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The movie was completed, and the next step was the release.

But then, the news of “Jiang Hanfei’s love for Jiang Qin” broke out.


A few nights ago, a Weibo blogger named @Mr.

Nameless posted the following text.

[Oh, look at your pure goddess Jiang Qin.

She blatantly hooked up with a director named Jiang on the production set.

How about that for a smack in the face]


Below the text were pictures, all of which were of Jiang Qin and Jiang Hanfei “interacting” on set.

Jiang Qin was shyly “looking” at Jiang Hanfei, while Jiang Hanfei smiled with a gentle face.


Some netizens thought it was not credible.

After all, Jiang Qin had always shown her image as a “pure goddess.” In contrast, Jiang Hanfei had only announced his relationship some time ago, so the two couldn’t get together so blatantly.


However, the so-called “staff” confirmed the news from nowhere, and some good people even compiled the performance of Jiang Qin’s “crush” on Jiang Hanfei over the years.

These included the ticket stubs of the movie she showed on Weibo and the photos of the premiere supporting Jiang Hanfei.

Also, Jiang Qin said in an interview some time ago that Jiang Hanfei was her ideal type.


With all the “evidence” in front of her and the Weibo bloggers’ redistribution, the news’s credibility was instantly increased.

Jiang Qin and Jiang Hanfei were rightfully listed in the Weibo hot search:


[Jiang Hanfei and Jiang Qin].

[Jiang Hanfei, Jiang Qin]

[Jiang Qin meddles in Jiang Hanfei’s love relationship]

[Jiang Hanfei cheated with Jiang Qin]




The netizens’ comments were divided into several factions.

[No way, right My goddess has always been a clean woman, so how can she be a mistress]

[Clean You can’t be that naive, right That’s the image packaged by the agency, and it’s probably a lot worse in private.]

[Yuck! The director’s status is so high.

How could he possibly look at a third-rate actress]

[I think they are still a good match.

It’s not strange to be together.]




The Weibo community went crazy, and Jiang Qin’s agency was in turmoil.

The entrance was surrounded by reporters, the phones were being called, the technical department was busy pulling the hot search, and the PR department was urgently working on a response.


It was the first time since Jiang Qin’s debut that she had encountered such a thing, and she was at a loss for words.

“Sister Chen, what can be done about this This is obviously all fake.

How could I do such a thing”


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