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Duan Wang Ye continued: “Wang Fei, you have always been generous, so don’t be rude.

Zezhi’s wife, let’s take it slow….”

Duan Wang Fei’s face turned blue to white as she endured and restrained herself.

She almost didn’t care if they were in front of the emperor and was about to slap the table.

Not in a hurry!

He was not in a hurry.

Anyway, he has a son in this generation and several other sons, he maybe would soon hug his great-grandson next year, so of course, he was not in a hurry!!

But she was anxious!

She only has Zezhi!

Seeing the undercurrent turbulent between the husband and wife, the emperor couldn’t continue watching them.

He cleared his throat and said.

“Imperial Uncle, Imperial Aunt, although the third young lady is the first daughter of the Marquis of Zhongyi, but… ai, this child is born under an ill star.”

“When she was young, she was abducted by the Marquis’s spiteful slaves and raised as a commoner, it is only a few months ago that she just recognized her ancestors.”

So that’s how it is ah.

Duan Wang Ye’s face eased a little as a smile bloomed, after hearing what he wants.

So, that third young miss Qin grow up in the countryside…

Thinking about it carefully, even if the third young miss Qin has a noble background she could be considered as a gem that has flaws.

With this thinking, he’s afraid that she was too mediocre and couldn’t be presented to others but if this was the case then she couldn’t be compared to the heir’s consort.

Although the heir’s consort was born into a small official family, she was still the daughter of a well-bred family that was carefully raised and well educated.

She knows everything about instruments, chess, painting, and poetry.

Duan Wang Fei: “!”

Duan Wang Fei was about to speak when she saw the emperor wink at her, signaling her to be calm.

Startled, her eyes flashed slightly.

Just now, the emperor must have seen the reluctance of Duan Wang Ye to this marriage, so the emperor said it on purpose

She also has some understanding of the emperor and believes that the emperor would not casually point someone to Zezhi, at least, the emperor would be more conscientious than Duan Wang Ye.

So, Duan Wang Fei pursed her lips and fell silent, not saying anything.

The emperor smiled and continued: “Moreover, Third Young Miss Qin has innate character, pure, very gentle, and graceful.”

When he said “gentle and graceful”, the emperor thought of Empress Wei telling him that Qin Jiu had given Qin Zeyu a good beating and beaten him into submission, and he almost couldn’t hold back his laughter.

“She will never compete with the consort.”

After talking for a while, the emperor took a sip of the hot tea and contemplated:

Duan Wang Ye is so partial, Xiao Jiu’s temper is just right, she will surely not be bullied in the future!

Meanwhile, Duan Wang Ye thought and pondered for a while, if he really chooses a girl from a small family for Zezhi, Wang Fei would definitely not be happy.

Alas, in fact, the heir was also raised by Wang Fei when he was a child.

He was of good character, he was filial, and caring to his younger siblings.

And in the future, he would also be filial to his mother.

Then that’s it, third young miss Qin it is.

This third young miss Qin was still a good match with Zezhi, after all, she was not well educated.

In the future, she would always have to bow her head in front of the heir and his consort and would not dare to encourage Zezhi to go against his elder brother and make trouble.

After thinking for a moment, Duan Wang Ye finally responded, “That’s very good.”

Duan Wang Fei who got the Emperor’s wink and didn’t bother to argue about anything, but only asked.

“Your Majesty, what does Zezhi think”

For Duan Wang Fei, everything else was second, and the will of her son was the most important.

The emperor smiled: “Imperial aunt do not worry, Zhen has asked Zezhi, Zezhi is also very satisfied.”

Duan Wang Fei was relieved, and after thinking about it, she asked again.

“What about Third Young Miss Qin”

The emperor: “The empress has quietly inquired, and she is also very satisfied.”

After the empress asked Xiao Jiu last time, she even told him that it was Xiao Jiu who thought Gu Zezhi was “very good” and treated her “very well”, so she must be very satisfied.

If it weren’t for this, the Empress would be reluctant to marry Xiao Jiu into the murky waters of Duan Wangfu!

Duan Wang Fei said hurriedly, “That’s good! That’s good!”

She only hoped that they were a loving and harmonious couple, that would be better than anything.

Third Young Miss Qin was chosen by the emperor and empress, her character must be good and that’s all she wants.

Duan Wang Fei was afraid that wang ye would find another suitable lady from a different family or he would renege his decision after they went back so she hurriedly said.

“Your Majesty, I think Third Young Miss Qin is also very good so I asked the emperor to grant them the marriage since the sun is still up in the sky.”

Duan Wang ye hesitated for a moment.

Although he felt that it seemed a little too urgent, he finally agreed.

So, the emperor drew up an imperial decree on the same day, and Grand Eunuch Zhou Xin personally went to the Marquis of Zhongyi’s residence to deliver the decree.

At this time in the Qin family, in the Ronghe Hall, in addition to Matriarch Qin and Madam Su, there was an additional woman in her forties with a plump figure and a young man in blue in his twenties.

The woman, wearing a chestnut vase pattern with dark makeup, her hair was neatly tied up in a bun, and only a silver hairpin inlaid with Jasper was inserted.

Sitting upright on an armchair opposite to Madam Su, her waist was too straight that there was a bit of arrogance in her expression.

The young man in blue had long eyebrows, and clear and bright eyes, his appearance looked outstanding, unlike common people.

And on the side of his waist hangs a stone steal and a purse.

Overall, he had a strong bookish air surrounding him.

Matriarch Qin looked up and down at the young man in blue and felt that what Madam Su had said was right.

Scholar Cheng was very good-looking, standing with her third granddaughter, she could be called a talented woman.

Madam Su saw her mother-in-law’s thoughts and was even happier, and felt that the marriage was half done.

She smiled and said to the woman, “Madam Cheng, your son is really talented.

I remember your son was just 17 years old when he becomes a candidate for the provincial examination, right”

At the same time, a beautiful servant girl in green served tea to the two guests.

Madam Cheng said modestly, “it’s true, my young son got lucky to get Yayuan in the examination that year.”

Yayuan was someone who placed second in the township examination, and this seventeen-year-old passee was afraid that he couldn’t place second in the whole capital.

Madam Su once again praised: “Your son is truly talented, young man.

Surely, he will have extraordinary future prospects.

The Cheng family madam is really blessed, just waiting for your son to earn a grant for you.”

Saying that, she deliberately looked at Matriarch Qin, “Mother, don’t you think so”

“Madam Cheng is indeed blessed.”

Matriarch Qin nodded in agreement, saying that she was quite satisfied with Scholar Cheng.

Looking at his expression and demeanor, although he was quite aloof, he was a scholar and he could understand things.

Madam Cheng pretended to take a shallow sip of the hot tea before saying.

“It’s not like I’m the mother of the king who sells melons and boasts himself! I only had my son after my husband died and he is just like my dead husband, he likes reading.

At the age of three, he can already read, read poetry at age of four, read four books and five classics at the age of fifteen, and he never forgets anything since he was a child!”

While talking, Madam Cheng’s straightened up her even straighter back.

She was very proud of herself: her son knows it.

Her son was a prodigy since he was a child, and every teacher said that he would definitely become a scholar in the future, and indeed, he became a scholar at the age of 17.

In those days, the relatives who once looked down upon the orphaned son and widowed mother were all fawning over one by one, wanting to hang their fields under her son’s name for tax exemption.

The Qin family was a marquis family, the family was higher than their own family, but that Third Young Miss Qin according to what she heard grow up outside.

She’s afraid that she doesn’t have the demeanor of a young lady from a noble family, and was just a straw bag waiting to be married off and enjoyed her life as his son’s wife while she the mother on the other hand had to burn incense in her last life.

If it weren’t for the dowry from this noble family, she wouldn’t even look at this daughter-in-law.


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