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Olivia walked to the stage , all eyes being on her , photos were clicked for the use of the journalists , Nathan walked and took her hand as she took the stairs, her eyes gazed at the man whom was considered to be a saviour to her father , what a cruel man she thought.

She looked up and saw the smiley look on Lucias face and beside her was Charlotte her best friend . This was not happening , how could she not dig this issue more and know it was the Coopers family like Charlottes family .

She remembered her fathers words of pleading and she smiled playing along . She then gazed at the man whom stood before Lucia and drooled on their handsomeness.

Peter smiled and Jared smiled too looking deeply onto her as she did too , William frowned at the sight of her looking to Jared and his hate increased more , " Shes also a slut " he thought and thats when she looked at him as if heard what he said .

" Welcome into our family Olivia " Nathan whispered and she smiled as he pulled her into an embrace. As the hug was on her eyes fell on the man with green eyes and her heart skipped a bit. This was the man she saw on the screen , the man whom caught her heart by the sight , the one she just described yesterday to her best friend Charl, who was this man .

Nathan pulled her as he eyed William telling him to come forward and he did so, thats when Livs world crumbled . The man she was describing to her best was the man she was going to marry , it was a dream come true but she also felt lucky atleast she is marrying the man she crushes. But also her eyes sharpened on the thought of him being Charls brother considering how she always talk about him , she suddenly got nervous.

William walked and took her hand , brought it to his mouth and placed a kiss on it sending chills down her spine , how could his lips be this warm , She turned red a little bit as she smiled , he faked smile too .

People cheered as Nathan handed and sent Charl with a silver box and handed it to her brother while winking at Liv , William gaze fell on his father and he smiled telling him " Go on " and he smiled fakely too , nodding and Nathan smirked.

He opened and looked at the shiny one ring then looked at Livs face and she held mixed emotions he couldn decipher any of them .Tjis ring was supposed to go down Kehlans finger not hers.

He took it and went down on his one knee , looked at her eyes then gave a smirk making her flinching under his gaze , the sudden hope or anything she had crumbled Instantly but maintained her fake smile .

He made her wore the ring and kissed her palm , people cheered as he stood and hugged her not knowing he whispered something so deadly in her ears. Something that mede so confussed, she was supposed to say that and not him .

" I would never marry you " then looked at her expression wanting to see what he implanted and yes he found it , that shuttering of the inner happiness , she couldn hide her suprised expression and he won this time.

He then placed a kiss on her forehead and cheerings went on . He held her hands and they moved foward , he could sense her fear now and her nervousness , he wanted that untill when he finds a plan to avoid this marriage at any cost.

"Hope you liked the suprise , there is more to come but i hope you have enjoyed so far , a toast to you " he said raising a glass he was handed for seconds ago and people clapped .

" What about Kehlan Atlas , Will " a certain journalist asked and his facial expression changed , his jaws clenched and he tightened his hold on Liv that she hissed in pain but he did not care , instead gazed at her with eyes holding so much hatred and she saw that too then fake smiled , she could do this her father pleaded so much.

" Save some for the other day " he said dragging her out of the stage as Nathan took the hold and made people forget about the question. After there people started to mingle around , drinking , some approached Will and had business talk and more over congrat him on his engagement. The girls now couldn go after him , he was already engaged and they threw the hatred look to Liv , how could she snatch her away.

Olivia gazed at the people , she was no more happy , despite of this being a business she didn want to participate , she reliazed that the man she is going to marry is another deathwish .

Charlotte ran to her and hugged her , " Now you owe me you dumb ass " she said cursing , " You didn pick up my phone and here you are being my already sister in law , gosh what happened , when did you meet him " she continuously asked the questions and Olivia just sighed .

" Its not what you think it is " she defended herself , " So how is it " Charl asked and Liv tried to explain whatever is happening , " But you know what am just happy that we are now more than friends , about William we shall fix with him " she said laughing.

" So hes Will " she spoke in her mind and excused herself when a gentleman approached Charl and they started talking. Olivia moved to the washroom , she need a self watch in a mirror , there a lot happened and she doesn understand.

She walked into a bathroom placed her purse on the sink table, looked at herself and sighed remembering what that man told her , " I would never marry you " .

The same man she had a crush on , just rejected her before knowing about her . Thought this was like a man knows about me and loves me but that was not a case , something here is wrong , i should be the one rejecting being a sacrificial lamb and not like I threw myself to him, she thought.

Suddenly the door was opened and the man on her thought came in , " Ooh God what is he doing in here " she thought and saw the smirk the man wore and it irritated her .

She turned and faced him as he walked toward her , " What is he doing ?" she spoke in her mind as William kept walking toward her until they were just few inches apart.

He kept clinging on her body as she bent her back from him to an end , his face was few inches that their lips were almost touching . Her heartbeat increased as his breath fanned her face and hers hitched.

" Slut " he said so loud for her to hear and backed slowly , " What did you think i am , a fool ? " he asked and smirked , his voice was so stern and cold showing nothing but hate in it .

" For your sake , stay away from me because i would never marry you , there must be a way out to solve this mystery than marrying a gold digger like you , i wonder who taught you that " he said and anger filled her chest as she held the marble sink so tightly , this man was just insulting her mother indirectly.

"Whatever that you and your father are planning shall not work out and stop manipulating my dad because I will make your life so miserable to wish for death instead " he threatened and she flinched . His eyes darkened and gave out his monstrous aura making her palms wet and her body sweaty.

" Reject this marriage to my dad and make everyone believe you don want this and I shall pay you handsomely" he said and the patience of listening to this lunatic ended when she smirked.

" William Nathan Cooper, before threatening me like some old school bully , better ask your father why did he really need what he took from my father then make your way to me i shall welcome you " she said sarcastically knowing she was the one in need but she couldn just back off the fight when he just insulted her parents like that .

" Ooh really " he said and a sarcastic laugh escaped his lips , " Aren you the ones crawling to your knees begging to be saved from bankruptcy , aren you " he said and she gulped , this expression could not be missed in his eyes and he smirked .

" Reject the marriage " he said trailing his hands on her bare shoulder up to her neck and suddenly choked her , " Or else " he smirked as she struggled to remove his hand and he did after some time , she breathed so hard trying to grasp some air in her lungs.

He then trailed his gaze to her finger to see the ring shining in her fat short fingers that made her hand attravtive .

" Enjoy this while you can , its quite expensive" he composing himself and walked out on her as she tried to breath after the choking session. She turned and faced the mirror to see her eyes red and tears fell down her eyes , she couldn handle it , her hands worked themselves to her neck and some red bruise stayed there .

She rubbed the tears and made herself presentable but the bruise couldn be hidden so took some make up and concealed it , as she finished and wanted to leave , she saw a man lining on the door and he smiled at her .

It happened to her then than she mistook the toilet, this was mens toilet , thanks God he came only after the oppressing session ended .

" Are you okay " he asked and she nodded, " Am Jared , Wills cousin " he added and she faked a smile , " Am Olivia " .

He sighed and offered her his hand , she looked at it and then at his face , " Lets go or do you want some more men to find you here " . She sighed and walked past him as he followed.

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