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My Little Fox Chapter 6: Pervy Brute

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Chads men moved fast. Before Audrey could completely make up her mind, one of the men grabbed her from behind, securing her tightly in his arms, leaving no space for her to move and counter him. To the two spectators in the corner, with the way the girl was struggling as though she couldn move, it appeared as though she had been caught mad would soon be dealt with. She stole a glimpse at the man who had grabbed her. It was the same man who suggested they have fun with her. Audrey, on realizing that, was enraged and broke all inhibitions.

She was going to protect herself!. No more Mrs Nice Girl!

She slammed the back of her head into the mans face as hard as she could. He let go of her and staggered backwards, his nose bled profusely and his face contorted in annoyance and pain. But Audrey wasn done with him. She raised her barefoot and gave him a perfect kick to the side of his head and he fell to the ground.... Bleeding and Unconscious to everyones surprise.

Served him right. Thats what you get for being a Pervy Brute! Hmph!,she thought, feeling a sense of achievement.

It was the first time she actively used her battle prowess against someone. She had only practiced her combat skills with trees and broken buildings. To actually use it against someone she truly despised ..... felt different... Almost refreshing.

Sadly, she couldn continue her silent victory party for much longer as the second attacker came swinging his fist as her. However, she had already activated her gift and with the swiftness of a fox, she dodged the attack and moved behind her attacker. One elbow strike to the back of the neck was enough to put his lights out.

She moved so quickly, to the eyes of humans, it was as if she was the wind itself. thats two down. six more to go.

She was doing her best to cause as little damage as possible to her attackers. someof the men were shocked. How could a little girl take down two strong men in the blink of an eye?. Some, however, slowly began to have suspicions that the girl was not ordinary.

Another guard quickly moved towards her. she traded blows with him. blocking as many as possible with her bare hands. Her third attacker seemed quite nimble as he advanced in his attacks. He was quite experienced. however, she still had her powers while the person fighting her was apparently human.

She intentionally took a blow from him, allowing him to get close before she grabbed him by the shoulders, delivering a long knee strike to his gut.

Audreys attack packed more power that that of a brawny wrestler. The man felt extreme pain shoot through his veins and he bent over, clenching his stomach. Audrey used the opportunity to knock him out so that she wouldn have to do more damage.

She already felt pity for the guy who looked like all the life had drained out of him after that one strike. She knew her strength was no joke.

she had punched a brick wall when she was ten and it turned into nothing less than a pile of rubble. Strength wasn necessarily her strong point as speed was her main factor, but her strength had also increase substantially due to her constant practice. Imagine how that guy wouldve looked like if she hit him with all she had. Hed have just fainted on the spot!

After that last hit, a few of Chads men were suddenly too afraid to attack Audrey. They hesitated in their steps which earned them a yell from Chad " WHaT DO You BaSTarDS think You

e DoInG? I don pay you to stand around! NOW ALL OF YOU, GET HER!!" He yelled, shoving the closest guard towards Audrey.

The men probably regained their backbones cause three of them moved to attack Audrey at once. Audrey decided to run away from them to try to stretch them out.

She ran, not so far away before one of the men caught up to her.

the fourth one, huh, hes fast . she wasn running at full speed but he seemed fast enough. Her fourth attacker had a quirk. people like him had a common quirk description called "Extra"

Extra is the quirk description for people who simply have a little more of something than most Normal people. for some, it was a little more strength than most people. some speed, like this guy.

some had sharper hearing, taste buds, sensing danger, jumping skills. Heck some even had sharper finger-nails!

An Extra has 10 to 15% more than an average man. Some people even go through their lives without realizing they had powers because it was so minute, they couldn detect it. Some simply consider it as something normal without realizing. However, those who fully acknowledge their quirk could begin to develop it through training which was probably what the guard did.

They engaged in a game of tag with the fourth man trying to catch her. But Audrey was too quick. she was light on her feet and nimble. She continuously dodged the arm that reached out to grab her. She managed to knock him down before turning her attention to the rest of them.

It turned out, they finally decided to use their heads and try tackling her at once. This was a problem. The only way she could successfully evade being captured was if she took the fight seriously... but that would result in serious casualties.

Audrey turned her focus to dodging the last four hefty men. She couldn keep it up any longer and finally, the four men pinned her to the ground, her face slammed against the sandy beach.

Chad, finally satisfied that his little prey had been caught, stood in front of Audrey, towering over her as he looked down at her scornfully. He crouched down in front of her and remarked,

"You are quite the hassle young lady. Look what you did to my men, Ill make you pay tenfold"

I went easy on them yet you still complain.,she said to herself. If she had dealt with them appropriately, she wouldve left him a trail of broken bodies and escaped by now.

"Now what will I do to you hmm. Youd still make an excellent toy even if I have to chain you down. Then Ill make you feel so much pain, youd be bedridden for months! No one treats me like crap and gets away with it!"

Even with the strong arm forcing her head to the ground, Audrey still pushed her head up high enough to meet his eyes as she said "Didn it ever cross your mind that your treated like crap because you ARE crap, Sir Chad. I knew you were a scum but I never knew you were a coward whod need an entire team of bodyguards to catch one little la-"


Chad, enraged, slapped Audrey across the face. "Insolent". He stood and set his foot on Audreys face, the side of her face he had slapped. He applied more force to hear her wince in pain. He was delighted by her reaction

"By the time Im done with you, That sharp tongue of yours would be no more"

Two young men had been standing at one corner of the beach for a long time, observing the scene before them. They wore business suits which meant they weren there for a walk on the beach. One of the men wore a pair of glasses and a mask. Most of his face was covered as he stood with his hands behind his back. His black business suit was adorned with silver cufflinks. His slightly long,pitch black hair was neatly arranged without a single strand being out of place. He exuded an Aura of power and authority and his posture was nothing less to perfect.

Standing beside him was another man whos aura wasn intimidating as he covered no part of his face and held an umbrella over himself and his boss to shield them from the harsh sun. His brown eyes keenly focused on the scuffle between the girl and the bodyguards. Once the lady was pinned down, he said to his boss

" Young Master, should I stop him? Given his record of abuse and molestation, the lady will be severely injured. Not to mention, he has already delayed our meeting long enough". he received no response. "Master August", he trailed, still receiving no reply from the man who continued to observe Audrey and Mr Chad.

August White came from a prestigious and wealthy family in the capital. His family ran a business industry that had been set up by his great grandfather, Simon White, 70 years ago. The ownership had been passed down to him by his father as soon as he turned eighteen as he possessed great leadership skill and showed the most potential among his siblings. He was the best at what he does. After being appointed as the CEO for the past three years, the business grew substantially, surpassing rival companies and becoming one of the best industries world wide. He eliminated every obstacle in his way effectively and was known as a business guru. Even before taking over from his father, he had already been actively taking part in the affairs of the company since the age of fourteen.

He had come to discuss business matters with a Mr. Chad Edison who ran the business responsible with supplying one of the major branches of his company with some raw materials. Ordinarily, he wouldn have needed to come himself, however, he needed some time away from his family and out of his office so he personally came for the meeting.

However, on getting to the resort , he was informed that Mr. Chad had headed over to the beach. He walked down there himself as well to take a look, only to see Chad try to coax a girl unsuccessful as the girl pushed Chads hand off her. He was amused and decided to watch for a while. He soon became somewhat interested in watching the drama before him. After the girl refused him, Chad used force which resulted in the girl using a self defense move against Chad. He wasn interested in the girl or Chad, he simply enjoyed watching a good show.

Watching the little girl knock out grown men, a small smile formed on his face. This one seemed feisty. he wasn ignorant to the way a lot of rich people behaved. Using their money and power to get anything they want by force. He couldn care less what Chad wanted to or was doing to the girl. He stood silently without making his presence known.

The girl was finally pinned by Chads men and he heard his assistant say something to him which he ignored.

Guess the shows over he said to himself. He faced his assistant, giving him a small nod, he slowly walked towards Chad. However, what happened next took him by surprise, the girl freed herself and punched Chad in the face!

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