.

However, he concealed the gazes of the others on him and achieved the effect of invisibility.

He was also going to the pit.

Not to supervise.

It was because the piece of paper he had just given Chen Tong was an experiment.

He sealed two different Dharmic power runes on the white paper and set up a “word guide” that could activate the effects of the runes in advance.

As long as one wrote the corresponding words on it and burned them, it could activate the effects of the Dharmic power runes.

However, an experiment was just an experiment.

This was a method that Cui Heng had just thought of.

He had never rehearsed it before, so there was a possibility of failure.

If he failed in front of so many citizens and subordinates, it would be difficult to handle.

Therefore, he decided to go over personally to supervise.

It would naturally be best if this experiment succeeded.

This meant that he had achieved a closer understanding of the transformation of Golden Core power into runes.

He could even look forward to creating his own spells.

If he failed, he could also use his Dharmic powers on the spot to achieve the corresponding effect and create the illusion that he had succeeded.

As for organizing the people to discuss this,

It was killing two birds with one stone.

Not only could he obtain the hearts of the people, but he could also obtain a lot of joy and love.

“Is… is that really what the Lord said”

Zhou Hongyi, Liu Li Tao, Xu Fengan, and the others were all dumbfounded.

After hearing Chen Tongs description, their faces were filled with strange expressions.

Especially after obtaining that piece of white paper.

Previously, there was at least a straight line drawn on it.

Now, there was only a piece of paper left.

This was too exaggerated!

Could this be the power of an Immortal God

Could a piece of white paper fill such a huge pit! “Governor Liu, what do you think” Chen Tong looked at Liu Litao.


“Since Lord Governor has said so, well do as he says.” Liu Litao smiled.

“Ill go back and gather the people with Captain Chen to discuss this.”

“Then lets wait here.” Zhou Hongyi and the others nodded.

Although they were surprised, they still believed that Cui Heng could do it.

After all, such a huge pit was right in front of them.

Especially Zhou Hongyi.

He was chosen by Cui Heng to write down the decision on the white paper.

This meant that he had a chance to personally participate in the execution of a great divine power.

Zhou Hongyis expression did not change, but he was overjoyed in his heart.

“This is a chance to approach the truth of the Great


The citizens of Lu County were still very enthusiastic.

After hearing that the bandits had been executed, they were already overjoyed.

They were filled with gratitude towards Cui Heng and wished they could be his slaves to repay him.

Now that they heard that they were to be summoned to deal with the pit left behind by the bandits, they naturally did not refuse.

However, it was impossible to bring all the hundreds of thousands of people in Lu County over.

In the end, under the leadership of Liu Li Tao and Chen Tong, 2,000 representatives were chosen and led to the deep pit.

Of course, he also allowed the other citizens to climb up the city wall to watch.

After the 2,000 representatives arrived at the deep pit.

With just a glance, they knelt down on the spot and kowtowed.

“Immortal! This must be the work of an Immortal! Lord Governor is indeed a living Immortal who saves the suffering commoners!”

Chen Tong, Liu Li Tao, and the others did not stop them.

In fact, even in their opinion, the methods Cui Heng used were no different from the legendary Immortal Gods.

He might even be stronger!

After the shouts gradually stopped, Liu Litao and Chen Tong began to lead the people to discuss the two plans that Cui Heng had proposed.

The results of the discussion were surprisingly smooth and consistent.

99% of the people agreed with the second plan.

They would connect the deep pit with the great river and accumulate water to form a lake.

There were two main reasons.

First: Almost everyone believed that this chasm was left behind by the Governor after he used a great divine power.

With the blessings of the Immortal Gods, it was a miraculous Immortal trace that could protect the entire Lu County.

It was a place where auspicious signs gathered.

Secondly, if this deep pit was connected to the great river, there would be a huge river more than ten kilometers long in the middle.

This way, the surrounding land could become fertile land that was especially suitable for farming.

This was an irresistible temptation for the commoners.

After Chen Tong and Liu Litao finished collecting the results of the commoners discussion, they came to Zhou Hongyi and said with a smile, “Daoist Zhou, you saw the results.”

“Yes, of course.” Zhou Hongyi nodded happily and said, “Im writing the words on the decree now.”

“Decree” Liu Litao was stunned when he heard that.

Then, he nodded and said with a smile, “Thats right.

The paper that Lord Governor gave contains the power of a supreme technique.

It should indeed be called a decree!”

At this moment, Cui Heng was watching from the side.

He almost laughed out loud.

He wanted to ask if the two of you knew that he was here.

“Haha, I just felt that it was a coincidence, so I used this word.” Zhou Hongyi laughed loudly and raised his hand.

“Zhizhen, brush and ink!”

“Yes, Uncle-Master!” Liu Zhizhen had already prepared a brush and ink at the side.

When he heard this, he immediately handed it to Zhou Hongyi.

“Connect the great river and accumulate water to form a lake!” Zhou Hongyis calligraphy was elegant.

The line of words were written in one breath.

Then, flames appeared in his palm and instantly ignited the decree.

Top-notch Inner World martial cultivators could control the power of nature.

There were also methods to condense flames to strengthen moves.

It was not difficult to conjure a fire out of thin air.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The white paper was instantly burned to ashes and scattered into the air with the wind, immediately attracting the attention of everyone present.

Zhou Hongyi stared at the ashes with anticipation.

Actually, he was also inclined to go use the great river and accumulate water to form a lake.

Apart from thinking that the traces of such a great divine power should not be erased, there was also the reason why he felt that the divine power that connected the great river should be greater.

After all, the closest distance between the edge of the pit and the great river was more than 10 kilometers.

Connecting the two meant opening up a huge river that was more than 10 kilometers long.

This was definitely only something an Immortal God could do!


After the ashes flew into the sky with the wind, a loud bang suddenly came from the ground.

Then, it trembled violently, like an earthquake, causing many commoners to lose their balance.

Immediately after, a huge crack suddenly appeared on the ground in front of them!

It started from the edge of the pit and quickly spread towards the great river.

Like a bolt of lightning that split open on the ground, it arrived at the edge of the river in the blink of an eye.


The moment the crack arrived at the river, the ground around it quickly collapsed, instantly forming a huge ravine that was hundreds of feet wide.

The torrential river water seemed to have found an outlet all of a sudden.

It immediately surged in along the ravine and quickly flowed towards the deep pit that already existed.

At the same time, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky.

The rain poured down into the ravine, into the great river, and into the deep pit.


The waves roared, causing the ground to tremble.

It was as if a new water dragon was being born, announcing its arrival to the


“The Lord is mighty!”

“Immortal Venerable is amazing!”

Liu Litao, Chen Tong, Xu Fengan, Zhou Hongyi, Liu Zhizhen, and Chen Ying, who had come to join in the fun, all knelt on the ground and kowtowed to the surging river.

They were kneeling to the might of nature and Cui Heng.

As for the 2,000 commoners, they had already prostrated themselves on the ground and were chanting names like “Governor Immortal”, “Lu God”, “Giant River God”, and so on.

It was obvious that they really treated Cui Heng as an Immortal.

The citizens watching from the distant city wall also knelt on the ground.

Their worship and love for Cui Heng had reached an extreme, and the joy in their hearts was indescribable.

At this moment, Cui Heng was standing beside the newly born river and lake.

His eyes were slightly closed as he opened his arms, enjoying the feeling of white and red light constantly surging into his body.


The white and red lights, which had already exceeded a foot in height, were enhanced again.

They increased by a further three inches in one go!

At the same time, he understood that after this emotional outburst, the people in Lu County could no longer provide him with any more emotional feedback.

Cui Hengs figure swayed slightly, and he instantly flew 100,000 feet into the sky.

He looked down at the mountains and rivers below and muttered, “Its time to take down the position of State Overseer!”


The Wang Family of Langya and the Xie Family of Pingshan had joined forces and led tens of thousands of soldiers to attack Lu County.

In the end, they were all wiped out!

As soon as this news spread, the entire world was shocked, and the Wang and Xie Families were furious.

When the various counties in Fengzhou heard the news, they all cut off their original plans to pay a visit to the new governor of Lu County.

At the same time, they sent out various spies to investigate the details of the battle and Cui Hengs background.

However, no matter how they investigated, the information they found in the end was unbelievable.

It was all about Immortals, and it was difficult to tell if it was true or not.

Just as the county magistrates of Fengzhou were feeling uneasy and wanted to investigate the situation in Lu County…

Prefecture Governor Cui Heng suddenly sent an envoy to deliver a letter to the county governors.

His words were concise.

“I wish to serve as the State Overseer of Fengzhou and keep everyone safe.”


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