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Although most of the trainees were weak, that didnt stop them from dreaming!

After looking through the 14 practice rooms, it was time to group up.

Shen Hanquan swept his gaze around and said, “Then Teacher Zheng, please choose first.”

Although Zheng Feicai wasnt the most popular, she was the most experienced, and was suitable to be the first to stand out and choose.

Zheng Feicai looked at Class A and said, “I choose Bai Cangyang.”

Bai Cangyang was widely recognized as an all-rounder in singing and rap.

He was the guardian of Class A, the final C candidate, and was currently the most popular person.

Bai Cangyang stood up.

At this moment, Ai Yi raised his hand and said, “I also want to choose Bai Cangyang.

Can Teacher Zheng give him to me I think he is very suitable for rap!”

Shuo Nan said, “Bai Cangyangs dance is very good.

Why dont you come to my group You can choose any three songs.”

The three instructors fought over Bai Cangyang.

The envious and jealous gazes of the trainees almost swallowed Bai Cangyang up.

Shen Hanquan, who was a part-time host, said, “Bai Cangyang, there are many instructors who want to choose you now.

You can choose them instead.

I also want you to join my group.”

“Wow!!” The trainees became even more jealous.

The four instructors were all fighting over Bai Cangyang!

Everyone looked at Shi Xi, wondering if they would see the scene of the five instructors fighting over Bai Cangyang.


Shi Xi smiled politely, thinking that the script was really not bad.

The reaction on the spot was so strong.

Yes, the four instructors fighting over Bai Cangyang were arranged by the scriptwriter to make the show interesting.

However, Bai Cangyang was indeed very outstanding.

He was so outstanding that the four coaches were willing to take him on.

Shi Xi had asked the scriptwriter why he did not let her participate in the competition as well.

Five coaches competing for one trainee.

What a good show!

However, the scriptwriters words pushed her back to the cold reality.

“Were worried that Bai Cangyang will really choose Miss Shis team.”

Shi Xi: …You just feel that I cant lead the team!

This script was given to the coaches, and the trainees didnt even know that there was a script.

Shi Xi didnt have stage experience, so the program team didnt give her the script and let her pick any trainees to form a team.

As long as she didnt pick four-star and five-star trainees, it would be fine.

Shi Xi sighed.

After a moment of hesitation, Bai Cangyang chose Shen Hanquan.

He bowed to the other teachers and said, “Sorry, I think Teacher Shens song is more suitable for me.”

Zheng Feicai sighed and continued to choose the next person.

There were a total of 14 groups.

Shi Xi led two groups, and the other coaches each led three groups.

Zheng Feicais Vocal Team, Shuo Nans Dance Team, Ai Yis Rap Team, Shen Hanquan directly led the Singing and Dancing Team, and Shi Xi led… The Original Team.

Moreover, Shi Xi was the last one to pick the trainees.

It all depended on who was the most unlucky.

On the other side, Zheng Feicai chose Li Jinfan.

Li Jinfans voice was very good and his position in the program team was also very high.

If he could enter Zheng Feicais group, it would definitely be like adding wings to a tiger.

The other coaches did not compete and all tacitly agreed that Li Jinfan would enter Zheng Feicais group.

Li Jinfan looked at Shi Xi with a bright smile on his face and asked, “Sister Xi, dont you want to choose me”

Shi Xi suddenly looked at Li Jinfan with some confusion.

‘Big Brother, youre so strong in vocal, of course youre going to Zheng Feicais group!

The script was written like that too!

“I really want to choose you, but I cant teach you anything.” Shi Xis smile was shallow and her answer was watertight.

“I feel that youll be able to bring out your best in Teacher Zhengs group.”


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