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“Its not that I dont believe in your medical skills, but Ive already hired the best doctors around the country.

He had seen both Western and Chinese doctors, but his condition still hasnt improved.

I believe that his only hope is the miracle doctor.”

Searle frowned apologetically, pouring out a cup of tea for her.

A trace of disappointed flashed across Cheng Weis face.

He hadnt even checked her background, but he already thought that she couldnt be able to heal him.

Didnt he believe her medical skills were adequate

Besides, if he really was looking for Yao Tang, Cheng Wei believed that her medical skills were not inferior to that womans.

In fact, wasnt her skills more superior

Moreover, there were three other people here.

Wasnt it embarrassing for her to be refused by this man, no matter how powerful and influential he was

“I see.” Cheng Wei hid the disappointment in her features.

Instead, she added, “How about I help you contact my master instead Hes the head of our countrys medical organization.

Perhaps he knows a thing or two in treating the patient.”

A glimmering light flashed in Searles eyes.

Although he had already met different doctors over the last months, he had hope for this medical organization.

He still hadnt contacted the head.

Perhaps, his condition could be cured.

The smile on his face widened even more.

“Then we should exchange our contact details,” he offered.

“When you contact your master, then feel free to message me the details.

Although, I dont want to trouble you too much…”

Even if he couldnt cure his uncles illness, perhaps, he could better understand Cheng Yans movements after talking to his cousin.

Hed easily kill two birds with one stone.


Surprised flashed across Cheng Weis face.

She didnt expect this to be this easy.

With Searles contact details in her hand, they could easily contact each other in the future.

Maybe sparks would bloom from this relationship.

Cheng Wei glanced at Searles expensive suit, and the corners of her lips twitched.

She could tell how rich he was just by his appearance.

That suit alone costed at least three million!

After adding him to her contact details, Searle turned to look at Cheng Yan.

There was a hint of meaning in his eyes.

No one could tell what he was thinking about as he glanced over at the other guests.

When Cheng Wei noticed how his gaze linger on the guests, she was quick to recover, “Mr.

Searle, why dont I introduce you to the other guests”


He was naturally more than happy to stay in this private room.

Cheng Wei sat upright as she motioned to the other man in the private room.

“This is my cousin Cheng Yan.

Im sure you all know him, so I wont go into the details.

The beautiful lady next to me is his childhood sweetheart, Yu Shu.”

When Yu Shu heard this, she nodded and greeted Searlewith a smile.

There was a hint of shyness in her gaze.

She appeared surprised that Cheng Wei would introduce her like this.

At the same time, she glanced over at Cheng Yan, happy that he didnt say a word to correct his cousin.

“My family always wanted her to be my cousins wife.

They were practically made for each other.” Cheng Wei giggled, shaking her head.

“Wow, you mustve been together for such a long time.” Searle blinked in surprise.

“I could only wish you more luck and happiness in your relationship.”

He pretended not to know the relationship between Yao Tang and Cheng Yan.

Since Cheng Wei had introduced her like this, then he could easily act with her.

Cheng Yan pursed her lips and quickly glanced at Yao Tang.

He found that she didnt seem to care.

She was far too concentrated on the game to even look in their direction.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

“Theyre both like sisters to me.”

“Oh” Searle cocked up an eyebrow as he shot him a mischievous smile.

“Im sure Cheng Weiis like a sister to you, but can you really say the same for Yu Shu”

His eyes were bright under the artificial lights.

Cheng Yan didnt say anything else.

He simply waved his hand and called the waiter over.

“Serve all the signature dishes, and make sure to add a few desserts.”

“Yes, sir.”

The waiter quickly went to the kitchen to have the dishes prepared.


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