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Chapter 3: I Never Heard Anything About Being Wolf Beastman! Part 2





An orchestra performed by the insects were resounding like an explosion through the air.

Was I sitting in the front row The sound was eerily too loud. 


I opened my eyes and saw a full moon floating in the sky. 


The sky was dark, the clouds were drifting through the wind.

There was no mistaking it.

It was already night time.

I was staring at the moon in a daze but slowly, my consciousness returned to me. 

I’m still alive.

I thought I had a sudden seizure or heart attack and I should be dead by now. 

It was too embarrassing to be sleeping like a log outside during the cold, autumn night.

I was really thankful I didn’t faint in front of the knight’s barrack.

The pain I had been experiencing earlier had completely disappeared too.

Or rather, my body felt so light.

It felt like right now, I could jump up and down as much as I wanted. 

Or rather, I wanted to jump.

I wanted to leap. 

I stood up on my feet and jumped right here and there.

For some reason, jumping felt so fun and I really wanted to scream now.


A mysterious bark accompanied my scream.


It was at this moment, I felt something uncomfortable.

First, my voice sounded weird.

My voice sounds deeper than usual.

And for some reason, my field of vision was lower than usual too. 

What is the meaning of this

Also… For some unknown reason, I was crawling on all four.

I couldn’t stand on my two legs like usual. 



I was sure I was about to say ‘huh’ but somehow my voice came out really weird. 

“Woof Woof woof”

Just what’s going on Am I… Am I turning crazy because of the seizure 

Suddenly, a mysterious object came into my field of vision.

It was something that resembled a leg.

A dog’s leg.


That particular leg was moving according to my will.

The impossible scenario went through my mind and I quickly turned pale.

I moved my leg up to touch my head.

I somehow could feel something that resembled an ear.

A perky ear that was standing upward.

The tip of my nose… Felt so long and when I opened my mouth, I could feel something that resembled a row of fangs. 

I still couldn’t believe it myself but could it be… I had become a dog….



Absolutely impossible. 

How did I, a human being, turn into a dog

As I began to move, I noticed my knight uniform had fallen on the floor, near my foot. 


I must be completely naked right now.

I immediately gathered my clothes and tried to put them on but these dog legs of mine just made it difficult for me to put on my own clothes.

And then, I felt the presence of other people.

“So you heard the sound of a dog whining around here”


I was on my way to the stable to make sure the stable was properly locked when I heard it.”

It was the voice of Captain Millie and the stable keeper. 

What to do… What should I do… For the time being, I need to gather all my clothes and hide them.

After that, I need to run somewhere else but here. 

I was in such a deep panic that I ended up making a lot of rustling noise. 

“Ah, there it is.”

“Get down.

It might be a wolf.”

I flinched when I heard the word ‘wolf’.

Ferocious wolves often came down to human settlement and attacked both domestic animals and people.

If they came to the conclusion that I was a wolf, they’d kill me for sure. 

What do I do, what do I do, what do I do

Falling into a whirlwind of panic, I tried to think of what to do when a thought came to my mind.

I had to show my submission by showing my belly to them with my back on the ground. 

With her sword ready at hand, Captain Millie peered into the bushes.

Our eyes met and I let out one single whine.


Captain Millie’s eyes widened.

Maybe she finally understood I was not hostile 

“Captain, is that a wolf”

“No…………………… It’s just a dog.”

Thanks to my submissive pose and my pleading whine, she finally came to the conclusion I was a dog.

I truly felt relieved from the bottom of my heart. 

“But how did a lost dog end up here”

“Who knows”

Please, I hope they will just go away without probing for the cause. 

And that wish of mine, came true in a way I didn’t expect. 


A loud sound originating from my belly, echoed in the dark. 

“Perhaps… She’s hungry”



That’s right.

I am hungry.

It was just my luck for me to turn into a dog when I was about to buy something delicious at the night market. 

“Poor girl.

I wonder if her owner kicked her out”

“She could be a stray dog but her coat is very beautiful.

She’s definitely a well maintained dog.”


I felt embarrassed when Captain Millie said I was beautiful.

Maybe it was thanks to me rubbing essentials oil that I made using herbs I plucked on the roadside on my hair every night.

“Hmmmm~ I guess I will just give her some bread and let her stay in an empty stall at the stable tonight.”

“No, I will take care of her.”

“Are you sure”


I don’t mind.

I don’t live in the dorm anyway.

I live in a house.”

“If that’s the case then, I’ll be leaving her in your care then.”

“Got it.”

Captain Millie crouched down in front of me and said that with a smile.

“I will shelter you in my house until we can find your owner.

I have some meat at home.

I will grill them for you to eat.”

The moment ‘meat’ was mentioned, I spontaneously responded.

My ears began to twitch and my tail naturally started swinging left and right excitedly. 

“Okay, let’s go home.”


I wonder why.

Even though I had changed into a dog, I still felt very optimistic.

Right now, I didn’t even care why I had become a dog.

All I could think about was meat. 

And so, I came under Captain Millie’s protection. 


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