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Chapter 4 Part 2: I Never Heard Anything About Being Wolf Beastman! Part 3


– My beloved daughter, Melodia. 

Happy 18th birthday.

I’m sure you’ve grown into becoming a wonderful woman.

This is a letter addressed to the lovely Melodia who had turned 18.

If you are not 18 years old Melodia then please fold this paper and put the letter back.

It’s not too late to do it now.

You understand

Okay from here on, the letter will be talking to 18 years old Melodia. 

This letter is written in case we’re not around you by the time you’re 18 years old.

We have something important we need to tell to Melodia.

We’ve kept quiet about this for a long time but actually, me and Melodia’s mother… We are part of a wolf beastman family called Lou Garou.

We are not an ordinary wolf beastman.

Our family will turn into a wolf if we’re basked in the magic of the moon. 

Melodia, maybe by now you’ve turned into a wolf at night.

That’s a solid proof that you carry the blood of Lou Garou within you.

When exposed to the magic power of moonlight, a Lou Garou will surely turn into a wolf. 

Even between Lou Garou, although rare, there are some Lou Garou who can’t turn into a wolf.

These Lou Garou are despised and persecuted by others.

They are often called a ‘fake thing’.

Me and your mother, we are both a Lou Garou but we are also ‘fake things’. 

With our hands joined together, me and your mother escaped from Lou Garou Forest and came to the royal capital.

Later on, we got married and we had you, Melodia.

Both of us can’t turn into a wolf so we didn’t have any problem settling in the royal capital but we couldn’t say the same about Melodia.

There are some children born from a ‘fake thing’ couple able to turn into a wolf. 

That’s why we’re writing this letter to you.

We want to tell you about the possibility of you turning into a wolf. 

If you were to find yourself stuck in a troublesome situation, you should go and have a talk with the head of Fenrir family.

The Fenrir family are very passionate in researching anything related to magic and they have great curiosity about ‘beastman’ in particular.

Melodia, I’ve talked about you with them and asked them to help you if you’re in a bind.

That’s why, if we’re not in this world anymore and the time has come for you to read this letter, you don’t need to feel anxious.

Melodia, our sweet and adorable child.

We only have one wish.

We only want you to be happy. 

– With love, Roggie Nonoire

When I finished reading the letter from my father, drops and drops of water fell onto the letter.

Before I knew it, a steady stream of tears had overflowed from my eyes.

Realizing the letter was about to be stained with tears, I hastily wiped my eyes with the sleeve of my clothes. 

“Are you alright”

“Ah, yes.”

The clothes I wore belonged to Captain Millie. 

“My- My apologies, I ended up wiping my tears using Captain Millie’s clothes.”

“No, I don’t mind it.”

And then, Captain Millie kept on gently patting my back until I calmed down.

“Thank you very much.

I’m already feeling fine now.”

“I see.”

“Umm, I’d like to talk with you about the content of my parents’ letter…”

I tried to talk about it but I just couldn’t say it out loud.

After all, things like my parents were actually a beastman and they were a Lou Garou and me, their child, would turn into a wolf at night… Somehow… Those things were hard pills to swallow.

Also, Captain Millie would definitely be troubled if I were to say that I was a beastman. 

With those turmoils going on inside my head, Captain Millie patted me on my shoulder. 

“Magic Soldier Melodia, if it’s too hard for you to talk about it now, we can talk about it another day.


I will talk.

Please let me talk.”

I had caused a lot of trouble to Captain Millie.

There was no way I’d just send her home without explaining anything to her.

I took a moment to gather my resolve and then, I started to tell her about my parents and the circumstances surrounding me. 

“…… In conclusion, I’m a beastman.”

“I see.

I’m surprised.”

I tightly clenched my hands that were resting on my lap. 

How am I supposed to live from now on

“For the time being, as per my father’s letter, I’m going to pay a visit to the Fenrir family’s house. 

“Fenrir’s house, huh.”

“Do you know them”

“The Fenrir family, they’re a duke family with the royal blood flowing in their veins.

They’re one of the top five oldest and most prestigious families in our country.”

“Huh! They’re royalty!”

“They have their own knight squad.

Only a few people can join Fenrir Knight squad.

A lot of knights yearned to be a part of Fenrir Knight squad.”

“Fenrir Knight squad… I think I’ve heard about them before.”

I was at a loss for words after that.

My mouth was gaping open but I simply couldn’t close it. 

The way my father wrote his letter, he really downplayed the importance of the Fenrir family.

I thought my father just nonchalantly asked his acquaintance to help me in the future.

Who would’ve thought the Fenrir family was a royalty!

“Magic soldier Melodia, do you know when the letter was written”

“I got the letter ten years ago.”

“I see.

The head of the Fenrir family had been replaced a few years ago.

The promise that your parents made with the Fenrir family, they might’ve made it with the previous head.”

“T-that means….!”

Perhaps, the promise that my father made with the previous head of the Fenrir family, would be deemed as invalid by the current head. 

“D-Do you know what the current head of the Fenrir family is like”

“Rumor has it he’s an odd one.”

“A-an odd one”


He never appeared in any social event.

Ever since he stepped in as the head of the family, no one ever sees him except those who’re related to him with work.”


“There is a rumor that said he’s a misanthrope.”

It was said the current head of Fenrir family was the captain of Fenrir Knight’s “First Cavalry Unit”.

The Royal Knight and Fenrir Knight had a cooperative relationship.

It seemed Fenrir Knight had a track record of often solving cases that the Royal Knight was unable to solve. 

“Up until now, he had saved a noblewoman from being kidnapped, rescued the missing royalty and many other achievements but apparently, he never attended any medal ceremony for his achievements.”

“I guess he’s certainly an odd one….”

Under normal circumstances, having a different family head with the one who made a promise with my parents already cut my probability thin, let alone if the current head of the family was a misanthrope.

The probability of him not wanting to meet me increased by a notch. 

“Magic soldier Melodia, would you like for me to try to request a meeting with the Fenrir Knight”

“Thank you for the offer.

I will try to send them a letter first and if it ends up in vain, I will take up on your offer.”

I couldn’t cause more trouble for Captain Millie more than this.

I needed to do everything I could do on my own to reach my goal. 

But still… I couldn’t believe I had the blood of a wolf beastman flowing in me….

It was at this moment I truly realized you’d never know what life has in store for you. 

I was about to put the letter from my parents back into the envelope when another piece of paper slowly fell onto the floor.

It turned out there was one more letter left in the envelope.

The letter was also written by my father but I couldn’t understand what he meant. 

– P.S.

Beware of witches. 

“Magic soldier Melodia, what’s the matter”

“Umm, there’s another letter in the envelope.”

“Witches, huh….”


Witch was the term we call for a female magician who became the underling of the demon tribe who lurked in the dark during ancient times.

In this time and age, things like witches only appear in fairy tales. 

“What do you think he meant by that”

“Maybe it’s a metaphor”

It must have some meaning. 

Just a while ago, I could feel a shiver run through me, as if something bad was about to happen.

I had to find more information about witches later. 


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